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  1. I haven't heard of that game yet until I saw the trophies coming out. Don't know if I should get this or wait until it becomes PS+ content.. Trophy whise it doesn't look that bad, maybe the 8888 kills can get a bit grindy and I don't know how hard difficulty "8.0" / "9.0" actually is. Otherwhise it looks pretty simple as long as you find a guide for the collectibles. Gameplay looks quite fun: But I'm always afraid of these games getting too repetetive..
  2. For those who love statistics out there I'd love to see a platinum rarity "timeline" or whatever you want to call it. Is there any way to display how the rarity of a platinum changed from month to month? It could look like the "monthly activity" statistic in one's psnprofile. Is there any chance to implement something like that for the rarity of plats? Or is it just me who'd love to see this?
  3. I already exported some cars required on the list. I followed certain guides of where to find the cars I am missing. But besides the Patriot the parked cars (like the Camper or the Feltzer) mentioned in the video guides are there BUT I can not enter those cars - they are locked. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. I actually never heard about that game until I saw it's coming with PS+ this month. Anybody played this before and can give information about how long this actually takes to 100% and is it any good? (according to the rarity of the trophies it shouldn't be too difficult). will check this out anyways..
  5. welcome to the forums
  6. Lords of the Fallen Strong with this one Unlock all spells for one class Barely gaming in the last couple of days... Too much time at work and not at home
  7. Lords of the Fallen Extra strong Upgrade the Health Potions
  8. Lords of the Fallen No time for losers Defeat the Champion
  9. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Gadgetman Pick a lock, plant a bug, trace a phone, crack a safe, and take over a spy camera.
  10. Lords of the Fallen He speaks in riddles Meet the Blacksmith This game is OK so far. Not more, not less. I am glad I didn't have to buy it and got it on + this month.
  11. I think I have to get a little bit more into it but the controls man. It feels so clumsy. Cannot compare it to Dark Souls. The movement of the character and the inability to cancel your attak and dodge is meh.. It's like a Dark Souls for retired characters.. but maybe I'll get a little more into the game
  12. Lords of the Fallen Couldn't have done it myself Let a boss destroy the statue during fight
  13. welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  14. Datura Marksmanship Throw a stone into the bucket, in the well Bronze trophy number 2.666
  15. Trophies: 10 You can easily beat this game in under one hour. I had a food break and had to do another half playthrough cause I missed one trophy
  16. #65 God of War: Ascension Champion of the Gods I had this game on my backlog for over three years and finished it on the weekend. It's not the game's fault (despite getting quite a lot of hate) but I wasn't into trophy hunting when I first started it. I had a lot of fun with it (still not as much as GoW III ) Difficult-wise it became quite challenging in the beginning with no upgraded weapons and without some useful tools.. The lategame was a cakewalk, except the -Trial of Archimedes- ...ok well I did it on my third attempt. I can imagine that pre-patch was really heavy
  17. If it ain't broke... Reconstruct all of the Decayed Chests God of War could have had so much better trophy images but sadly only that boring same image all the time
  18. ok I'll give it a try since it's going to be for free anyways
  19. meanwhile Sean Murray be like: but hey at least they noticed that most of the wanted features are missing so after customer support comes some "features"? don't get me wrong I don't want to hate this game and it's sure not the only game that promised more or was overhyped. but I just can't understand devs these days..
  20. I do remember seeing you around the forums. that fact is pretty awesome and love the red GMC also love the name Victoria - when I'll be a dad of a daughter in the future I always wanted to give her that name
  21. welcome to the forums !
  22. welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay.
  23. is this a multiplayer like Guild Wars where you only run into people in certain areas like towns or when you group up? Or do you meet people like everywhere in that world?
  24. it actually looks quite fun. might get it for some local couch coop sessions
  25. damn Daniel...

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