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  1. To let everyone know the Tower is the end game turns the game in to a rouge like dungeon. Keymaker Earn 200 Keys in Tower of Trials Rise Up Reach trial 10 in the Ascended Tower of Trials Ascendant Reach trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials Let's hope trophy tracking works in the game or this going to be a pain...🙄
  2. Wait a second this game can stack Platinum? How is that going to work with multiplayer trophy's/ some zombie trophy's?
  3. The Last 3 trophy are going to be a pain that is the End Game area which turn this game into a rouge dungeon game. Keymaker Earn 200 Keys in Tower of Trials Rise Up Reach trial 10 in the Ascended Tower of Trials Ascendant Reach trial 50 in the Ascended Tower of Trials But this is the Best game to try that new trophy tacking system If it works.🙄
  4. It look like Bethesda made year one for doom a standalone game. Here the link it's 30$
  5. Just keep him stun lock or in back stabbing loop kills him quick.
  6. ronin and assassin can equip bomb which is Great.
  7. You can invite your Friends so you don't have to play with randoms if you like. You can even us your set party go in to quick play get more rewards.
  8. Do you need to be X level to do the raids? We know you need 4 people hope there matchmaking to make that a little bit easier.
  9. To the People that have the game can you make a post or right it in this post what the times are for some of the platinum relic.
  10. Dumb question but has anyone tried this in share-play? Does it work if so then i can see why people are mad. But if it doesn't work then your really going to give your Acc up just for a Platinum trophy to a random person on the Web will that kinda of dumb but you do you then.
  11. Can this trophy be done in shooting range mode?
  12. Can this be done on the new mode called Not So Impossible Lair?
  13. Double Tap can be unlock on Patch 1.04 .
  14. Right now Zombie army trilogy platinum is unobtainable you can not get all the Collectibles . The One Collectibles that is not in the game is on episode 2-3 Gold 2 from this video People are still looking for the rest of the collectibles in Chapter 3 but in tell they add that Gold back in you can not get this Platinum. Hope they Patch this soon .
  15. Not content with two Assassin’s Creed games coming this year? How about a collection containing three more of them them? Assassin’s Creed: Birth of a New World – The American Saga Collection is comprised of Assassin’s Creed III, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and the console version of Assassin’s Creed: Liberation and it’s coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this October. Ubisoft says the three games chart “the birth of modern America”, so if you’re just back at school and the subject comes up, you can write all about how Connor totally didn't instigate the Boston Massacre. There’s no mention of any bundled DLC with the package, which is a shame. You can see a packshot below. Assassin’s Creed: Birth of a New World – The American Saga Collection is out on October 3rd in Europe and October 28th in North America
  16. King's Quest is a Episodic game and Ep2 is not even out yet. Good month for PS+
  17. Does the kill count in nightmare mode? If so that should be easy Is realistic mode unlock at the start or do i have to do something to unlock it?
  18. The perload should start for you today mime did and im done with the download only took me like 1hr and 30mins for my download. Make sure you have allow auto download sometime its not on .
  19. I'm Happy with Brutal difficulty no begin part of the platinum. I 100% all 3 Uncharted this give me a little hope that i can 100% all the game again and people look for a challenges go for the 100% most people never 100% all 3 Uncharted. If People look at the big picture here ND is going to look at the Brutal trophy and see how many people finish it or if people like it brutal it my be in UN4 platinum.
  20. Will im a Grade A in the USA.
  21. As alot of people said stay away from uncharted 3 it will take your soul trying to 100% but if you still want to play uncharted 3 play it on the ps4 there no Mp trophy's.
  22. Here my thoughts on the game Armello = A game like Dungeons & Dragons, Zombie Vikings = A game like castle crashers and grow home look like a new idea. Voting for zombie viking always want to play a game like castle crashers on Sony
  23. I found out that you can put 6tb in Ps4 so if you got the money this is the best way. This is how you do it buy Data bank by nyko then you can put a 4tb or up to 6tb. The 4tb is a little bit more stable then 6tb you cant use power save mode. But i would do that it would save you time in the future.
  24. Here 2 2tb HDD that work for ps4 Edit I just Found out you can put 6tb in a ps4
  25. I currently have The Nathan Drake Collection dynamic theme. Best Ps4 theme so far if you like Uncharted. Eu has to wait for the theme Na has the theme