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    I'm into almost every type of game but I prefer JRPG's. Hyperdimension Neptunia series is all time favorite.
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  1. Oh no I'm totally on the Sora boat don't get me wrong. I just didn't find the whole last half interesting due to, well, what Satoshi said, I despised Nao. The me laughing was because of an inside joke between me and some of my irl friends. You know me so well it's scary... Nao ruined everything lol
  2. Charlotte 10/10 Yosuga no Sora 7.5/10? (I just laughed practically the entire time, especially episode 11. Story wasn't all that good nor was it funny but idk, made me laugh.) Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru 10/10 Date a Live: Mayuri Judgement 10/10 (It finally got subbed 3 days ago)
  3. Goddamn it lmao
  4. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 8/10 Man this show could have been sooo much better. The narrator literally ruined most of it for me. I like the concept of it and where it ends is just straight annoying and NOTHING (physically) happened between the two... Ookami is cool af though.
  5. Guilty Crown 10/10 One of my top 5 now, show was downright amazing in every way (except for a bitch MC at the beginning...) Inori is by far the best, followed closely by Ayase (I gotchu Satoshi lol) and Tsugumi.
  6. Monogotari Series (All but Koyomi and Kizu) 10/10 Shimoneta 9/10 To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd (and Specials, waiting for OVAs) 10/10 Haven't posted here in a while, Monogatari took quite some time to finish, finished the other two within 3 or so days. Anyways, Monogatari is a downright masterpiece, if you haven't watched it stop everything and do so you won't regret it! Shimoneta was goddamn hilarious, Kajou made everything about that show and Anna is a FREAK LOL. If you got some spare time check it out, it's pretty great, story was alright and it kept me entertained. To Love-Ru is one of my personal favorite series (not for the "plot" I actually like it overall as a story, "plot is a bonus ). Even though this goes against what I just said I waited until the series was uncensored to watch it, the blurs just annoy me to no end. An amazing show nonetheless but should have included more Yui and Haruna, little disappointed in regards to that though. Not really sure what to watch next, maybe Kancolle or Assassination Classroom.
  7. Got Megadimension Neptunia VII plat like 2 weeks ago. Still need PP plat till I have all of them.
  8. YES! Another Tomoka lover! You have joined the dark-side along with me and Satoshi! This was the show that made me start to like loli's. Well, I've always loved the Lowee sisters but you get the point!
  9. Everything to do with the Fate series (Minus the items not out yet and I think a reproduction or 2) I absolutely loved this series, even the magical girl side series with Illya and I only wish that she acted the same in the side series as she did in the regular series. Rin, Saber and Illya are by far the best characters. Can't wait till Heaven's Feel and 3rei!! to come out. Until then, might rewatch the Love Live movie or start Charlotte. The openings were absolutely amazing as well! Don't know why I like this one so much but yeah... Illya's too cute https://youtu.be/hRdGtCQHWJQ
  10. Lol bruh I'm changing, I'm starting to root for the Loli's as well as the Tsundere's now, and I like it. I think Mei and Tomoka are to blame but they just too CUTE so it's understandable! You had me DYING when I first read this, my god I swear I was laughing for a good 5 minutes!
  11. While PSN is down, for the ENTIRE DAY, I binged 10/10 This show was great, loved how the main character actually CHOSE a girl and is badass too. I understand why everyone loves Stella (I personally love Tsundere's, including Stella) but Shizuku was just as lovable. Hoping for a second season to see what unfolds at the tournament. Since PSN is still down... might just start watching the Fate series.
  12. Overall 10/10 Finally got around to watching this, very slow start but was very enjoyable. Second season is WAY better than the first. Actually, everything, besides the movie that I couldn't get myself to watch, was better than the 1st season. Don't get me wrong, I loved all of it and wish there was more to the story with everyone back together again. No real complaints and would recommend this (most of you probably have though...). Tomoyo and Kyou are the best which made the OVA's more fulfilling. The youngin is just too cute at the end though.
  13. Welp I'm probably going to order it after Christmas lol and of course you got the bed sheet... no lie I probably would too if I had the extra money Just show them Enju and Tomoka and they will
  14. Well we better get an OVA I need more Tomoka. And how is the game? Is it worth importing? My god don't tell me you bought the limited edition?!?! LMFAO the bonus is a bed sheet!
  15. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyouken (left) 7.5/10 Black Bullet (right) 10/10 So I had some pretty high expectations for Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyouken, pretty disappointed with the outcome but Kanata, Lecty and Yuri, made the show. Wouldn't really recommend, the typical "OMG he's a pervert!" girls at the beginning but turns into harem... yeah... (I usually like harems too). Black Bullet, on the other hand, waaaaay better than I had expected. I personally loved all the main characters, especially Enju, and really wish for a second season of this. The last episode with the whole Kisara scene, my god I was laughing my ass off! How can you not love Enju after this lol!