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  1. A jolly boys' outing? Have fun!
  2. Don't think I'll play Berseria, which is a shame but Monster Hunter has taken most of my gaming time now. So might have to use a skip and use Rime as my alternative.
  3. 13-2 is heaps better than the 1st one. Not sure about #3 though. I guess I'll have to play that myself and let you know.
  4. Don't know if anyone has posted this yet: Monster Hunter World Event Quest. There's a few more days until the Blue Green (whatever it's called) last for. Thursday UTC 21.59, I think.
  5. I got my PS3 years later than most people, I think, and I still have a lot to catch-up on. I "only" have about 37 games left, and I think I can manage to plat them all. Some of them are not that bad, really. This is what I tell myself everyday.
  6. MHW does have friendly fire, even though no damage is taken, so you wanna be careful firing. Rime - #60 The end is a new beginning Obtain all trophies Great story, amazing graphics, beautiful environments, and an incredible soundtrack. It didn't all come together though, until the last cutscene. I didn't cry, but I did choke up.
  7. How long does the 5 monster event last? I haven't even gotten to Rathian yet.
  8. Anybody willing to trade Guild Cards with me in the next 1 hour? I just need 1 more.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Edunstar84


      Oh right! I keep forgetting about it.


    3. LordNEET


      If you don't find anyone by tonight I'll trade you.

    4. Edunstar84


      There's one person I can trade with, but whenever we get together, we forget.

  9. @xZoneHunter @FilmFanatic Sure....330 hours for that guy, 600 hours for me. Don't know what it is, but I always spend more hours getting plats than other people. The only exception was Okami HD and Ar No Surge, but it felt really rushed, and I didn't like it.
  10. Updated. I kind of abandoned the PS3 to play Monster Hunter World.
  11. Just need a handful more trophies in Rime. I might get them later tonight or early tomorrow. Then I'll go back to MHW and try to play my 1st bonus game Oxenfree on the side. I will update tomorrow. How's everyone else doing?
  12. It's the main reason why I've hold off playing ToX2 for so long. I would've been done with it long ago.
  13. Really? I really liked it, but I haven't gotten too far. Tales of Graces f is my favourite as well. I've been playing Monster Hunter World for 2 weeks, so will try to play some easier games this week and help my team out.
  14. Play the Lotto, dude! That's an incredible bit of luck.
  15. I haven't started my game yet. I'll have to remember that there are only 28 days this month.