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  1. Game #2 First Impressions Chaos on Deponia Time Played: 50 minutes Trophies earned: 2/35 I know what you're thinking Star is going from one easy game to the next. Before I would've said, "But I earned it! Platting Tales of Vesperia is taking too long". Now, I think I should've saved this for later. Not to say I want to play something more difficult; it's just that I want to play a game that's far more interesting. Chaos on Deponia is a point-and-click adventure which follows Rufus' (the main character) many efforts to get into Elysium from the planet Deponia. What makes this game fun is that Rufus is a bumbling idiot who just can't help getting himself and others in trouble. In the previous game, Chaos is the 2nd game in a 4 game series, Rufus met Goal who tries to warn the officials that there are still people living on Deponia because they want to blow it up, I think. It's been a while since I've played the first game. In the beginning of the game, Rufus is still stuck on Deponia, the officials don't know that there are people living on Deponia, and Goal has not only lost her memory, but she's broken...again. Since it's an easy game, I will continue playing it, but I'll probably finish it after the event.
  2. Game #1 Final Impressions Gris I can't really get over how atmospheric this game is. I think most of my time was just enjoying the game instead of getting a bit further into it. It's just really nice not to manage my resources or do something that leads to a title that leads to another title that leads to a trophy (looking at you Tales of Vesperia). And maybe because of this I'm a bit biased towards the game. Soundtrack: So amazing! I'm listening to it as I type. I don't know how to explain it. It sort of reminds me of Child of Light. Visuals: Everything is pretty. I'm pretty sure it's watercolor. Lots of reds, blues and greens so far. Gameplay: I really like that it's a light puzzle-platformer. Your character has to travel around a temple of sorts to try to find little lights to help guide yourself higher. I'm guessing higher means that she overcame a particular stage of grief because she falls down a great distance and has to climb again, so to speak. None of the jumps or the puzzles seem too difficult to solve. I have a few supers, like transforming into a heavy block to destroy rocks/statues, to help me traverse the game and will probably get more. Recommend: Yes! A super chill, easy, short game to help any gamer break up longer games. Platinum: It's a short game with 19 trophies. An easy game to platinum. I haven't looked into it yet, but I do hope there's chapter select, even though I wouldn't mind replaying the whole game again. Playtime: 3 hours 10 minutes Trophies: 4/18 I haven't done a KYC event in a long time and find it hard to write such a short review of the game, so bear with me. I don't think I've written anything substantive in the past year. It's been awhile! I've only been playing Tales of Vesperia and a lot of irl stuff has taken me away from gaming generally. I'm not back fully yet, but I was sort of tired from playing that one game.
  3. Game #1 First Impressions Gris Starting Stats Games Played: 147 Completed Games: 110 Completion: 79.59% Unearned Trophies: 1,249 I have heard of Gris through this site, and many people here seemed to have a very enjoyable experience. Because of that, I knew I wanted to eventually play the game, but held off seeing any more official reviews or trailers. So far I'm glad I did! Gris is a very atmospheric puzzle-platformer with a great soundtrack and really easy on the eyes. The game starts you right off with statues crumbling under your feet, and you fall down a great distance. I assume the rest of the game she'll try to get back where she was originally. I had a quick look at the trophies, and I know where the "story" is heading somewhat. The game is about grief and loss, but not in a depressing way. The colors so far are bright and beautiful. I'm really interested in seeing how the game develops. It's surprisingly light, and the puzzles are easy. Trophies earned: 2/19 Hours played: 1 hour 10 minutes
  4. Alright! I really need to destroy my completion because I've only played 2 games in the last 5 months, and that needs to change. I think my list will be a mix of easy, medium, and hard games. Here goes... 1. Gris (PS4) 2. Chaos on Deponia (PS4) 3. Celeste (PS4) 4. Nier (PS3) 5. Cosmic Star Heroine (PS4) 6. Freedom Wars (Vita) 7. Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (PS4) 8. Sonic & All Stars Transformed (Vita) 9. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games (Vita) 10. A King's Tale: Final Fantasy 15 (PS4)
  5. [Tales of Vesperia] I gambled on Patty, and I lost it all. I was grinding in the Necropolis and somehow got moved to the beginning of the layer, losing 2 hours of EXP. 

  6. Tales of Vesperia - I still need to finish up the 20-man arena, defeat the true last boss, and do some sidequests. So much to do. If I can play everyday, I might be able to finish early March. I feel like I'm so close.
  7. I don't have time to game as much as I did before, but the Nintendo Direct has me wanting to buy a Switch and all of the games coming out in 2021.

  8. Tales of Vesperia Still on my 1st playthrough, going through the 200-man arena, and it's brutal! I had to take a break, so I hope next week I'll be in a better mood to min/max some equipment and skills. I really want to finish the game this month.
  9. [Tales of Vesperia] l want to blast through the colisseum and the 2nd EX dungeon, and I was thinking of using the extra DLC levels. I also want to use them for my 2nd playthrough. Is that still possible? I remember with other Tales of games, I was surprised that I could. Is it still true for Vesperia?

    1. dertswa687o


      Yeah you can use them each playthrough. Personally I used them at level 159 to jump to 199 to cut down on the level 200 grind and then used them again on my half experience playthrough so I could combine the low level challenger and speedrun trophies.

    2. Edunstar84


      That's a huge pro tip right there! I didn't know you could combine those two playthroughs. I'll keep that in mind!

  10. [Tales of Vesperia] I'm sort of confused on how I should tackle post-game. I know that if I have Karol on my team for the colosseum fight that it locks me out of one of his titles. I'm on my 1st playthrough, and I want to make it as streamlined as possible, so I can start my 2nd. Can anyone provide a list (from a to b; 1 to whatever) on what to do? I'm right before the last boss and been following a guide. 

    1. Phoenix_argentea


      I played this game two years ago, so my ideas could be really vague. Maybe you can go around the world and scan enemies which appear with particular weather conditions or play the casino minigames for the item/title collector. Or start doing some coliseum solo battles. Or also grinding Raven's abilities for one of his titles. But I think you can beat the final boss and then go back to the post game contents (especially the two dungeons). You can also start auto-grinding the grade points for the NG+ grade shop. :)


      This is the guide I followed and I had no problem! ;)

  11. I have a couple of questions about titles and sidequests that need to be done before the final dungeon. 1. Will I need to master all the recipes? I just need to do 8 more. 2. Will I need to do the girls' bathing suit side quest? I'm actually "locked" from doing it now because the motivational quest from Giovanni in Halure prevents me from doing that quest. I'll need to do a few things to collect everyone's joke weapons, like escape battle 50x or pocked 1 million gald, which I wanted to do after the final boss. 3. Speaking of 1 million gald, I hope it isn't too late to do the Hot Spring event. 'Cause I'm broke. Any other tips or advice about what I need to do before the final dungeon is much appreciated.
  12. Tales of Vesperia - I've been playing this game for 4 months. I hope I can finish sometime in January. Word Maze - An easy level I can pick up and play.
  13. Merry Christmas and God Jul to everyone! I have a nice trophy lined up to pop today, but it might not happen 'cause you know....drinking. I'll be hitting that akvavit!

  14. My PS4 Pro is oddly slow. I mean I haven't used it in about a month, but still. Anyone else's? Does it have anything to do with the launching of the PS5?

    1. PermaFox


      Using mine right now with GTAV and don't see anything slow, and this is during an event.

    2. Corin


      got problems dowloading my games and it's slow as hell

    3. NERVergoproxy


      PS5 telling you to get him.

      Or her...

  15. Buy a PS5 in early 2022, then try to finish 1 game at a time while finishing my PS Vita and PS3 backlogs. I'm pretty sure I won't finish those in 2 years.