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  1. @BlazzingWind Could you play the games on another account? But I guess that still doesn't make sense. I mean if you're only testing them until you want to play them it makes it difficult where to place the games.
  2. @Appappachai The Code Realize visual novel is an otome visual novel, which is a dating sim that focuses on the girl choosing from a group of guys. If you want more action in your VNs, you should try the Danganronpa and Zero Escape series. On topic: Plat #88: Mixups by POWGI PS4 Would've been a more solid game if the hints were less arbitrary. The developers could've tried harder in that regard. Some puzzles/themes were easier than others, and I could figure them out myself. I needed a guide for most of it. At least you don't have to complete all of the themes for the plat.
  3. Small update: Added: Mixups by POWGI Vita Overcooked 2 Platted Mixups by POWGI PS4 I haven't done a lot of playing in the last 3-4 weeks. I hope that changes soon but ma not sure. Looking for games that I already own that don't need a guide for any trophy, and can be complete within 2 weeks. Maybe Freedom Wars?
  4. 0 - The Sims 4 4 - Mixups by POWGI EU Edition I've been busy irl to do anything other than play a really simple game, Mixups. Still trying to finish Tokyo Xanadu.
  5. Bought 3 games: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Complete Edition, Mixups by POWGI, and Overcooked 2. Since I already owned the original HZD, it won't be included in the count, however I have counted Mixups as 2 games (PS4 & Vita).
  6. January Tales of Vesperia - 400 NOK Kingdom Hearts 3 - 550 NOK PSN Card for January sale (bought 5 games) - 316 NOK August PSN Card - 335 NOK (bought 3 games)
  7. Haven't progressed much in any games, but I did have a look at the EU Summer sale. Looks like I'll be buying a handful of games. I'll probably wait until Week 2, do buy everything in one go. In the meantime, it would be awesome if I found the time to complete 1 or 2 more games, as I can only buy 3 or 4 games without punishing my score.
  8. That's awesome! I don't have to worry about my Completion, and I can wait for it to go down in price.
  9. 1. Danganronpa Another Episode - 100% 2. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - 0% 3. Chaos;Child - 100% 4. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - 100% 5. The Sims 4 - 100% 6. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ - 20.....55% I haven't updated in a while, but over the past few weeks I have made a bit of progress in Tokyo X. The game's pretty average. There's a lot of dungeons to complete and you must S rank and find all the treasures in them for 2 trophies. But the game includes a good tracking system if you missed a treasure (not where), and which dungeons have been as ranked. But most importantly, you can go back and redo the dungeons you've missed. The caviat being that you can't miss any dungeon, otherwise you'd have to make sure it's done in the next, mandatory, play through. Anywho I'll be glad to have this finished.
  10. 1,333. Going a bit slower than I want, but a little progress is still progress I guess.
  11. I'm actually glad it's delayed. Allows me to finish more games.
  12. @El Duderino At least the plat isn't so bad this time around. Do you plan to play the third installment?
  13. Hollow Knight - only on my wildest dreams could I fathom getting the plat. Maybe one day, but for now I'll just try to get day.
  14. @viech54 I feel the same way regarding Neptunia games. I have the 3rd Re;Birth game and plan on getting Cyberdimension 4 Goddesses. But then that's it. I've also realized the same thing regarding the Atelier series as well. I've moved on from that series too.