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  1. Oh no! I hope you guys get lucky. You weren't the only ones waiting for the crowns.
  2. PS4: Ni No Kuni 2 and Monster Hunter: World - I went back for the new event.
  3. This is the only game that has turned me into a game addict. My family was beginning to worry. I was beginning to worry. I sunk more than 330 hours into the game, and I had a great time. It's more fun playing with others, especially the crown grind. It haven't found the right balance of getting my skills onto gear that looks nice, but I also haven't put in the time to figure that out. And I never did the tempered grind as well. I fought a solid 50 and only got 1 Bow related augment. Of course, now that tempered monsters are a bit more difficult, I might pass on this part of monster hunting. I came back for the Kuvle goddess, and was a bit disappointed because it can get a bit stale in the beginning, but was really exciting at the last area (I only got there once). I haven't gotten any Kuvle Bow weapons yet, so I'll run it a few more times until I do. I haven't checked out what the other weapons look like. I don't want it to ruin the surprise when I do eventually get Bow. Capcom is doing a fine job getting some people back for the events. It probably wasn't the greatest time though, since most people are probably invested in God of War. But it's okay, we can play 2 games at once, right? For me, this is a 10/10
  4. The best thing to do is having a full session. There are new weapons from defeating Kuvle - they are not available at the Workshop. It's random or based on how many times you defeat or based on the investigation level. There are also new requests at the Resource Center, but I haven't checked them out yet. It's not terribly exciting, but it is worth having a quick look, if you know 15 other people. EDIT: New outfits for your Kitty.
  5. 17 games. It's usually around 10 games, but I've been focusing on Monster Hunter: World for the last 2 months and couldn't play anything else. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Dragon's Crown (27%) Don't Starve Giant Edition Everybody's Golf (48%) Freedom Wars God Eater 2: Rage Burst LEGO Star Wars Muramasa Rebirth (10%) Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines Rainbow Moon (4%) Ragnarok Odyssey ACE (5%) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (34%) Sword Art Online: Lost Song Tales of Innocence R Toukiden: Kiwami Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
  6. Trying to finish Ni No Kuni 2 for this month. I hope I make it.
  7. I'd like to be added. Is it too late?
  8. This would be a great starting collection for you. You don't have to look anywhere else @AustinNSx
  9. [Ni No Kuni 2] How do I get better at Skirmishes? Or better yet how do I upgrade them? I'm at lv.7, and I have to do a skirmish at lv.10.

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    2. Sir_Bee


      You could always try recruiting new citizens.  Some of them come with higher level armies.

    3. Edunstar84


      Okay, thanks. I did recruit a few. I'll see what I got.

    4. Sir_Bee


      Best of luck.  Overall I found Ni No Kuni 2 to be an enjoyable game, but the skirmishes were definitely a weaker point.

  10. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, except I found more success doing the SOS quests and killing all the monsters. Hope RNG is on your side. For Large Azure (which was my last one), I had my large gold crown stats updated 3 times.
  11. You should be sniping them with a group of other players. Are you playing alone? Just wanna know your strategy.
  12. Great news! I actually owned a Dreamcast and Shenmue 2, I believe, but didn't give it the chance it deserved because I was all into Sony at that point. Can't wait to play them!
  13. After finishing the majority of Monster Hunter: World, I'm working on the story for Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. I'm loving it so far!
  14. I didn't realize there was a skirmish trophy. Great, just great! I hated the 2 I had to do in FF Type-0, and I'm guessing I'll hate this one even more. With that said, I've done 3 already, and I'm not sure if I repeated them yet. I am keeping track of the ones I can't do it, and I'll keep track of the ones I have done later on. I'm only on Ch.4-3, so I'm guessing there's no rush right now.