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  1. Event Summary Kill Your Completion 8 Starting Completion: 77.81% End Completion: 71.17% -6.64% 1. Cat Quest - A lot of cat puns abound in this adventure about a cat youth who is destined to save his land and his sister. A very cute, chill game that I enjoyed so much that I platinum'ed it - it was easy. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to play a short game in-between difficult and long games. Trophies: 23/23 Rate: 10/10 Recommend: Yes. 2. Chaos;Head - After an earthquake shatters a city in Japan, rebuilding efforts shortly takes place afterward. The earthquake, however, wasn't an earthquake at all, but a blinding light that sets off a destructive. As a consequence, people with special powers were unintentionally created, and there's a murderous organization hunting them down and killing them. A group of high schoolers try to solve these murders. The first 30 minutes had me interested, but then the pacing dropped off at that point. I don't blame the game for this as I only played a few hours, and I read everything. Also, Steins;Gate had a very slow start, so I don't want to completely slag off the game for it. I'm sure I'll be interested in the rest of the story. Trophies: 2/34 Rate: 5/10 Recommend: Meh. Only if you enjoyed Steins;Gate. 3. Yonder - A young boy or girl - you get to choose - sails off to find answers to her/his origins. I thought this game would be more epic, but it's a forging, crafting Harvest Moon-like game, but Harvest Moon does it better. Trophies: 5/39 Rate: 2/10 Recommend: Nope. 4. Beyond: Two Souls - An exciting, drama-filled story about a girl, Jodi Holmes, with special powers, growing up in a world that doesn't understand her and her gift. I'm still on my 1st playthrough, so I found everything new and interesting. I really like the soundtrack, but I found the controls not intuitive and the QTE's frustrating. When I do plan to get back into, I'm not looking forward having to relearn the controls. Trophies: 10/46 Rate: 7/10 Recommend: Yes, the story is really good so far. 5. Tokyo Xanadu ex+ - A boy protagonist Kou Tokisaka gets sucked into a dungeon, and in the midst of a battle he finds a tsundere character beating down a few monsters. It turns out this dungeon (and others like it) is formed by the negative emotions of humans, sort of like Tales of Zestiria. One day his female childhood friend gets lost in one of these dungeons, and Kou "miraculously" is granted power to save her. Yada yada, high school events, yada yada yada jobs, yada yada romancing girls, yada yada yada Persona 5/Legend of Heroes/Ys battle system. Although it's a mash-up different games that have and can do better in different respects outlined above, it is still a very solid game. I enjoyed it very much, and it's a nice game to play while you wait for the localization of Cold Steel 3 & 4. Trophies: 5/55 Rate: 10/10 - I love JRPGs! Recommend: Yes. 6. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls - Two girls - 1 sane, 1 crazy - shoot killer bears to escape off an island. Possibly the best description you'll get out of me, since a bit more info might result in some spoilers. I had a great time with the game. It doesn't compare to the main series but still interesting. The shooting aspects aren't really "tight" though, the controls just feels floaty. Trophies: 7/36 Rate: 7/10 Recommend: Yes. If you played the other 3, might as well play this one, too. 7. Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Twins Evie and Jacob arrive in Victorian London to do take on the Templars, whilst finding the Piece of Eden. As this is my 1st game, I came into the series with zero expectations and little information about the history, especially the Abstergo history, and the relation between past and present. It's fine with me because ahhhhh...the Menu system has all that information for me to peruse, and I plan to read all of it. The battle system's tight, but I'd rather take the stealth route as I reach the assassination mark, and there's been a few times where I had to run from a fight because I quickly became overwhelmed. Overall, I had an exciting time and hope I can get back to the game soon. Maybe not this year, but hopefully next year. Trophies: 2/57 Rate: 9/10 Recommend: Yes, but I'm sure everyone has their own thoughts on which Assassins Creed is better or more suitable for beginners. 8. Horizon Zero Dawn - Graphics, oh those pretty graphics! Ahem....Aloy is a shunned member of the Nora tribe because, unfortunately for her, she was born without a mother. Now the elders know something but haven't said anything so far. To find these answers, Aloy must pass AND win the Brave trials to get the answers she has long been training for. Trophies: 3/79 Rate: 10/10 Recommend: Yes. A thousand times yes! 9. Hollow Knight - Hollow Knight is a story of..ummm...I actually haven't played too much of the game to write about the lore or story, but I can write how I died several times trying to reach a gem of some sorts. This game does not hold your hand, and it doesn't provide any tutorial. What it does provide is a great atmosphere and music. The illustrations are top-notch, and I wish I can create something so beautiful. The platforming took a while to get used, and I made many mistakes and did become frustrated at the end of my hour of gametime. It doesn't mean I won't touch this game again, it just means that I need to make more of an effort to play better and do nothing else. Don't worry Hollow Knight, I'll be back! Trophies: 1/35 Rate: 7/10 Recommend: If you're a god at platforming, then yes. If you're a newb like me, this game will be a challenge but it's satisfying when you get past a platforming obstacle or beat a boss. 10. Final Fantasy 15 - "How have the mighty fallen". Is what I think when I play this game. Everytime. It's sad really. The game's okay. I didn't have the feels when I played the game. It's not really your fault FF15; I played Horizon Zero Dawn right before you. The gameplay is fast and sometimes confusing. I get hit by an attack, and I feel that 99% of the time, I'm not quick enough to parry the attack. It's not as tight as FF10-2 and the FF13 games. I know some of you hated the plot, and the story, but I thought the 13 games' battle system was great. In 15, there's a lot of freedom in how you can choose to build Noct and his 3 bros. To be honest, I probably haven't used the system to the best of it's abilities, and my gameplay is suffering for it. I'm sure I'll get there in the end. At present the sidequests are enough to keep me busy and perhaps learn the battle system better. I also want to add that I would've waited to play this game after all the DLC came out, but the surprise Comrades announcement forced me to play it earlier. Kind of miffed because I had a plan to play/watch Kingsglaive first, then play the game at my pace. Trophies: 22/91 Rate: 7/10 Recommend: I don't know. Curse my Final Fantasy nostalgic, rose-tinted glasses. Bonus games: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas/ Trophies: 3/37. Not really a bonus game, more like I started this game months ago and forgot to update my Vita trophy list. Child of Light/Trophies: 7/20. Allowed my nieces to play this game on my account (didn't know how NOT to do this and use a different account). Only earned 1 trophy. Oh man, I have my work cut out for me finishing these games and getting my percentage back up. My percentage hasn't been this low in YEARS. YEARS!!!
  2. Game #10 - Final Review Playtime: 11 hours Trophies: 20/91 Hmmm....not sure what to think of the newest iteration of the Final Fantasy series. There are a lot of good and bad things about the game, and I had a lot of frustrations with it, too. Pros: I like doing the quests. I think it adds a lot to the story, even though I'm only on Chapter 3. -The comradery between the 4 characters (and the car of course) -I'm in love with Prompto. That is all. -The landscape, the dust bowl area, and the forestry looks really nice. Respect to the set designers. Cons: I hate the map, especially when I need to go to the quests, but I don't know exactly where it is. Yes, it's pointed very clearly on the map, but what it doesn't quite show is the surrounding areas. For instance, I'm near the Chocobo Depot, and there's a big rock formation near it. There are a couple of quests that take part right in the middle of it. Twice have I ran around this rock formation, only to finally understand that I have to go through it. I guess the 2nd time it happened it could be my fault, but I wish it was easier to see it. When you're on a Level 10 quest, you might be ambushed by level 20 enemies. What?! It's a good thing I like to power-level, and I don't mind doing other things to level up. But it would otherwise piss me off. Fortunately, you can choose to skip the battles. It does quite get confusing though. -There should be more gas stations available. -Feels like Final Fantasy is lagging behind other great games like Nier: Automata (I still need to play it), Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War 2018 (from what I've seen), Persona 5, etc Yeah, I know some of these games came out a year or two afterward, but for me, growing up, Final Fantasy meant something; it meant that the graphics were by far the best of its era. -Sometimes the night and day aspect is inconvenient. I want to stock pile my experience points and wait for a better hotel to gain more experience (you get more xp this way), but it would be nighttime, and I'm advised to way for morning by sleeping somewhere. Meh: I'm not completely sold on the story yet. Reached Chapter 3, and I'd rather do sidequests. I'll complete the game 100% because of nostalgia, but I'm sure I'll enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, and Tokyo Xanadu ex+ a lot more. Completion: 71.14% (-6.67) I'll also be doing an event summary with a list of games played tomorrow. So be on the look-out for it!
  3. Game #9 - Final Review Playtime: 1 hour Trophies Earned: 1/35 Man, I suck at platforming! But before we get into that, I just want to say that Hollow Knight's aesthetic is really beautiful. The atmosphere, the lore, and the soundtrack really fools you into believing that it looks really easy. Trust me it's not. This game doesn't hold your hand, there's no tutorial, and there isn't a map, unless you find To me this game is sort of like a rogue-lite in that it doesn't really punish you for dying. For instance, you're able to save at benches (when you find them), and when you die you lose you're progress, at least you're able to get your diamond/circle things back when you defeat your ghost, which functions as a money system you can use to buy maps, compasses and such. Anywho, what I'm trying to say is that it could be worse. Thankfully, there are a few maps and guides out there, so you know where to go. I made sure to use a couple, even for the few areas I traversed. I could have given this game a bit more time, but had to get on with my next game Final Fantasy 15, as some of you know the server may or may not close, which might result in unattainable trophies. I would like to give this game another in the future, but it would demand all of my time and concentration.
  4. Game #8 - Final Review Total Playtime: 3 hours Trophies: 3/79 Still had a great time. Did a few quests, nothing special. So I'll outline the pros and the cons. Pros: The graphics, the story (so far), the environment and set pieces. The battle system is really easy to use. I just hope when I hop back into the game, I remember everything. It might be the 3rd game I come back to. Cons: Climbing is crap, and it might just be me, but I couldn't figure out how to find the quests on the map. I noticed that some of them took a while before they showed up. I also had trouble finding areas on the map, especially when I wanted to knock down those training dummies: Mother's Heart, Mother's Nest, Mother's Embrace. Might not be the right words for the areas, but I couldn't figure out where anything was. Really don't know what new opinions I can add to the game. It's too brilliant for words.
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  6. Game #8 - First Impressions Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 1/79 Completion %: 72.73% (-5.08) Man, this game is beautiful! In Horizon Zero Dawn you play as Aloy, a motherless young woman trying to find out the truths of her heritage. Unfortunately, she can't just simply ask those old elder hags (I forgot their names) because she has been shunned, which is sort of a conundrum because they might be the only people to have information on her past. Anyway, instead she has to prove her courage by doing some sort of trial. She not only has to pass it; she has to win. Her mentor Rost, who chose to live as an outsider, raised her from when she was a baby. It falls onto him to train her. I haven't gotten that far yet, since I spent some of my hour in Photo mode! It's amazing!! Changing color, poses, blurring the background, etc. It was really awesome. The only lame thing about the game is the climbing mechanics. Coming from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, where you can basically climb anywhere, I found it hard to jump on some of the ledges before I realized that there were rock climbing poles and such to grasp onto. The graphics are superb! I'm glad I chose another great game for KYC 8.
  7. Game #7 - Final Impressions Assassin's Creed Syndicate Playtime: Just under 3 hours Total Trophies: 2/57 Mugging a baddy £1 Air assassinations £3 Throwing unconscious thugs off of trains....priceless! I've really enjoyed my time with the Syndicate. I haven't played this type of game before so it has been a really refreshing experience. The main characters Evie and Jacob are interesting, and the story is believable. I know I've talked about the Menu system, but I have to reiterate how cool and seamless it is. I bought 2 costumes from there, which is linked to the PSN store, and it didn't take any time at all. I love, love the operatic soundtrack as I jumped from rooftop to rooftop. Additionally, I liked the advantages of the challenges. It forced you as a player to take advantage of different ways to play the game. And the incentive is that you earn extra experience points for completing them. The only disadvantage I find so far is that the regular thugs/baddies look the same. Also, I had to quit after my 1st real mission. I just got lost, but will definitely try again. I really appreciate Ubisoft taking the time to flesh out the story and some of the history of Syndicate. Though I might have to read a synopsis of the franchise. Not sure I'll go back to do any of them though. Recommend: Heck yes! Platinum: I have yet to look at the trophy list, but I would love to plat the game.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn and maybe a bit of Hollow Knight tonight.
  9. Game # 7 - First Impressions Assassin's Creed Syndicate Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 1/57 This is the first Assassin's Creed I've ever played, and it didn't disappoint. However, I wouldn't know how to describe the myriad of information that this game gives you in the beginning. Information about the Animus and Abstergo Industries. I still need to read more about it, and fortunately Ubisoft has created a really great Menu system where I can peruse the info whenever I want to. As I understand it, each Assassin's Creed games takes place in a specific time period. In Syndicate, we're placed in Victorian England. It's my favorite time period, especially the niche concept of steam punk. I wouldn't want to live during this period, but I do enjoy reading about it. I get to play as twins Evie and Jacob Frye trying to find pieces of Eden. I'm not sure why, but know that it's important. The first 2 missions serve as a tutorial. It shows you how to run, jump on rooftops, attack, and assassinate people. I prefer the stealth approach, and it felt satisfying as I made my first assassination. There's also a looting system, which earns you a bit of money and helps replenish your throwing knives. I didn't get to loot everybody until I upgraded the Loot skill. Did I talk about the Menu system? It's possibly the best Menu layout I've ever seen in a game. It's very easy to use and has loads of information. I'm able to buy and upgrade equips (with the money I earn from looting and completing missions), switch between Evie and Jacob, upgrade skill sets, and much more. So far it's one of the top games I've played during this event.
  10. Game #6 - Final Impressions Playtime: 3 hours Trophies: 7/36 I voluntarily went back into the Despair, and it didn't disappoint. The Story So Far: Continuing on, I gain a partner after I'm separated by a member of the Future Foundation. I find out that actually kids rule the island, and my goal as Komaru Naegi is to try to get off the island. Along the way I get collectibles (notes, books) that describe the chaos, and how various people reacted to it. I also met "someone" from the 1st game. I didn't recognize this person at first, but then I realized who he/she was, I immediately felt a little bit sad because I knew where the story was going. The first murder of the game. I couldn't help but laugh. Those scenes are always hysterically stupid that I can't help but chuckle. Gameplay: Honestly, it felt like I played 2 hours of tutorials and 1 hour of gameplay. It stills feel a bit clunky, and it is difficult to shoot and aim. So much so that I really needed to line up a shot in the 1st second. If I missed I needed to run away, then line my shot. A lot of wasted shots and frustration over the control I had over the gun. Also, the girls were introduced to a new enemy, Bomber Monokuma - or some such. Yeah, you guessed it, it throws bomb. I'm really glad that it's aim is really horrible, although after trying to dodge a bomb I got blasted into a hole resulting in my 1st game over. My partner has a different battle system - I think I mentioned this before. I get to dodge and attack. It's a lot less clunky than Komaru's gun. Soundtrack: If you played the 1st two games, the soundtrack becomes easily recognizable, like nostalgia or despair hitting you in the face. Recommend: Yes. Not as good as 1 or 2, but offers a nice filler for what happened to the rest of the world. Platinum: It's an easy game. Some might have trouble with the collectibles because there's a lot, but it's not too bad. I did get a little bored after a while; there's so much story. Bonus game: Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas. I totally forgot I started this game a long time ago. At the time I only completed 1 dungeon, and wasn't really feeling the game then.
  11. Game #6 - First Impressions Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 1/36 I voluntarily, almost, went back into the Despair. This time though, I'm able to fight back, sort of. You play as Komaru Naegi (there's another character I have yet to meet). She's been trapped in an apartment for a year and a half, while the Biggest, Most Awful, Tragic Event in Human History was happening. Can't go much in detail about it, since it'll spoil a lot of the story. Anyway, you're rescued by one of the original members of the first game, but separated soon after with a "gun", which looks like a bullhorn. Komaru soon finds out that there is a group of people out there that want to cause more chaos and take over the island. So far the gameplay is easy. Komaru uses the bullhorn gun to defeat bears called Monokumas. Hitting them in the eye results in a perfect shot that yields money or prizes. Yeah, the gameplay is easy, but the shooting aspect is a bit clunky. Having to aim for the eye is a bit slow, while the Monuma attacks. You can't dodge, so you have to run away and aim, which does take a bit of time. The more interesting aspect is the type of the bullets you can use to defeat your enemies. During the tutorial you're given an infinite amount and different types of bullets, but now that I'm passed that, all I have are the Move and Break bullets. The Move bullets help to press buttons, open doors, etc., while the Break bullets are used to damage the bears. The game is cool. I liked the anime cutscenes at the very beginning, and as always, the voice acting is on point. @voodoo_eyes Would it be possible to switch my last game World of Final Fantasy with Final Fantasy 15?
  12. Game #5 - Final Impressions Playtime: 8 hours Trophies: 5/55 Trophy Completion %: 75.56%, -2.25 (the lowest it's been for ages) I am soooo late. I had this review written since Thursday/Friday, and I'm 2 games behind. But don't worry I'll be on track in no time. So now for the review.... Story: So as I said before you play as Kou who happens to find himself in a dungeon-like setting, which is created by the darkness of people's feelings. You know..the usual...greed, jealousy, etc. Anyway, he meets a girl who fights with an organization to collect info about the dungeon. The 2nd time you find yourself in a dungeon, your childhood best friend gets stuck in one, which makes you angry, and somehow gives you the power to save her. Gameplay: It's very simple, once you get use to the flow of battle. You have buttons to dodge, attack, and jump. You also can only control 1 character at a time, but you can switch between them when there happens to be an enemy that character is strong against. At the end of the dungeon, but before defeating the final boss, you get graded on how efficient you went through the dungeon. So far I've earned S ranks on 3 (I think) dungeons. I'm playing on Easy though. What's great about the system is that you can redo dungeons and bosses to earn a higher rank. Soundtrack: Pretty standard JRPG music. Platinum: There's a lot to do to earn some of the trophies: collect all books, S rank all dungeons (need 2 playthroughs), open all treasure chests, and complete the game on the highest difficulty. Recommend: If you love the Legend of Heroes and Persona series, there's a good chance you'll like this one. Also, if, like me, you're still waiting for Cold Steel 3 and 4 to drop, this game can serve as a nice filler. And we'll be waiting for a good while.
  13. Game #5 - First Impression Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 1/55 This game is so cool. I mean I only played an hour, which isn't much in JRPG land. Just imagine if the Legend of Heroes and Persona series had a baby, Tokyo Xanadu ex+ would be the result. The game is your typical JRPG with very standard, generic characters. You play as Kou, a seemingly normal high school student. I say seemingly because I'm sure he has a special power that will awaken in the next couple of hours of playtime. The cast includes his childhood female friend, who has a secret crush on him (I'm assuming, I haven't gotten too far yet), a guy best friend Kou always jokes with, the elementary friend who moved, and now has come back, etc. So yeah, pretty much standard. And what I love about.....OMG! Student President Towa is that YOU! Legal loli for the winnnnnn.... Ermm...where was I? Oh yes. I haven't gotten too far to sample the gameplay, but you spend your days using your free time doing whatever you want, and you also have to work. The menu system is pretty advanced. You have tabs to keep track of some of the students in the high school, which includes their profiles. You can also keep track of the books you read, and I'm pretty sure there's a trophy for it. There's a lot of minute things you need to keep in mind, which might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love doing things like that. For me, it helps create an engrossing story and world. Can't wait to play more.
  14. Game #4 - Final Review Beyond: Two Souls Playtime: 3 hours Trophies: 10/46 Story: It's a great compelling story. I feel really sorry for Jodie and her "friend". She was dealt a very bad hand in the very beginning. I went through one of the chapters thinking that it must be like someone with severe mental health, even though the story isn't real. Gameplay: I never knew how much I hated QTE's until this game. "Move the left stick in the motion that Jodie is moving towards" my ass! Yeah sure, it gives a nice "rush" element to it, but when you're trying to do some of the trophies, whilst doing a perfect QTE run, then it becomes frustrating. I've done 2 such trophies so far, and I hope those are the last, but it's probably not. Soundtrack: Very moving, compelling and thoughtful. Recommend: Yes, though I heard the platinum can get tiring because you have to do multiple playthroughs, and you can't skip scenes.
  15. Game #4 - First Impressions Beyond: Two Souls Playtime: 1 hour Trophies: 7/46 Beyond: Two Souls is a surprisingly good game. I've played the first several chapters, and I like how the story's told. I went with the original storytelling (I guess you get a choice in the PS4 version). The character build-up is cool. I guess I'll be doing a "good" run, and so far I feel very sorry for Jodie. At first . It is an awesome experience. It took me a while to get used to the controls though; it just didn't feel intuitive, but I got used to it. Can't wait to play more. Small update: I platted Cat Quest.