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  1. Anybody else wondering if voodoo has holiday soon? Oh, just me?!
  2. I'm going to throw caution to the wind and say that I'll join! Most of the games are from joining in on the Kill Your Completion. Here's my list: Mugen Souls Z - 24% - It's only been on my list for a year. It's a difficult game, but not as difficult as the original so I feel I can get this done. KYC 2017 game Tales of Zestiria - 24% - Not a hard game, per se, but the weapon system is just so bad. I really hope to get this done within the year. KYC game Uncharted 2 - 11% - I know a lot of people love the series, but it didn't gel with me at the start. For me, it was just too much fighting/shooting, which I wasn't used to. Probably still not used to. I'm currently playing Tomb Raider, which I prefer, but it's been 5 whole years, and I would love to slay this off my backlog. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment - 34% - Not hard, just super grindy...I think. I'm pretty sure I'm making it more hard than it should be. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace - 7% - I must love grindy games, right? Part of the monster hunter project platinum. KYC 2017 game Muramasa Rebirth - 10% - This is an amazingly great game, but difficult due to the no death boss run I'd have to do. KYC 2017 game Tales of Symphonia - 4% - Another grindy game that I would like to be done with. My sister recently completed it, so it shouldn't be too bad to do. I also want to finish this before Tales of Vesperia releases in December. Was a KYC 2017 game Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness - 33% - Why do I like grindy JRPGs? KYC 2017 game The Awakened Fate Ultimatum - 11% - Going back to the PS3 is never easy, especially with my PS4 and PS Vita backlog. Dragon Quest Builders - 3% - Putting this in here, so it'll seem that I can accomplish something. Everybody's Gol......Nope! I think I've surpassed my limit enough.
  3. I feel ya! I think that's how long ago I played HF too. I got scared not wanting to fight some guy. I think it was PoH 'cause I couldn't get used to the controls or some such. It's been too long.
  4. Had no idea everything that was going on, but I'll continue with the event. My list looks to be in order.
  5. PS4 - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Having a blast so far
  6. The Sword Art Online games are good, especially Hollow Fragment.
  7. I'm in! I love my Vita. I don't have a list of games yet, but I'll work on it. I'll use this post as my main post.
  8. Gravity Rush 2 has Photomode. It isn't available until you get to the 2nd area. I just got it in the game, and it's limiting for now. I'm not sure if I'll get more camera effects, etc. later in the game.
  9. Daughter
  10. I hope the vanilla version goes down in price permanently. And who has the time to read those short stories nowadays?
  11. That's a great goal. I'm trying to do the same thing with my PS3 collection because I have bought all the games I'm interested in. Just need to actually finish some of them. I want to complete 18 this year (it's not gonna happen), so I'm aiming for 7. I think my best year was 6 platted games.
  12. I still check in once in a while. Probably a few times a month. Not many people play PS3 games regularly. In 7 months, I've only platted 3.
  13. Plat #70 - Sword Art Online: Lost Song 3/10 I was on holiday, so this jumped the queue past Gravity Rush 2. The battle system's better than Hollow Fragment. If HF had LS's battle system, I probably would've finished it by now...who knows. Next up: Gravity Rush 2 and Rise of the Tomb Raider - which I'll be playing with my sister.
  14. Plat #10 SAO: Lost Song - 312.50 points I liked the story, but the trophy grind at the end can get boring fast. I'm glad it's easier than Hollow Fragment though.
  15. Sword Art Online: Lost Song Points: 107.36, 1.25 bonus A fun game with an easier battle system than Hollow Fragment, but I think HF had more content. I might come back to play it at some point, so I think I'll upload my latest save to the cloud.