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  1. Its a second I think, Overwatch did something similar when changing heroes.
  2. Tell me more lol
  3. Can anyone download that? Says that I dont own the game.
  4. The SNES Game? Thanks for the info!!
  5. Hey, you probably all know that Ace Combat 5 was released as a pre order bonus for AC7 by Namco and is/ was only available that way. I've read that they did stuff like this before, is that true?
  6. Sorry to hear the news, but its not about size but technique
  7. Definitely gem of the week
  8. I needed that tbh. Thx bro
  9. He definitely likes a good challenge...or grind...or both.
  10. Definitely. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
  11. Going with the semi-safe option here
  12. I will go with option B6- Germany Thank you very much for the giveaway btw!
  13. Great thank you again! You are right, with that many stackable lists Im adding distinct versions. VR Tennis is still available ( mercury is available in the US store, DLC too. Wont add invokers since both the EU and NA list versions are still available in e.g. UK and US store.
  14. Nice, thanks! added Picotto Knights and Zombies, didnt add the other games because they are available in a few PSN stores. "I will exclude games which where removed from the store but are still available as disc releases"