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  1. Creativity is dead and we killed it
  2. So what you are saying is that the rarity isnt even computed as a percentage of dlc owners?
  3. And East Asia, but that is one of the most expensive PS3 titles out there Also GTA SA has a disc release Also standalone here:
  4. God this game is nothing but tedious. If you play a fun off-meta deck, you can wait for 5 minutes every turn until your enemy has finished reading the card effects, if you play meta you can end most duels in 3 to 5 turns (don't think I ever hit turn 10), it is all so boring
  5. I skipped all ranks from Gold 4 to Plat 5 with a winning streak of 5, the game seems to have an elo system, atleast a rudimentary one.
  6. Hit Plat with a variation of this deck (was missing a few UR tokens so used some other cards to substitute, namely Raigeki, Solemn Judgement, Royal Decree, Ring of Destruction, Lightning Storm). Thank you!
  7. I'm not a pro at all, I quit before they introduced pendulum, XYZ and Link
  8. Just played 2h of Ranked, my observations: The servers and performance are horrible, be prepared to get kicked out of matches (auto-loss) and for the same to happen to your opponent, peak Konami Opponent's turns take regularly upwards of 5 minutes real time You will encounter 2 types of enemies: Just started with a fresh deck, mostly old cards and players who bought a complete deck, those are unbeatable unless you do the same It is impossible to quickly pick up on this game unless you played regularly in the last few years, if you didn't follow the game after XYZ-summons be prepared to re-learn all of it EDIT: I copied the deck from the other thread and quickly picked up on it. Card texts are walls of text for all cards now, be prepared to read a lot, if this isn't your cup of tea skip this game
  9. How would you go about obtaining these cards?
  10. Definitely, I played it actively for years and am still kinda lost
  11. I wonder why that is, I have never seen anything close to this.
  12. Which is what I meant to say, thank you. I can't create a proper game, which is why I don't try to sell one lol
  13. I mean yea, compared to the 5min plat games basically every game shines
  14. Maybe I should start creating games too, if this is the barrier of entry.
  15. most probably not, although your experience is not what most players had to endure.