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  1. Made this list about a year ago, so its not 100% up to date anymore, but still most of the games that were removed.
  2. Cant find anything on this. Looks like a strategy game a la Company of Heroes.
  3. Happens in CoD all the time, goddamn hack lobbies. Stop reporting for it if u ask me.
  4. Do you have examples for those games? Im curious if I own them
  5. What is this list. Thats low, like, 1000 Top rated low. If the 1st trophy is as easy as the rest, its a give-away.
  6. How did Sony allow this shit on PSN? Cant be a money thing cause the dev is probably broke.
  7. Thx for the tips guys!
  8. Trophywise a 10/10 (not difficulty) but on every other aspect a 1/10
  9. I wanted to ask if online boosting (for the veteran status) was possible because I suck at this game and 100 goals is alot.
  10. Great thank you!
  11. Holy shit thats next level Sherlockery O.o
  12. How can we report this guy?
  13. Is this trophy list only for the JP PS4 version of the game or does the NA PS4 version share this list?
  14. Thanks for having my back! I brought this even up myself in another thread because I was pissed that it resembled a police questioning and was in my opinion wrongful. Thank you, I was pretty shocked to see my flag as you probably noticed.
  15. meterano7 Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon So... my last post wasn´t saved so here I go again. In EDF IA it was possible to play in splitscreen mode. P2 had to use an account, wether it was a guest account or a PSN acc. used on the PS3. When I played the game 3 years or so ago I first finished the campaign with my buddy using his PSN acc. and me using a guest acc. When we went for a bit more of playing I used my PSN acc. as P2. Since the stats are saved no matter if a guest or an actual PSN account is logged in the trophies auto-popped. Honestly I never hacked, I participate in online sessions and I play for 5 years. Don´t get me wrong but I find it a bit aggravating to get flagged for this bull****, only because I (unknowingly) used a "feature" of a game that lead to fishy timestamps. Adding to this: Why would I use a jailbraked PS3 and edit the trophies to get a C rank and like 20 of the most common trophies of a game nobody cares about, without unlocking a trophy that requires either skill or alot of time...