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  1. If you once bought it you can re-download it, if you were wondering if you could.
  2. NOOOOOOO I guarantee its because of the remaster... rip all people without big surf on ps3
  3. Thanks to everybody for contributing and the discussion! Gonna update/ check the list as soon as my exams are over.
  4. Then put them all in cabinet and earn some money
  5. Never forget
  6. Made this list about a year ago, so its not 100% up to date anymore, but still most of the games that were removed.
  7. Cant find anything on this. Looks like a strategy game a la Company of Heroes.
  8. Happens in CoD all the time, goddamn hack lobbies. Stop reporting for it if u ask me.
  9. Do you have examples for those games? Im curious if I own them
  10. What is this list. Thats low, like, 1000 Top rated low. If the 1st trophy is as easy as the rest, its a give-away.
  11. How did Sony allow this shit on PSN? Cant be a money thing cause the dev is probably broke.
  12. Thx for the tips guys!
  13. Trophywise a 10/10 (not difficulty) but on every other aspect a 1/10
  14. I wanted to ask if online boosting (for the veteran status) was possible because I suck at this game and 100 goals is alot.
  15. Great thank you!