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  1. Not exactly the easiest visual novel, but sure.リライト-road-map-trophy-guide/?hl=rewrite
  2. Nah you'd have to start fresh. Everything is character specific and you can track your progress under the achievements tab in game. 100 instances can be done really quickly if you're a tank or healer, literally just queue for guildhests and get near instant queues. And 100 dungeons should come naturally, too. You'll get the fates as you work on your relic or while leveling, not that bad either. And the 10,000 kills really isn't that many, you'll get a bunch from doing guildhests, dungeons, fates, literally everything. Just keep your second character and do your 100 leves every two or so weeks. Should maybe take an hour or two to get through all 100. You don't want to start over for this one. EDIT: Oh, I just looked at your trophies, looks like you made really good progress on your old character. Sadly yeah you'll have to start that all over. On the bright side the binding coil is really easy now.. I would check your progress toward these trophies on your old character before deciding if you want to dedicate another few hundred hours on a new one.
  3. There is also the day 1 edition which is the regular box with a reversible cover also for $50, and the digital edition which comes with a static theme
  4. Aite let's crank this up. From your list probably Arkham Knight. Nothing else I'd be too interested in. But Arkham Knight was a fun game and I'd love to be motivated to 100% it some day. vv
  5. lmao time to git gud
  6. The katz that tells you about the bonus Dungeon is right outside of Empyrean Throne.
  7. I mean it's going to be a lot more effort than it needs to be, but you only need to do it like 10 times right? Have the two characters that don't have the skill active be linked together and drop them to as low as you can, even if it's half health it's something. Then from there you could auto battle and AFK for a bit until the enemy is at the amount of HP you need it to be, probably 25 and pray you get the combo requirements in. No other solution I'm afraid
  8. Doesn't Xillia 2 have skills that make you deal 1 damage per hit?
  9. Find someone to boost it with. Set your online settings to password and get it on with your boosting buddy. Password lobbymaking removes the ilv difference, so as ilv165 you can easily boost it with someone that's ilv50 or something. EDIT: If you haven't done the silver knight farming in Anor Londo yet, oh boy you're in for a treat Took me three full days of farming those two knights and was summoned maybe once or twice during my entire farm..
  10. "PC has no place on a psx site" psx where tho? I see no psx threads. Do you even know what a psx is, sir? lets get back on topic. Im nearly finished with the tales of berseria story, so I guess I'll be scoring a point soon
  11. I agree, this subforum could definitely use more activity. Let's summon someone who can explain it to us, then? MAGIKAZAM Dr_Mayus has appeared EDIT: So basically whenever we beat a game we post and the OP is updated in a sort of a leader board way? Does the counter for us start after "registering" for the backlog challenge, or is it an all-time games beaten kind of thing?
  12. Well then ;P How do backlog challenges work?
  13. Let's see, 266 games owned, 116 DLC owned. Probably finished 30 of those games lol
  14. Oh boy... Too many games How do backlog challenges work anyways? A bit new to this
  15. Gosh on PC I invaded two dudes who took no damage and then started floating above me and hitting me for 1 damage staggering me with every hit until I died it was a scary experience. Now that is cheating in dark souls. In your case, it really does sound lag related. Your invader was probably stealing internet from Taco Bell across the street, don't look into it too much.
  16. Tokyo Tattoo girls looks really interesting, what kind of game is it supposed to be? An RPG? Visual novel? Ys looks so good, too! Wishlisted it on steam and will definitely be getting it once it releases
  17. Gosh that looks great! Going to have to play through the trilogy some time soon so I'm ready for this one!
  18. Nice trailer. So the new classes that have been announced so far is Samurai and Red Mage, from what I gather. Any word on what the new tank class will be? Pretty excited to try the samurai, but I doubt it'll make me change my main from Warrior ;P
  19. here are the PC specs. 16gb ram is definitely overkill. 8 would be ideal. The ram actually doesn't mean anything if the processor and graphic card can't handle it, though. You can have 64gb of memory with a cheap graphic card/weak processor and it won't mean anything in a more demanding game. Which, the sims really isn't.
  20. honestly for that price range any basic computer should run the sims nowadays. They're not very demanding games. You have this option which is really decent for the price I'd say Or this
  21. Same sale on Steam. Picked up FFX-X2 HD collection
  22. Yakuza 3 and 4? didn't know those were that rare. But great news about Y1&2.