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  1. I've finally come back after about a 4-6 month hiatus with being busy with other things. So, how has is the lovely community doing?

    1. Xel


      Hi, welcome back. I'm new here. The community is still as moist as ever.

    2. TFA_XxNinjaxX


      That's good to hear and it might be a bit late but welcome to the community! Also, thanks for replying it means a lot!

  2. Tsuna Sawada from Hitman Reborn! Really like that his flames move.
  3. Jojo and poses!
  4. Really funny show and a good one overall. Hopefully they make another season in the near future.
  5. Finally a game where I can play as Tsuna and many others! This is going to be a blast with friends!
  6. I haven't been able to play or watch anything the past couple of days since I've been powering through my drivers education online. It's horrible. :/

  7. PSNID: Ninja_Decimo Currently a level a level 19 mechromancer looking for anyone just to play with or to go for trophies.
  8. Welcome to PSNProfiles i hope you have a wonderful time here! As well to you it's a pleasure.
  9. Your avatar seems intimidating and would seem to leave a path of destruction so I would definitely try to fight but I would lose rather quickly lol.
  10. Borderlands if you haven't played it before or have lots of friends who have it since you get a lot of bang for you buck. If not you can try the others though I'm not too familiar with them.
  11. PSN ID: Ninja_Decimo Getting Borderlands in a few days so anyone who has it or is getting it feel free to add me, i need some borderland buddies! I like Anime also so if you're into that we can chat. Have a few other games also but you check my player card for that. Thanks, see you online!
  12. Banned for having over 2000 post! >
  13. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4
  14. hi there, just curious who the dude doing the awesome blasts in your sig is?

    1. TFA_XxNinjaxX


      Hey, The person in my sig is Tsuna Sawada from Hitman Reborn! It's a really good manga and show, you should give it a chance when you have a chance. :D

    2. jujmint
  15. Broccoli is the best vegetable!