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  1. Just jump in Sony's chat and have them remove the license for episode 1, which will free you up to get the season pass.
  2. This is what I came in here to say. Especially for games that get less attention an don't have a guide, the fastest completion is a good way to at least get an estimate of how long it'll take.
  3. I had a bit of trouble with it at first, but really it's just a matter of looking for the purple smoke and then running in the direction of the intersection it's headed for. Use your dash to get there fast, grab it, turn so you can see most of the arena, and look for the next puff of purple smoke. Repeat. I got close a couple of times and then completely stomped him--he'll definitely have bad runs and you'll get better, so just keep at it and you'll get the orb.
  4. I do second the poor performance comment for streaming PS Now unless your internet is pretty decent. Even turn-based games like Disgaea D2 have pretty noticeable issues for me. Asura's Wrath was not a fun time with PS Now. PS4 should be fine, though, since you just download the game in its entirety rather than streaming it.
  5. I'd like to hit 50 plats. Right now I'm at 18 for the year (117 total.) Honestly my bigger goal at the moment is to raise my completion percentage--I just hit 75%, my next goal is to hit 80%. I do alternate between cleanup and new games quite a bit, so it's slow going. But hopefully I can hit it by the end of 2019.
  6. Early on you don't have the skills to handle mobs of guys. Generally those only come in if you go into a fort and let the alarm go off, which you don't want to be doing. Just keep running the story missions and you'll get upgrades that make taking armies of orcs pretty doable. If you do get mobbed, just run. The AI is incredibly stupid so if you jump up onto a roof with no ramps or duck into a hiding spot the orcs will lose interest very quickly. Don't do that. It's a fantastic game. Some of the fights can be a bit tough, especially if you haven't been backtracking for upgrades, but it's absolutely worth the effort.
  7. ...what kind of testing do you think games have? Testing is around designed functionality. It doesn't at all surprise me that something this random wasn't specifically tested for.
  8. Can anybody confirm whether you need to be online for this glitch to work?
  9. I do wish I'd waited for the DLC to release before playing it. Rise's DLC was all side content and each piece felt complete on its own. Shadow's DLC is just extra tombs and missions set during the campaign. If you've already played the game and gotten the plat it feels kind of bizarre to go back to the narrative in the middle of the game and help characters who are fighting the boss you killed half a year earlier. So yeah, I'm also looking forward to being done with it. The new tombs are good, but they don't at all make me feel that returning to the game for a couple of hours every month is worth the bother.
  10. They did later confirm online co-op is being patched in, but gave no ETA nor did they mention whether that change will come to consoles.
  11. Would it be possible to get this added as run-time filter at the top of the page, preferably with a default you can save? The platform is already specified in the list, but a filter would make it easier to take a quick glance at older Vita/PS3 games I might want to jump on. For people who don't have all three systems or who don't want to see every platform's sessions it would be helpful as well--they could set PS4 as their default, for example, and never see anything but those games.
  12. Brothers.
  13. Upgrades and such carry over to new game plus, yes. If you use the glitch you should be able to go from easy or normal straight to grounded plus and finish the upgrades and everything else on your second run. Make sure you hit the safes and such in both runs, otherwise even two runs won't be enough to upgrade everything. You can use this for the collectibles and such:
  14. The first two were great. I did like Unchained a ton, too, though I'd have preferred it be a paid game with more reachable goals. As it is, I was happy about playing it until the only trophy left is Empty Pockets. Maybe they'll lower the requirements on that one before the game dies.
  15. Sure is. It'd be rough, though. Empty Pockets requires around 10x the grind of the other trophies put together, and it's just playing a map to spend money.