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  1. Would it be possible to get this added as run-time filter at the top of the page, preferably with a default you can save? The platform is already specified in the list, but a filter would make it easier to take a quick glance at older Vita/PS3 games I might want to jump on. For people who don't have all three systems or who don't want to see every platform's sessions it would be helpful as well--they could set PS4 as their default, for example, and never see anything but those games.
  2. Brothers.
  3. Upgrades and such carry over to new game plus, yes. If you use the glitch you should be able to go from easy or normal straight to grounded plus and finish the upgrades and everything else on your second run. Make sure you hit the safes and such in both runs, otherwise even two runs won't be enough to upgrade everything. You can use this for the collectibles and such: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/the-last-of-us/200792-last-us-collectibles-guide-shiv-doors-optional-conversations-joke-locations.html
  4. The first two were great. I did like Unchained a ton, too, though I'd have preferred it be a paid game with more reachable goals. As it is, I was happy about playing it until the only trophy left is Empty Pockets. Maybe they'll lower the requirements on that one before the game dies.
  5. Sure is. It'd be rough, though. Empty Pockets requires around 10x the grind of the other trophies put together, and it's just playing a map to spend money.
  6. Even if a game has been removed from the store you can still download it to your system via the download list. Games stay there even after delisting.
  7. I've got a rare triumph crate and rare catfish topper, looking for a painted item, a certified item (preferably one that is easily leveled if not already veteran), and an uncommon item (for the trade in 5 items of the same quality trophy.) Edit: Smzthy- helped me with above and I'm now at 100%. Thanks!
  8. Cross-buy and cross-save are different things. No idea if it's cross-save--I can't find anything about that. Even if it's cross-save it might not trigger trophies retroactively based on the save status. Some games do (Sound Shapes for example) and others do not.
  9. They tweeted a few days ago that it passed certification in NA and they're just waiting on EU now. Should be soon.
  10. Yep, it's cross-buy. https://twitter.com/werezompire/status/872138968971841539
  11. Jak 2's cleanup was nice and easy due to the secrets glitch for invulnerability and such but for the 3rd game I haven't seen anything like that and holding R2 doesn't seem to restore my health as the debug page indicates. Not sure if there's something I'm missing there or if it just doesn't work for the Vita version--if so that's a bit of a shame as some of the trophies that aren't popping for me are for some stupidly annoying level sequences.
  12. Or in the case of the Vita version, just holding your finger in the lower left quadrant of the back touchscreen while you enter the debug code.
  13. On Vita the trophies don't seem to have a fixed set of scenes to trigger. Or if there is one nobody has posted it yet. Just trigger the last cutscene and you'll get a handful, then play each cutscene from acts 1-3 and trophies will pop as you progress. The trophies often don't seem to pop for the related scenes so just go through all of them. I did that a few times while watching TV and almost everything triggered for me, including all three racing trophies. Then I just used the level select to load the missing trophy levels and ran through while using the secrets glitch (go to the secrets menu and you can trigger everything over 150 orbs on the Vita version to make yourself invulnerable and have unlimited ammo.)
  14. They trigger with the scene viewings just like all the other story-related trophies.
  15. I got disconnected at 2am CST and now any attempt to launch gives me an error fetching the universe list. I get an error at the same stage of Killzone 2 as well, which also was planned to go down today. Thought I had one more day to finish the rest of the MP passes. Ah well.