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  1. Just want to correct the description for this glitch: It is NOT required that you avoid hitting Lobo in order for the glitch to work. You can hit him and then still trigger the glitch afterwards. Hitting him does, however, undo the glitch once he's frozen, so you'll want to be careful about your positioning when triggering your R1 as much as possible. If he rolls or dashes into you just as you kick, well, that's okay, he clearly wasn't glitched. If you kick several times in a row (which makes you move forward slightly each time) and he's not moving, though--he might have frozen and if you make contact you're making him unfreeze. So R1 to use the overhead rail and get some distance, then do a kick or two if you've got room, repeat until he quits moving. Walk into him to push him a safe distance away, then just keep hitting R1 and back (to counter the slight forward movements with each kick.) Yes, I realize (now) that XxIsa-GxX's post above mentioned that hitting Lobo is okay, but it's a bit buried and I certainly missed it at first, so I felt it deserved a post of its own.
  2. Physical region doesn't matter. You do need to be within 2 ranks of each other to match up, though, so either the higher character could fight randoms and lose for a bit to drop until you're within 2 ranks or the higher character could create an alt to boost the lower player up a bit.
  3. I bought the Android 21 arc to see if it would pop anything, but nothing happened. Can't guarantee the all galleries one will be the same, but I'd expect nothing.
  4. If the zeni isn't going up each time then you're disconnecting too early. Did you try watching the tutorial video higher up on this page? Whether you're on ethernet or wifi that shows you the right timing for the disconnection and the full process.
  5. I just got it without realizing that was going on. It was quite the happy surprise just after I started the 100k login/disconnection loop and wasn't paying attention to quite how much it was giving me.
  6. Not sure what your relative BP levels are, but make sure you have Anything Goes for the other two settings. About the Same should be what you use for the rank matching, unless one of you is more than one rank lower in which case that person should set it as the Looking for Challenge option. Other than that, just make sure you've both marked each other for easy identification and keep trying. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to find the right person.
  7. A recent update added to the in-game online store allows you to purchase level 100 unlocks for characters at 1m zeni apiece. If you buy one of those level 100 unlocks you'll pop both Link Level trophies instantly. I haven't touched the story yet. I also just bought the Android 21 unlock so I could access her combo challenges. There are also skill upgrades you can buy that I guess will come in handy during the story campaigns. The 20m zeni trophy is cumulative rather than requiring you to have that much at one time, so you don't need to be afraid to spend it.
  8. I'm on wifi so I've been double-tapping PS and unchecking Connect to Internet right when the first blue loading symbol appears at the top left. That's two messages in, I think; I was doing it earlier but it didn't get far enough into the connection process to give me the 100k that way. After disconnecting I switch to offline lobby, reconnect internet, quit to title and trigger the online again. Repeat. Very easy to pull off, so thanks for the tips.
  9. You can AFK the boosting pretty easy if you have a turbo controller. Remote Play with the PS4 Macro program should work fine as well (there are details elsewhere, I'm not going to go into them.). I did it with another person yesterday with both of us going from 0 to 530k, then I brought another up from 400k to 530k. Just go to an under-populated region room (We used Asia/China/Main 02) and hit start, go to the player list, hit X on the other player, and Y to mark them. This makes it so when you match up in ranked you'll see a check mark to confirm the right person. Hit start and go to your button settings and make it so X is assigned to Z1 Assist. This will make it so when hitting X you just keep calling for assistance in matches (your Z1 partner will attack on occasion) and outside of matches you'll immediately confirm a rematch. Then start looking for your boosting partner. I used the criteria About The Same/Anything Goes/Anything Goes. Once you've connected to the right person you'll see the marked checkbox to confirm your boosting partner. Make note of your connection because sometimes you'll get disconnected while AFK boosting for hours; if you notice for example that they've got 3 bars, you can change the connection criteria to include that on subsequent searches and make finding each other easier. Once you're in the match, just set X to turbo. If you're supposed to be winning matches, also turbo L1 (since it now has your light attack assigned to it) or Triangle for medium attack. Leave it running. I honestly don't recommend bothering with the 3 win/3 loss approach past 300k or so. The net gain from switching wins back and forth ends up not being very much more than the BP you get from one person winning repeatedly. If you're able to do so, just set up the AFK approach, reconnect occasionally as necessary to your boosting partner, and then when one hits 530k BP, switch. The second player will shoot up a lot faster due to defeating somebody so much higher anyway. Edit: Looks like you can only match up with people within 2 ranks of yourself, so be sure to switch occasionally to keep your boosting partner in range. Since there are rank thresholds at 330k, 400k, and 500k, when you're both a bit under 400k you can just let one person keep winning until they hit 530k, then switch. The number of wins/losses required is low enough that the losing character should stay above 330k long enough for the winner to make it. If the loser is going to drop below 330k, though, be sure to switch for a bit to avoid that.
  10. The version on PS Now is the PS4 UE version. If you don't have a membership or want to buy one you could buy the base game and then do the DLC with a trial. From the guide the DLC should only take 2-3 hours total.
  11. The guide sure is taking a while to get approved.
  12. There's this, though:
  13. New DLC expansion Prophecy adds trophies and costs $20.
  14. Yep, just do everything the same except switch the romances.
  15. If you'd rather play the bulk of the game as female you can do that; Aphra can only be romanced by a man, but Vasco and Siora are bisexual. You could romance Kurt, Vasco, and Siora in your first run as a woman, then when finished start a new male character and play enough of the game to romance Aphra. It's been a while now since I played the game and wrote the trophy roadmap, but I believe you'd be playing about the same amount for your second playthrough whether you're running through it for Kurt or Aphra.