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  1. PSN ID: ChaosLegionSpawn PS Systems: PS3, PS4 & PSVita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Depends (just tell me that you're from PSNP maybe if there is a particular game you want to play) PSN Region: NA Time Zone: CST
  2. Just stopping by to say Hello. Looking for some cool people to play APEX Legends. I'M NOT GOOD AT BATTLE ROYALE games. Yet there are times I do pretty good and surprise myself. If you want to add me please put PSNP maybe include the particular game. FPS, Racing, Adventure and some Fighting are what I play. I play LOTS of Battlefield games but I am not digging BFV. FYI: I do not trophy hunt but I will help. Games Currently Playing: 1. Resident Evil 2 2. Battlefield 1 3. Apex Legends 4. Fist of the North Star 5. Monster Hunter 6. COD Black Ops 4 7. Horizon Zero Dawn Hello.
  3. W'sup Gamers. LawBreakers is a lot of fun with people that know how to play. I'm no GOD at this game but I do pretty good and hold my own. I was looking to run a game with some very cool like minded people. I play the objective and I back people up. I run Vanguard over any other character. I could use a good team that communicates and well don't take the game too seriously. Just look to have fun. I'm a hardcore BF1 guy but taking a break and really liking Lawbreakers a lot. Hit me up. Or lets just ramble on about the good and bad of the game here. Ciao
  4. Feel Free to add me on PSN but PLEASE let me know you found me on PSN Profiles. Also PLEASE stop by my youtube channel and checkout some awesome montages. PSN ID: ChaosLegionSpawn PS Systems: PS4, PS3, PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Sometimes. It's best to enter PSNProfiles Youtube: ChaosLegionSpawn Instagram: ChaosLegionSpawn Playing: Battlefield 1, Nioh and Titanfall 2
  5. I used the picture from above but I just picked the PS4 NIOH game up from Gamestop. I played the betas which got me very interested in this game and was happy to finally get a copy after it being sold out at a few gamestops here.
  6. Well my newest is BF1. I'm debating on getting both Nioh and For Honor.
  7. W'sup Gamers, I'm looking for a few like minded people to game with. If you do decide to add me please let me know it is from PSNTrophies. Also feel free to checkout my other pages for gaming related videos and pictures. I tend to upload very often like 2 a day multiple times a week. Currently Playing: BF1 Titanfall 2 Follow me: Youtube: or search ChaosLegionSpawn Instagram: ChaosLegionSpawn FB: ChaosLegionSpawn
  8. I play BF1 and some Titanfall 2. More so BF. Battlefield 1 | Schism
  9. BF1 is outstanding in all aspects. Except in Hardcore mode which is a disappointment. But the campaign is very fun and really well done. I have yet to finish it as I tend to only play the MP. But is is worth the money in my opinion. IW multilayer is total BS. I played the beta and thought maybe I just need to give it time. It was meh. But I was really sure I'd get it and all would be good. We'll until some one ran on all fours like a panther and kill 3 of us in one hit while being shot. I was done. I gave it another shot and someone else did the damn panther run. I deleted that game quick. Thundercat mode and this damn space wars crap ruined it for me.
  10. Another one. I had to change the music due to YouTube removing it. Hope you enjoy. Don't want to forget about this one. ENTER SANDMAN Battlefield 1: Schism If you enjoy please like and sub.
  11. Wassup Gamer Guys and Girls! Below I am posting my recent video from a few days ago. I hope you guys enjoy it. If for some reason you can't see it on my Youtube. Check it and many other vids of min on my instagram @ ChaosLegionSpawn. IG: ChaosLegionSpawn Twitter: Carnage_Unleash FB: ChaosLegionSoawn_SFDK
  12. Wassup everyone! I decided to make this thread in an attempt to not just show off my montages but to checkout everyone elses. By no means do I think my videos are epic or the end all videos. I'm just wanting to showcase some videos. Please post what you have and or comment. But seriously let's just keep the comments clean. . I . I g . . : : _ : _ a a . I I .
  13. I've pre-ordered them both like I always do. I'm pretty sure I'll play COD for a few months and then BF1 for years like I do every BF game.
  14. 1. I would like to see that option of join a friend's game for a few just to see if it was a game that you might want to play. 2. Or the option they promised where if you or a firend is having trouble getting pass a part in a game. You can grant access to your game and they can play it for you to help you get pass. 3. The feature of fix the damn CE-34878-0 error that has been happening since the 1.70 update. FIX IT! :angry: 4. To release the option to upload videos to youtube already.