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  1. would like to be added to EAST BLUE SCOUNDREL
  2. lol you have a point
  3. but randoms can become friends lol
  4. I got a switch last week and I'm looking to add a few friends. The games I have at the moment are Zelda, Splatoon and Mario kart 8. Friend Code : SW-3472-2951-4225
  5. Hey, looking to make new active friends on PSN, please do not add if we will not speak or play together you will be deleted just a heads up. (no Blank Requests) PSN: Dimez1208
  6. All trophies Obtained Horizon Zero Dawn #87 Difficulty 2.5/10 Enjoyment 10/10 Playthrough 1
  7. PSN: Dimez1208 looking for people to play co-op games with, I am not into competitive, PVP games. so feel free to add me Currently playing: GR: wildlands (3/7) Nioh Sword art online : HR Attack on titan Alienation Homefront
  8. Sup everyone I am looking to add people who play co-op games and trophy hunters, feel free to add me (no blank request plz) Psn: Dimez1208 Time Zone: EST currently playing: JoJo's bizarre adventure: eyes of heaven,God Eater, Doom, Resident evil 6,The Technomancer, and many more
  9. Psn: Dimez1208 Ps System: Ps3 Ps4 PS Vita doesn't Accepts blank request
  10. Sup ppl I'm looking for active friendly trophy hunters/Gamers id love to meet girl gamers but normal guy gamers are fine too lol so send me a request lets have fun shooting bad guys, zombies, monsters and such, a new adventure awaits Psn Dimez1208 currently playing: Farcry 4 Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Nba 2k15 dragon age inquisition AC unity COD Advance warfighter
  11. Tusk with Justin Long, very weird movie "is man a walrus?"