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  1. I understood what you saying. Thanks for the help. Basically buy the pig feed and have the trailer (while hitched to a tractor) pull up right next to it and press L3 button and it will start to fill up the trailer with the feed.
  2. There must be a better method than using the pig feed bags or a better method to transport them than using front loaders with a pallet attachment. Any advise would be appreciated.
  3. Using the Condor 15001 allows you to seed and fertilize at the same time and both count towards both trophies. It also does the soil but for some reason you can only dual the seeding/fertilizing with that machine. You are supposed to put fertilizer in the front section and seed in the back section. If you always hire workers, you will never have to refill it.
  4. Fertilizing missions are also pretty quick but stay away from harvesting and cultivating missions as the equipment sucks on those and don’t not have nearly the wingspan of fertilizing equipment. Also hit triangle to lease as well.
  5. Alright I downloaded it and looks like another play through unless I a missing something. Bummer. I will do it at a later time then.
  6. I did the VITA version but was wondering if trophies auto pop on the PS4.
  7. Thanks for posting this topic. I am going to pass on this one even though it was a free plus game I got sometime ago. Trying to wrap up my VITA backlog games and was going to do this one as it had a 1/10 rating and is quick but after further research it looks like that was a total bullshit rating. This game is not my genre anyway so no loss.
  8. God I hope not. Bad game but it least it was short. No where near as good as Enslaved.
  9. No only obtainable with a physical disk. At this point it will not get fixed. Unobtainable for digital version and all PSPro owners. Update: I forgot someone made a script that you can load on your system that will remove any patches and I heard that works but do it at your own risk. Another update: ignore the developer’s posting about fixing the job board bug they did back in 2018. It is misleading had had nothing to do about fixing the trophy. Last update. You can obtain 96% complete on digital copy.
  10. Yes. I guess you have to wait past 8am for it yo show up but it will have the real price crossed out in red and the discount next to it. I tried at 3am and it was not showing but it is now after 8am.
  11. Does anyone know how this is done? How do you find what item is for sale?
  12. Map name is All Weapons & CTF trophies in small arena!! Go to Shoot, then start game, then Team, move over to the filters section and press X, go down to search and enter All Wespons & CTF trophies in small arena. Bingo. Actually you could just search by All Wesopns and it should pull it up. Helps some with this easy but grindy game.