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  1. How is this possible?? Two races (New York Hypercar event & Grand Finale) completed in 8 minutes?? New York Hypercar event it's a 30-40 minute race...
  2. I have the same problem on Vita. When I want to play online I have a 'c1-8879-2' error...
  3. Borderlands? Assassin's Creed Origins/Odyssey?
  4. inFamous 1 & 2 Assassin's Creed 1 (with trophy support) Need for Speed - Most Wanted (version from 2005) Dead Space
  5. You must accept new "Terms of Service and User Agreement" on Then you can use Store normally.
  6. Comment #3:
  7. After three years I don't always remember what games were in PS Plus and it would be very helpful when e.g. I looking next game to play or buy and I would see that I can have it in my backlog. It may look like this:
  8. - inFamous 1&2, - Burnout Paradise - first Assassins Creed with trophy support.
  9. For me without a doubt it's Inafamous 2 and (Evil ending). I remember it even 5-6 years after finishing this game.
  10. Life is Strange + Killing Floor 2 + WRC 5 + Abyss Odyssey. Very very good month!!
  11. Without a doubt Magus. Worst game ever...