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  1. Not for me . I live in Belgium, EU and the in game store doesn't show that it's free.
  2. The moment when I realise that my local stores don't sell AC Revelations anymore. Only used game of AC;R are available. Tho I guess that the used game doesn't come with a new online passport. If anyone has a spare and is willingy to give away, can I have one? I'm using a EU psn account. Thanks in advance
  3. Huh, what do you mean exactly? You're playing as Styx, the goblin from "Of Orcs and Men" PS: Has anyone any idea when PS will update their PS Store?
  4. Yeah I'm kinda glad that they went full next gen only (or current gen), since a lot of gamers doesn't pretty much care about last gen (not all). Styx MoS is the really first next gen only titel on the market right now. AC Unity has to take the second place Focus Home Interactive is a small publisher who publish good games (eg Sherlock Holmes games and the recent new SH; Crimes & Punishement) so they don't have that HUGE marketing budget like other big publishers, so they pretty much rely on youtube, facebook, twitter, the internet pretty much. But it's nice that they get noticed. I think they game will get a solid 7-7.5/10 in today "gaming standards" this generation. Trophies aren't that difficult but it wil be time consuming. Most of those so called "gamers" these days will try no nitpicking every element to protait it as a "bad game". Pure stealth games are my thing, and there aren't much pure stealth based game these days (Shadow of Mordor and Assassin Creed doesn't count ) Reviews of big outlet gaming news aren't out yet, but I'm watching reviews from gamers themselves and so far they are good. And one youtuber Elder Geek or something was nitpicking about the "outdated engine" (Unreal engine 3) because the enviroment and art looks "blend". This is a good review and the story is surprisiling good from what I heard.
  5. I haven't heard of this game a couple days ago until I saw the latest gameplay trailer. First impression; an "Assassin's Creed"-ish game with a goblin as the main character and it seems that the stealth gameplay is alright. Looking at the trophies, it seems to be easy to plat. Anyone shares the same thought?
  6. Hi gamers, i apologize in advanced if there is already a topic about this, but is the GTA IV MP online still up? Are gamers still playing online?
  7. I bought it for 3euros (+/- 3 dollar) ? Actually this game cost 17euros, but if you buy 2 games with the similar price tag, you only have to 20 euros. So I bought AC 3 for 17euros and got LA Noire the Complete Edition for 3euros or bucks