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  1. Meh, i'm pretty good with the drum set, this song looks quite hard but with a bit of practice i think i could do it. Too bad i don't have the game though. now talking about hero games i have, i think guitar hero 3 legends of rock is definitely the hardest to beat on expert difficulty, im sad it does not have a trophy list :/ but from the hero games i do have, the hardest platinum should go to DJ HERO 1 AND 2 i'm trying to get my final trophy " super streak " on dj hero 2 but it seems impossible, more than 300 tries and still don't get it!
  2. FOX BLADE WITHOUT A DOUBT. is only obtainable with a code for the dlc i think, but it seems that the weapon has the ability to do critical hits, which can kill instantly regular enemies and bosses take more than half of their live, potentially making revenge mode a total joke!
  3. well not quite, guitar hero platinums can be difficult but it all comes to a process of trial and error. that comes from a guy that tried over 1000 times through the fire and flames to get it to 100%. real shame there is no trophy list for guitar hero 3. now, there is a difference between a time consuming platinum and a hard one, time consuming is the many things through the game you have to do to unlock the majority trophies, but the ones that are difficult tends to be very fast to complete if you have the raw skills for it. i think dj hero 1 and 2 are definitely more challeging
  4. i do not like having a F rated game in my trophy collection :/ i did not know the game don't came with any songs pre installed. i will love to earn some trophies in this game because it seems it could be fun, somebody can help?
  5. I saw a trophy picture were it appears omnimon, someone know if is going to be here the digimon movie characters???
  6. FUCK THIS SHIT!!! the only sound you will hear on heart of the Reich on veteran is GRANATAAAAAAAA PUM!!!!! .....DEAD
  7. mine was with big daddy, a couple of tries and you should get it no problem.
  8. Is a very decent game, the campain is fun, reminds me to metroid prime 3 corruption. Is not a generic FPS, it stands apart with the main gimmick of cloaking, and armor, also the history is not bad either. the multiplayer is very addicting, if you failed to much is not because you suck at FPS games is because you don't master the combat mechanics of this game. of course, it has a fatal glitch, that is extremely annoying, it happens on the trophy "suited up" and it happens to everyone, including me, and if you want to get rid of him you have to erase all your game data.
  9. HOLY CRAP!!! you are a beast sir!!! although some games there seems like they are not rare platinum by there difficulty but for the unpopularity of the game.
  10. NOTHING WORKS!!! the game says that supports a variety of microphones, NONE OF THEM WORKS! first i tried my guitar hero microphone, i go to my settings, accessories and set it on. but when i play the game says: MICROPHONE NOT CONNECTED So i tried my PsEye, i did the same thing i set the microphone on accessories, and it seems connected ready for action, but when i start and try to play the game says the same thing: MICROPHONE NOT CONNECTED I heard online that it has to do with a issue during the downloading the game, so i erase the game and re downloaded, NOTHING HAPPENED!!! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG The worst part is that i can't take this trophy list out of my profile, if i can't get trophies i don;t want it IF YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPEN, AND YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP ME HELP ME FOR THE LOVE OF GAMMING! my psn name is: TheGaboefects send me a PM if you think know the answer or you can help me out :,)
  11. My rarest platinum trophy is ... "Sports Champions" Platinum: Living Legend Rarity: 0,76% I don't think i've seen a rarest platinum than this, although any game that requires actually physical skill has to be really rare, like rocksmith, guitar hero, dj hero and this one!
  12. god i really need points to buy it...........or a friend account that wants to share, after all these days i can't find those psn point cards. When i enter with my account it does not appear, what happen???
  13. The game is not on the psn store. i really want to play this NOW NOW NOOOOOW people are already getting trophies so the game have to be out somewhere , please anyone tell me what happen