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  1. Did you figure out the requirements? I'm assuming it's very simple as long as you get at least a bronze badge at the end.
  2. It popped for me after defending against the CPU. I was at level 11.
  3. It is not P2P. You have to connect to the servers.
  4. You will always be able to purchase dlc if you don't own a game.
  5. Because a lot of websites are blocked on my work phone. I had limited time before going back into work. I didn't realize this was improper etiquette for a forum. Apparently I struck a nerve. See, this is a proper response. My point of asking is because I had limited time and a lot of websites are blocked at work. And because just because its labeled a remaster doesn't mean that everything is included.
  6. Maybe there's reasons I couldn't 🙄 There's always that one polite person that just has to chime in. So sorry I ruined your day.
  7. Thanks!
  8. Is the DLC included in the remastered version? I haven't had time to start the game because of my huge backlog.
  9. It's for trophy related games.
  10. You will eventually get pretty good playing the game against bots. I felt the same way as you when I first started. I didn't know how I was going to win against the bots when they get 20 kills. Eventually you will be able to get 20-30 kills by yourself in one match. The best pilot for me was the female cyborg (with the shield over her face) I forgot her name. Her secondary weapon is a combo of 3 lasers that do a lot of damage. Switch to lasers when your primary weapon is low. You will become a pro at switching between primary, secondary and heavy weapons. Just spam mines. Always spam mines when you are moving away from the fight. Get the best boosters like nano armor and fast recharging missles. It's also best if you play defensive and pick off the pilots that just got out of a dogfight. They will be low health and most of the time they will be facing away from you. So when you hit them, they won't have time to react. You also want to spam missiles when you are locked on them. The key to winning in managing your weapons and playing defensively. I hope that helps. Edit: Another good booster for your mines is the seeker. I think it's called seeker. It moves your mines faster towards the enemies.
  11. Hey guys, is there a group that is ready to boost this trophy? I've read the first post several times and would like to get a group together. Is there anyone with a 2012 save file still helping people?
  12. I played a week ago. The game is completely dead. Bots will often be at high levels. The only people I've run into are other boosters. They are usually AFKing to get ranked matches played. If you need wins then it just takes some practice.
  13. How many people are needed to start a match? Are there in game bots? Edit: Never mind. I figured it out. You need 2 players to start a match.
  14. I bought my copy today from Walmart. They are running the promo but only until 2/18/19. The code is printed on the receipt. It's not in the game case.
  15. No Sony doesn't post shutdowns for all the games. They only post about games that are specifically licensed or made by Sony. Here is a thread about all upcoming server shutdowns: