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  1. well, i think the 100 came from "50 install, 50 download" hence the needing more space to actually install. Like FFXV nearing 120gb, you need a lot of HDD to even install that thing, not just 120.
  2. Odd 'God of War' hard isn't a trophy.
  3. good buy, im having a blast replaying it.
  4. No, it's pure digital. It's on sale for 19$ very worth it man.
  5. Site finally posted the NA trophies...still not fully yet up for us. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6997-star-ocean-the-last-hope-remaster
  6. Still having trophy issues...as lots of others at gfaq too.
  7. thats good, but set reimi to manual. faize needs the insects before his does part ways.
  8. Naw...still too low. need to multiply that by x10 but keep that save seperate too, since its the bugs. then reload an older save, since your stats will be too high for later.
  9. I bought it...it's the same as our PS3 copy except for the save data... it's a bit off. Arrawnt figured it out though, kinda. TL version... Data 01 Your progress..... kill boss save on Data 02. Quit/Load Data 02 Quit/Load Data 01 kill boss save on Data 02. Wish it was just like our PS3...this one seems annoying.
  10. Same trophies as the PS3, hope ingame they at least toned down some...a bit. Not asking for the .Hack treatment babymode, but at least a 5-10% cut in battles.
  11. I did everything possible *(in vol1 (bikman)) and had to leave the game on for a set of ammount of time to get a final missing VS card. So minus the 8hr sleep-VS timer, my plat was clocked at 102hrs. longest being vols2 time.
  12. I unlocked my plat today...and Atoli was still damn well annoying as she was back on the ps2. Probably worse...since I remember her.
  13. Own SoM, friend got this and I started a new acc/play on his ps4 to see the changes and whatnot...played it for about 5~hrs while he slept. Game sucks. Kept hoping it'd get back to the SoM awesomeness, never did. So yea, fuck this game.
  14. R2 has nothing to do with the crashes... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1CfLMrNGJE As seen in my report from 2 days ago, I don't even have the map open and it still hung. The maps are the main issues...everyone has problems on those same maps, some crash some don't. But when one does crash, others at gamefaqs also crash there. It's never in a spot one hasn't already crashed at before.
  15. I hate this trophy and wish there was a rhythm to it.