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  1. I owned it way back on Xbox and wanted to see if I would still enjoy it on PS4, but I didn't want to pay the full price for The Collection. I thought buying The Taken King would give me a chance to find out, without having to pay the full price. I didn't know it would cause the headache it has. So if I buy The Collection Upgrade, I'll get access to everything? That's great! Thanks for the help.
  2. Are you sure? From what I saw it only said it's for those who own Destiny on PS3. But why would it let me buy it if I don't own Destiny on PS3?
  3. Hi, Just like the topic title says, I bought the Taken King expansion without actually owning base Destiny. I tried downloading the demo to see if that fixed it, but it didn't. The PSN Store has now also locked me out of buying The Collection, saying I can't buy it because I already own the Taken King. However, The Collection Upgrade is still available so does anyone know if I buy the upgrade I will get access to base Destiny as well so I can play everything? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking about grabbing this game because it's pretty cheap at the moment but I'm still a bit apprehensive about it. I know when it was first released it wasn't well received, but updates have added new courses which assumably addresses the issue of it not having enough courses. So has it gotten better since release, or is it still unimproved from where it was upon release? Thanks.
  5. For me it's Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden, gets me pumped every time. Other than that it's Batista's theme song:
  6. Hi, I'm hoping to get some more Dropbox space without having to pay for it. Every time someone clicks on the below link and installs Dropbox, we'll both 500MB of space for FREE. If you want to get some extra space as well, submit your link as well. That way everybody gets to beef up their space without having to pay. Cheers
  7. Wonderbook: Book of Spells. Three hours of sitting on the ground of my living room with the family laughing behind me. Embarrassing then, embarrassing now.
  8. So when I went to bed last night my download of The Elder Scrolls Online had about 10gb to go. I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning my PS4 told me the download still had 27gb to go. The file size hasn't gotten any bigger, and I've never actually seen this happen before. Does anybody know why this happened and if it'll happen again? I've waited quite a while to play it and would hate to delete and re-download the file Thanks.
  9. Just thought everyone would like to know I bought SFV this morning and am downloading the update now. I was leaning towards SFIV because of the price, but after thinking about it and taking everyone's suggestions into account, I decided it was better to get the latest one. I'm looking forward to learning the deep mechanics over the next few years and hope my skills go from non-existant to almost mediocre. Thanks again, everyone.
  10. So i've never played Street Fighter before and kinda want to try it out, so I was wondering which one would be better for a beginner to grab and learn to play. Obviously, SFV will be the main game for the rest of the console generation, but is it the one that beginners should start out on? Or, should they start with the older one, and learn how it plays first? I know SFIV is cheaper, but I'm willing to pay the extra for SFV if it is the one worth getting. Thanks for the help.
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on Activision buying King, the developers of Candy Crush Sage for over $6 billion. Personally, I feel as if it is a product of big interactive entertainment corporations trying to diversify their portfolio so they can better prepare for the future. A lot of talk has surrounded Activision paying too much for King, but maybe they know something we don't? It's not unlike what Square Enix has done with their pachinko machines. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, as well as whether or not you think games like Candy Crush will get 'better' under Activision's watch. Thanks.
  12. HI guys, So I've done a bunch of stuff since my last post, so I'll do my best to tell you what happened in the right order. 1. I beat Quelaag after many tries, I used Maneater Mildred as a distraction, which was good because she was a real hassle on my own. The massive swamp by the way, absolutely sucked and I'm happy I never have to go there again (I hope). 2. After Blighttown I was a little lost, but I somehow stumbled into The Depths and had quite a time in there. Everything I encountered was gross, the giant rat freaked me out so bad that I ran away and fell into a hole only to be again attacked by giant eyed gross things. Again, I made my way diligently through the creepy cavern and defeated the boss at the end. This fight sucked, not because it was hard, but because I was one hit away from beating it when my PS3 decided to disconnect from the Internet, forcing me to do the fight again. 3. Obviously I didn't need the key the boss dropped, so I decided to go fight the thing near the Blacksmith and finally made my way into the garden. I defeated the butterfly, as well as the guy at the bottom of the watchtower. 4. Since then I've been trying to run past the Hydra to the ladder, since I don't think I can beat it. I know the Blacksmith sells a key to the door near the bonfire, but I don't know if it's worth the grind. So that's where I'm at, I don't wanna go through Sen's Fortress or the Valley of Drakes yet, so I guess this is my path for now. If anyone has ay tips about how to take on the Hydra, It'd be greatly appreciated. TWITCH UPDATE They beat the Asylum Demon! (Yay). I'm a little worried that Twitch will catch up to me, they're using some sort of RTS way to beat the game, which is kind of cheating, but probably the only way to get through it. Anyway, last I checked they were in the Undead Burg. COMMUNITY THANKS Once again, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread, its been great and all your help has been very much appreciated.
  13. Try and finish off Bloodborne, difficult but really rewarding.
  14. I've beaten the Dragon God, the first three in World 1 and the first boss of each other world.
  15. Hi everyone, UPDATE #02 I've ended my session today in Blighttown, at the bottom to be precise, in a sewer. The enemies down here I've found especially tough, considering they do poison damage and are relentless. I made my way up a structure and found a spider like creature attached to the outer wall. It killed me, which is where I ended. How do I defeat this enemy and am I going the right way to the next boss? In other news, I leveled up my Estus Flask found a massive club deep in the poison water. TWITCH UPDATE They're still in the Asylum. DEMON'S SOULS For those interested, I've been playing Demon's Souls alongide Dark Souls and have just defeated The Penetrator (with the help of Bjiorr) and am planning to take on the Old Hero next. COMMUNITY THANKS Thanks to everyone who have contributed to the forum so far. I was planning on getting the Drake Sword, but after learning about it, I've decided to keep with my axe for now. Again, keep those suggestions rolling in, they're a great help. Thanks again guys, I'll keep you updated in my quest.