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  1. You click on the description to expand it and it says it right at the top. At least is does in the UK. It might be different for other countries.
  2. The Persona Dancing ones are yours to keep forever as I've still kept mine when my ps plus ran out. But the rest will be locked like the previous guy said. It will say on the page whether they will be locked or not and the Persona Dancing themes page say that they are yours to keep forever.
  3. I downloaded my digital copy of Atelier Sophie just fine on my PS4 last night. It should still be on your download list.
  4. The trial is the full game, but you are only allowed to progress to a certain mission and access certain online features. I am downloading the game trial and the proper game can still be bought on sale.
  5. I used a code. EU. Thank you very much.
  6. It hasn't updated for me either, and I'm in the UK.
  7. I only got the first set of codes. Never got the second set of codes after completing chapter 18 last week. I turned my email notifications off now since I'm sick of Sony marketing the dlc of the game that I played the day before. I'm not particularly fussed about the second code. I'm happy enough with my first set.
  8. I got my copy late in August when they started the promotion. You'll either have to keep trying or create a secondary UK account and play it again. Test it to see if you get the chapter 1 rewards.
  9. I got my first batch of codes under 24 hours of completing chapter 1 in the UK.
  10. Yes, I can confirm that you do have to have marketing emails enabled. It was the same thing with the Persona 5 Royal themes and avatars rewards. They made it perfectly clear that you had to be opted into email marketing to receive the codes.
  11. I got my email when I bought the digital version of the game in the Summer sale. I just have the main characters and Sephiroth so far. Ps. I had played chapter 1 to get the first set of avatars. It wasn't just for getting the digital. Lol.
  12. I didn't get the Beyond Blue Prologue trophy. How long is the Prologue? I'm on Dive 3.

    1. MissDreamer


      Never mind. I restarted and got it. My game crashed because it wasn't properly updated to the latest version. It must have glitched the first trophy.

  13. Batman bundle was the PS4 Return to Arkham bundle. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are a bundle of two games. Only Arkham City was added when I tried it.
  14. Wastelanders is being integrated into the main game. Meaning you can still do the main quest and the new one. Confirmed by Bethesda and talked about in reddit.
  15. Thank you very much. I just redeemed it. I had always wanted a nice Christmas theme.