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  1. Not really a game, I'm just tired of wanting to say things without having a proper PSNP outlet. Complain, celebrate, whatever is on your mind. Three day weekend baby, woooo!
  2. It seems like a lot of the "professional" reviews I look at and read seem to be pretty harsh on this game. Yet, every person I've seen that played it seems to really enjoy it. Is the truth somewhere in the middle? Honestly, I couldn't even make it through God of War 3 because I got waaaay too frustrated. Boss battles requiring pin-point accuracy and focus and seemed to go on forever. I'm guessing this will be similar or worse in that regard?
  3. Every forum needs one, especially if they want to be a bit more of a tight-knit community! Let the other forum-goers see who they chat with on a daily basis. I'm a bit shy, so I won't post mine quite yet. If you guys do though, it might encourage me to!
  4. I think my avatar represents it pretty well. I watched the whole dang first season on Netflix last Sunday, and now I'm getting into the habit of bunching episodes up and having mini-Walking Dead marathons every so often. Watching episodes 1 and 2 of the second season as I write this actually. The show follows a group of survivors in a zombie apocolypse, more or less. Surviving zombie attacks, getting along with eachother, dealing with loss and hardship, trying to find a safe haven and all the drama and horror that comes with that. For an episodic TV series, it has excellent production value... better than most zombie movies you'd find. The writing is good, it's well acted, the zombies are brutal to look at. It's got pretty much everything you could ask for. I recommend it if you're into zombie flicks with a solid ongoing story. To put it into perspective, it's like Dead Island... except more like "Dead Georgia". Definitely gets me in the mood for a good zombie game, if only Dead Island were properly local coop and didn't have the nagging bugs and glitches. Anyways, any fans around?
  5. For those of us who "trophy hunt", what is your goal? For example, I'm something of a realist. I know I won't necessarily platinum every game I have... whether it's because it's just completely out of my league (GTA IV), impossible due to glitches (Skate 3) or impossible due to online servers inevitably going down (NHL 11 and 12)... so I've decided I would just be content with getting over 50% in all of my games. The ones with realistic platinums I will work towards, but the others I'll get as many as I can just by having fun and cross my fingers that gets me over 50%. So what do you think might be your goal overall? Do you just play for fun and couldn't care less about trophies? Do you intend to platinum every game on your list? Do you intend to 100% every game on your list? Any specific percentages, ala my example?
  6. I'm debating getting a Thomas Vanek Sabres home jersey (Buffalo Sabres, NHL/Hockey), it'd be my first jersey ever since I'm typically too poor/cheap to take the plunge. Figured I'd see if anyone around here have any jersey's for whatever players/teams/sports you enjoy. I'm not sure if shirts in soccer or baseball and whatnot are called jersey's, but I'm pretty sure that's what they are called in hockey, football and basketball. You get the idea lol.
  7. I've always gotten a kick out of the old-school Resident Evil's and since this is the only one available in HD... I think I may give it a shot. Plus it looks like a game I could reasonably 100%. How does this look in HD though? It's a bit old by today's standards (even moreso than RE4), does the HD improve the game enough to make it enjoyable to play on a big screen? Or will I really feel like I'm playing a Dreamcast/early PS2 era game? Also, while I'm here, what're the chances of this game ever going down to say $10 (non PS Plus)? Dunno if I'm willing to shell out $20 yet.
  8. Every forum needs one of these. I know some people put a lot of effort into making their desktop look really cool. Or maybe just a nice wallpaper. Post your desktop, complete with wallpaper and taskbar. Here's mine...
  9. I bought Borderlands on PSN a little while ago with all the DLC. I'm kind of weird though, it's bugging me a little bit that I don't have a physical copy of it. Smaller PSN games like Castle Crashers and my PSOne classic version of Final Fantasy VII I don't mind sitting on the hard drive but something about having almost 8 gigs worth of full retail game without a disc/case/manual kind of bugs me. Since the DLC is bought/unlocked on my PS3, I'm thinking I might go and get myself a cheap copy of the non-GOTY Borderlands just to help round out the collection. Like I said, I'm kind of weird though. When it comes to full retail games (with platinum's and whatnot), which is your preference? Digital or physical? Pretending one isn't any more or less expensive than the other.
  10. Since our trophied games are displayed loud and proud in our trophy cards and in our trophy profiles... I figure a thread to see what non-trophy games people own is in order. The catch being that they either have to be retail PS3 games (MGS4, Oblivion, etc) or purchased in the PS Store (PSOne Classics, Minis, etc). Retail PS1 discs that you own, or PS2 if you have a console capable of backwards compatibility, don't count. Right now the only non-trophy game I have on my PS3 is the Final Fantasy VII PSOne Classic.
  11. I used to have Yakuza 4. The game was a lot of fun, but I got lost in the story a bit since I wasn't familiar with the story from the previous three games and I'm not used to reading subtitles... so the game left with a few others in The Great Purge (I traded in a few games I wasn't really going to play anymore). Well, both Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 3 are $15 on Newegg and I'm kind of thinking I might give the series another shot... since I'm somewhat familar with Yakuza 4, I was kind of wondering what 3 is like. How does it compare to Yakuza 4? They are both the same price, so I can kind of go either way. Which is the more difficult/time-consuming platinum? Thanks to anyone who replies!
  12. There are a lot of different kinds of trophies that could very well piss you off. I tried my best to think of them all and relevant examples, if you can think of any more please suggest them and I'll add them to the poll. You can choose as many from the list as you like. Trophy Description (Brief Example) Trophies based around difficulty (Beat the game on Hard/Crushing) Trophies based around online modes (Win in all variations of multiplayer modes) Trophies based around collectibles (Find all 100 treasures/100% of blast shards) Trophies based around speed (Complete the game in under 6 hours) Trophies based around main quest/side quests (Complete 'So and so quest') Trophies based around perfection (Beat a level/game without dying/Take 0 damage) Trophies based around number of players (Complete something with a full party/3 other players) Trophies based around losing/failing (Lose 100 matches/Die 20 times in one level) Trophies based around something meaningless (Play the game before 9am) Trophies based around time spent (Spend 24 active hours in Create mode)
  13. I already know one or two people doing this (selling/getting rid of the PS3 and getting a Vita), anyone around here doing it and want to get into why? A little part of me is considering this myself. - The damn thing looks almost PS3-esque in quality. - I'll be able to get my Uncharted fix and my Little Big Planet fix on it... not to mention other games I'm looking forward to like Final Fantasy X HD coming out for it. Who knows, might even be able to get my NHL 13 or NHL 14 fix on it as well someday. - If I get a large enough memory card, I'd imagine I could store my music on it as well and it would become my "iPod" (a higher capacity MP3 player, something I've been in need of for the longest time). The $250-300 price tag isn't too far off from what a new iPod Touch would cost me anyways. - Cross game chat... probably not in too high of demand since it's a WiFi handheld, but it'd still be nice to have. We all know how much I love it lol. - Finally! I would be able to game and watch TV/hockey/movies on my big screen TV at the same time. No longer would I have to choose between the two. The thing seems like it hits a lot of the right notes for me. That said, I struggle enough sharing my free time between two games... no less two consoles worth of games. If I got the PS Vita, I'd have to wonder why my PS3 is sitting there collecting dust instead of off buffering my bank account with the little extra cash I get for pawning it off. Does this sound reasonable, or am I having one of my famous "sell everything" moments like I did the with my first PS3 (that's right, this is my second)? Do you guys think the Vita will eventually have a game catalog that competes with the PS3? Is it silly to think a handheld can replace a full-fledged HD console?
  14. I know people seem to have a lot of harsh criticisms of this game these days, what with a few unpopular updates... but what would you say to someone with a bit of interest in picking this title up? Is it too late to join in, with a dwindling online population and patches slowly ruining the game... or is it still a good game with a healthy fanbase? Anyways, is this a good time at all to get into the game? Or are it's best days well behind it?
  15. Probably a dumb question, since in the end I think we all want the trophies... But which style of play do you prefer for Skyrim (or games like it)? When I say roleplaying, I mean... if you want to play a stealthy thief, odds are you don't join the Companions or do warrior-esque things. If you want to be a big guy that bashes skulls in, but may be a little too slow for the art of magery... you don't join the College or excel in any particular school. More or less, picking a role for your character and playing it as you feel your character would play it. Either that or regularly going outside of your characters "comfort zone" to complete everything the game has to offer (and/or get all of the trophies) in one playthrough. I'm more the latter, personally.
  16. Just curious since this has been free-to-play for a month or so. Can anyone confirm 100% that trophies aren't unlockable if you pay $5+ and become a premium member? I'd be willing to do that, but I'm not interested in subscribing.
  17. Hey guys, I have never really played Katamari before... any incarnation of it. One with trophies on the PS3 is mildly appealing to me though. Knowing the sense of humor me and my friends have, maybe this would be a game that we could all just sit around and play for a little while (even if it isn't multiplayer). Like I said though, I never really played this before. As a newbie to the series, would you guys say this is a difficult game and/or a difficult platinum? Is it a game I can just play through, casually, and eventually find my way stumbling into the platinum or will I rip my hair out trying for it? Talk it up a little bit, how is the game? Worth the money? Thanks!
  18. Was inspired by what someone said in another thread. How do you feel about guns? You don't need to be in immediate danger to own one. I know some people would absolutely refuse to have a gun in their house (and thusly would never own one). I know some people who do and would recommend it to friends. Where do you fall? This isn't about laws on firearms and stuff (unless simply owning one is illegal where you live), just how you feel about guns in general and if you do/ever would own one. I'm personally not opposed to the idea of owning one and actually I think it's a smart thing to have, though I don't think I ever will both because of peer pressure (my girlfriend and parents hate the idea, though I live on my own I don't think I'd enjoy the glares if I ever owned one and they found out) and the fact I don't entirely trust myself.
  19. Basically, this is a all-in-one thread for comparing the platinums of two games... in terms of difficulty. Anyone is allowed to put up a "versus" and anyone can answer. If you notice someone asked to compare two games and no one answered, feel free to pop in and answer. It's not about what game you like better, purely platinum difficulty. For example: Person 1: "Little Big Planet 1 vs Little Big Planet 2" Person 2: "I'd say Little Big Planet 2 was easier because (blah blah blah), but both were pretty easy. Now I'm wondering which is easier Uncharted 1 vs Dead Island." You get the picture. I'll start! 3D Dot Game Heroes vs Little Big Planet 1
  20. I haven't gotten any yet, but hows abouts you?
  21. Kind of considering getting this. I need a game to spend the next week or two on until Uncharted 3 and Skyrim hit the shelves and my current game collection is getting a little tiresome. I remember played a demo of ICO when it was new on the PS2 and I was mesmerized by it. Not enough to buy it apparently (or perhaps I was just poor/thrifty and generally didn't buy new games), but in my memory I hold it in high regard. Shadow of the Colossus I actually rented when it was new. In my youth (mid to late teens) I absolutely adored its graphical style and climbing up/bringing down the massive colossus was a hoot. I got hung up a bit though after the first few colossus because I couldn't figure out what to do next and just sort of stopped playing it until I eventually brought it back to Blockbuster. Having grown up a little bit in the last 5-7 years, I would like to think that I could give these games another go. What better opportunity to do it then in HD, right? Anyone want to give me a little review on the Team ICO Collection? How have the games held up? Is it worth the $40 or so? How are the trophies, easy or difficult? Is it a rewarding platinum (from what you can tell)? Knowing what you know of me, from what I explained in the first few paragraphs of this thread and my current game collection (you can see all the PS3 games I own here), do these seem like games I would enjoy? Thanks guys, I look forward to hearing your opinions on these games!
  22. I like the movies, I thought the demo was kind of neat when I played it. Which game is better though? I'm guessing there isn't any brilliant story between the two of them, so I'm not sure if playing the sequel first will matter... but I'm thinking going for the one with the better gameplay is more important. Thoughts?
  23. What are some words/phrases that just pushes your buttons? Butthurt...
  24. Something that apparently happened on the 360 recently was people were signing in to find their Gamerscores were 0 and all their achievements were gone. "Restoring" their profile ultimately fixed the issue (I assume that process is similar to how it would work if you got a new PS3 and synced your PSN profiles), but you can imagine the Achievement Hunters out there were panic-stricken. Which gave me the idea for this thread/poll, what would your first thought be if you signed into your profile one day, synced your trophies and some glitch in the system deleted everything from your local/online profile?
  25. You don't have to name names, but look at your friends list and scroll to the bottom... how long ago was the longest last sign-in on your friends list? I've had upwards of a month or two before, but at the moment the longest last sign-in was 13 days.