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  1. I ended up with 2 of my own created questions asked in a single category, so it seems like the questions can be anywhere. At least it was for me as it popped 2 areas before the game ended.
  2. Anyone know how to get an Anarchy result on a 3-6 player game? Worked out everything else, just have that left before the rest of the grind now
  3. That's what I had thought as well, but if it's glitched that makes more sense. How would 10 deaths per level be ranked difficulty wise?
  4. There are prize bubbles for acing the levels, but they don't count at all towards the trophy even though they are prize bubbles. The percentage collected only counts for ones hidden around the levels and not on the final scoreboard
  5. From what I remember, unless they've changed something, it's just for training as you get no points to go up another battle area from it. Can't remember if you get any crates from it or not
  6. As you earnt the trophy after the time the mode was up, you most likely will stay flagged unless you can find some evidence that others haven't managed to (I don't know if JMac managed to find anything ) Until the evidence is brought forwards, it seems like the hundreds of people who could've earnt it legit are being flagged like your case, and the only option is to hide it until the evidence is found
  7. Wait September it dropped off? Isn't that when the new FIFA comes out every year? There's nothing to say the game is or isn't server glitchy, but if all it has to do it is a check of the save, and online was up, it could have checked the save eventually and popped the trophy
  8. If it's proof, why don't you post it here to help your own case? Then it can be used for or against
  9. As multiple people said, servers are screwy, especially EA. Rayman Legends occasionally won't give you the final level of awesomeness trophy as the servers bug out when you head online near a challenge reset. People do take breaks from games, and can play others. I can't see Roman's other FIFA trophies now as he hid them, but maybe he wanted to clean up his profile completion and decided to head back to the game before 10 released. He has every other FIFA plat other than 10, what's to stop him using a save to unlock the 10 plat?
  10. So if the hacked save file goes off of local data for unlocking the trophy, what's to stop Roman's save file from randomly being searched during an online game and the criteria being met? The exact same thing is how the hack works as you say yourself, and he played more than 5 matches legit.
  11. So we're taking what 1 guy on the internet said as the one and only truth now, and that there's no other way of the server bugging and giving it to you?
  12. Or he was forced into hiding it? If he unhides it now, and it's proven legit, then all of the other flags can be proven legit as well?
  13. We have given plenty of proof back of the trophy originally being glitched and the fact that EA servers aren't exactly the best backs this up. For x amount of valid earners to suddenly be "hackers" just seems odd, especially only for a single game as well. I don't know how you expect us to give you proof for a game released in 2009 that now has closed servers. Roman's response is proof, and as Rach says, others being flagged can most likely give the same reasoning as well
  14. So are we assuming the people being flagged in 2010 are all hackers? It could be as Roman said, and that EA messed up as usual and the trophy could glitch pop. Hell, there's even evidence of this from when the mode was up, as shown from this link - Yes, now that the online is completely shut down you can assume that everyone else is using another method to get there, but if the online was still up, bad coding could force a pop
  15. The online game suggests that when you feel like to can't make anymore progress and it becomes difficult to move on is a good time to ascend, I think another said about level 140ish? Can't remember the boss name, but there's more details around the wiki