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  1. Perfect! Thank you
  2. How do i change that? I went to settings but could not fix my sig so it links up...
  3. Thank you for the links and the warm welcome here Look forward getting to know some of you
  4. I am actually not new to the site, but never really was active on the forums. Usually just use guides and such. On that note i decided to become more active here with the members as i have met some cool people on psn profiles and this site has grown on me alot. So feel free to add me or just say hello. PSN: GhostBulb Games i am boosting at the moment are diablo and avsp
  5. Thanks for the input guys and i didn't mean to cause such a fuss over the topic lol I will donate 10 dollars... this site is very cool and helpful
  6. I was wondering if there is a way or where can i flag a cheater. I am doing the online trophies for avsp right now and was looking at the latest people to achieve trophy and noticed the time stamps are not possiable to do for the person who last acheived the trophy. I really don't like cheaters and want this person to be flagged. Thanks