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  1. I don't know, it would seem like they are betraying Microsoft if they do that. I would not blame them tho, get that money.
  2. Lol bro, I thought you have some information on playstation plus for june. I think we may get sly 1 and 2 or the collection if we are lucky. I think for ps3 and ps4, I'm lost.
  3. I liked that you explained your reason why you think Halo is overrated. Now to be honest, every character is overrated but the majority of that poll thought that Master Chief is a great character.
  4. I know you love your playstation but can you name 5 psn shooters that are famously known like halo or even as good?
  5. To be honest, I think Mario Kart 8 ain't going to be wii u exclusive so you maybe right.
  6. The ones that best suit me are desktops but my mother ain't having none of it. I'll find a way tho I'm sure of it.
  7. I also said that to my mother but she insist that we have no space. I'll probably convince and that free tablet she's getting is also a booster.
  8. Hi guys, I'm a bit lost on how to operate Steam hardware wise. I know certain games have low requirements but many have high. So I came to ask for your opinion on how to buy the right laptop. I need to know if AMD graphics cards are okay or just stick with Nvidia. I also want to know (as the question asks) the highest and lowest requirements you think I should stick to. Thanks guys in advance.
  9. I take it this guy loved google chrome?
  10. I think the HDN series have some bad games in the series.
  11. Damn, no Vita! Console racism ain't cool. Does that also mean the plat will be impossible for the vita because most of the trophies are online not ad-hoc?
  12. To be honest, I think Nintendo do better in the handheld than home console market. We have already seen that they destroy the Vita in sales and games but in functionally, the vita surpass that of 3ds. I also that I think Nintendo is only here because of people's nostalgia but if people look thru that, there would be problems for Nintendo. Even Microsoft is moving future and while it's not the best way it's still change.
  13. That was great info on the issue, man. It was short and straight to the point. Maybe we need Sly to make a help desk as well, lol?
  14. I never said that, I just thought the game would be a single player trophy experience. Also if a person wants to buy a game for any reason that suits them, you can't hound them for that. I never even said I wouldn't buy the game anymore. I don't know why people like you feel that you have the rights to abuse others when you have no valid reason.
  15. I was waiting for the bundles to show up but seeing this has online trophies, I might just get the ps4 second sons bundle now.