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  1. three days to go... guess ill be playing a lot of team games hoping for fall ball
  2. there was a thread on reddit that said people had unlocked it by having 7/8 thieves caught with 11/12 candy and then getting the last candy. And people reckon that works. But I've tried it and it doesn't
  3. oh so its possible the trophy is glitchy too? Like i said i met the requirements for it on sweet thieves, but didn't pop for me. no recoding though
  4. That hasn't happened to me with any recent hex a gon wins. I assume this was a few years back maybe? Is there anyway to actually boost this trophy? even with a boosting group? Curious if its worth forming a group or just continuing to try get solo.
  5. you reckon that's the best bet at this point? I've been doing a fair bit of squads but have rarely seen Fall Ball show up on there.
  6. How are ya'll getting low baller these days? is Fall Ball the only way before the shutdown? was hoping maybe it'd be possible in Sweet Thieves, but after hitting those requirements that others have said earned them the trophy it didn't pop. Any advice?
  7. if your having trouble with balance just hold the analogue stick to the right. sometimes he loses balance... not sure why? - Also make sure no mods are turned on either, as it will nullify the trophy. Goodluck
  8. Hey Guys, a little trophy exploit for you broke the scoreboard which allows you to unlock the trophy using custom made maps… video with full explanation. - but this will help you get about 4 score based trophies.
  9. Trophy Roadmap for Iron Man VR, explaining, difficulty, time and how to get the platinum.
  10. As per title, have earned all 100 spatulas but the total is only registering 99.... is this something anyone else has been able to fix?
  11. Little trophy roadmap I made for this game, hopefully it helps some people out!
  12. Check out this spoiler free trophy roadmap for the game. Only one and a half playthroughs required for upgrades and nothing missable.
  13. I think the list may have been translated from another language, hence why some of those weird Brazillian expressions exist on there... Dunno?
  14. I concur, took me 20 minutes and I made a cup of tea during that time. Game is actually kinda fun though for an easy plat.