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  1. Don’t talk to me or my 54 unfinished video games again.

    1. guy who says bruh

      guy who says bruh

      54 it's not that bad, I have 166 :(

  2. Hey @Sly Ripper just letting you know I lost mine too.
  3. Hey guys, I’ve been playing and sadly forgot to pick up the Slime card in my first play through. I decided to start a new game and the chest isn’t appearing for me where it should be. (Before you construct the town) Can someone help me.....? EDIT: I'm an idiot and found the last card elsewhere. 🙃
  4. I am pretty sure you can only trade him, not the momento.
  5. I'm looking for Maduin for the trophy. Just need to get the momento. 😳
  6. Not enough time in the day to play games.

  7. Missed out on buying FF X/X-2 for cheap on the Vita by a day. Why is it $50 or near impossible to find? :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. furbeach


      Erghhhh. I am so jealous. Australia is so expensive for gaming.

    3. damon8r351


      And they ban everything. Plus there's the homicidal flora and fauna. Jeezuz, Australia is life's end boss level. :T

    4. furbeach


      I must be doing pretty good to reach lvl. 25 already ! :P

  8. WIll Mr. Puss be okay? :(

  9. Started NG+ on Persona 4. Attempting to get the platinum before I start The Witcher 3. >:)

  10. Hai Furby (:

    1. furbeach


      Hey stranger! How're you?

    2. redcell89


      Stranger :o? you forgot me :(

  11. Just want The Witcher 3 already. *sigh*

  12. So many games I want to play and collect trophies for, but I have no time. >__<

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SkyesUnholy


      Ahh fair enough x) what are you studying? :D

    3. furbeach


      I'm doing a diploma in Costume Design. It's great, but tiring. Glad i have two weeks off to play some games and sew some personal projects of my own.

    4. SkyesUnholy


      Oooh awesome xD Yeah, anything you enjoy doing is always worth the tiring side of it :D

  13. Goal this year is to get 5,000 trophies and 40 platinums. WISH ME LUCK LOL.

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Here you go, some good luck :P.

    2. Rayrooz


      Good luck ^^

  14. Bought a game on my US PS4 account and I can't even play it on my EU account....well fuck.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. furbeach


      Oh and I've had no issues with a disc as my LEGO Marvel is from US, it's just digital.

    3. furbeach


      I figured it out ! Just made the US account have my ps4 as the primary one and everything seemed to work out fine. Woohoo. :D

    4. IntenseFATE98


      Told you :P Enjoy the game :)