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  1. The online for this is 100% dead, so you'll have to boost any online trophies. I play this game all the time, so if anyone wants to play.... PM me or something.
  2. I can't seem to open the doors I have circled in the picture. I'm not sure if there's a puzzle I'm not understanding or what the requirements are to open them. I'm on New Game+ and rushed through to the center. Any help would be appreciated EDIT: I figured out how to open the top left and right doors, but the other lower two I haven't figured out what the requirements are. I guess it doesn't matter in the end since I really only need the top right door open, but for a simple game, it's making me look rather stupid.
  3. I'm currently grinding for the upgrades to my base. It's not fun. I still have to level every one to 100 (currently have the main characters at 65) and I haven't touched the others yet. Still need to beat the game and get to NG+
  4. So, I ended up making two saves; on at the beginning of 8/01 and then another at the end of 8/02 and went around for those two days collecting auras and then saving/overwriting the 8/02 save and then reloading the 8/01 save and rinse and repeat. I only got two or three auras at a time, but it was much quicker than having to do full playthroughs like I was doing.
  5. Do I have to keep running their routes to fill out the aura chart or can I save before I get their UwU affection and then go to the safe feature, back out (so the game still saves) and then reload my save and repeat? What's the most effective method of getting the aura chart maxed out? I currently have the game on auto-skip and running the routes I don't have maxed out.
  6. I must say, I struggled with this platinum 😩 I followed a guide from ps3imports and it was well put together and all, but I struggled with figuring out how the routes worked till I had a brainstorming moment and got all but one of the endings done in one sitting. I couldn't for the live of me figure out how to not turn off the phone or how to access a scene at 12/15 that the game was auto skipping that I had to open the phone and look at the app for it to advance the story to the last ending. I've done many visual novels before this title and a few that were much more complex and truly confusing and I feel like I let myself down on this one. The platinum is common and I somehow struggled to get anywhere till I found a comment on another forum explaining what the requirements were for each ending. Just felt like ranting a little bit.
  7. Just came here to bitch about the Cheater, Cheater, Salsa Eater trophy not popping as well. I just started my #1 Playthrough.... but I only have one guide so far from and it's a hot mess of a trophy guide (They don't tell you which option you're supposed to pick on the runs in Chapter 7, it just says Charlie and I… and there are two text options that start with that. The top one I suppose your mean to Sam and the second you invite her to come help with the investigation, right? Which one do I pick for the 1st playthrough? The guide I'm using... scroll down till you see a comment with Run 1, Run 2, etc.
  8. I've completed all the sidequests and I'm at around quest 28 or so and I still don't have Rednaught.... where do I find it?
  9. Do you know where to complete the Secret Recipe quest? I don't even know where to begin on it.
  10. How do I fix this? I keep hitting for more than 5k and the trophy still doesn't pop. Will it randomly pop eventually?
  11. and
  12. Can I buy LCP points or do I on;y get them from the world map monsters?
  13. Did |BadDriver| fix his guide?
  14. Would anyone know which one I'm missing? I'm also missing the last one, how do I unlock the group photo?
  15. I freaked out about this as well, but I ended up saving all the time after each chapter hoping it would do its thing. I ended up marathoning the game anyway to make sure I kept my progress in the end.