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  1. Can't wait to play the PS4 version
  2. Sorry for my poor use of terms, I typed whatever came to mind at the time 😅 Yeah, so for clarification; my system freezes up to the point that it needs to be unplugged or it just loads infinitely UPDATE When I try to buy certain items, the PS3 Store either a) allows the transaction go through or b ) says "an error has occurred" It doesn't matter if I use the card on file or Paypal as a method of payment. I tried adding money to my wallet and got greeted by another error message 80023102 So, why can't I buy some things but can others? The item in question was Rainbow Moon for PS3 btw. I tried looking at game details for Pachi Pachi on a Roll and got kicked out of the store The store infinite loads when I do get to purchase something either a) infinite loads till it freezes and I have hit the power button or unplug my PS3 or it works properly Alot of times after I do get to purchase something, the store kicks me to the XMB bar.
  3. Since we can't access the PS3 store via browser anymore, I'm stuck buying from the store via the system. When I buy anything it either gives me an error message when I get to checkout saying it can't be processed OR the more common thing to happen is the PSN store immediately closes and it goes back to the XMB bar or it freezes and my console needs to be unplugged and re-connected again or it infinite loads during or after checkout. IS anyone else experiencing this issue? or is it just my console?
  4. I think Team Force has to do something with your friends scores on the leaderboard and yours.
  5. Okay, so PSN was having some issues I guess for a few days. I got done with the X-Men board and I got a screen with all these Marvel characters on it congratulating me for being #1 on the board score and then both of the remaining trophies for Team Force points popped (thankfully in order) I can see my friends scores and the leaderboards now. PSN wasn't connecting to the leaderboards for a few days. I didn't have any issues with the Star Wars pinball game getting the Team Score, odd I was having issues with the Marvel leaderboard.
  6. I've done a few boards so far and I'm not seeing anything that indicates where my Team Force is. Is this the same thing as in the Star Wars pinball game where they had Team Score? PSN hasn't been working properly for a few days and keeps kicking me out of the service so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it not registering Team Force or not, but how do I see my Team Force in this game? My Hero Score is 94 right now, does this have anything to do with Team Force?
  7. I was able to purchase these from the old-looking PSN Store, all the boards. I had less trouble with buying these than I did with the Star Wars pinball boards (which was a pain the ass and you can do read about it on that forum section)
  8. It worked! Thank you. Now I get to rage at getting the trophies. I even went to Zen's customer support and opened a ticket because Google didn't give a solid answer on what was wrong.
  9. Gonna try this. Go to my PS3 download list and install from there?
  10. I need help. I downloaded all the free demos I bought this Season 1 bundle pack that did unlock all the boards with the expectation of the Rebels board and when I try to buy it from the in-game store it says there's nothing there to purchase. When I try to purchase the board from the PS3 store I get this
  11. Thank you, it sorta worked. After purchasing the bundle, I for some reason still had to buy the boards from the ingame store, it never gave me the opportunity to just download them for the PS3, but I did get all the boards for the Vita (I'm not sure if it includes PS4 as well, I don't see them) I'm working on my PS3 backlog and this is next in line.... the only problem is trying to find three other players to win a tournament for that trophy.
  12. Wait. I think I just confused Zen Pinball 2 with maybe another Pinball game >__< My bad. Yeah.... I confused the game I wanted the original Star Wars Pinball with the Star Wars Zen 2. Point being... what I said in my post above is still true. I can add the demos to my cart and buy them, but I get the above error message on most of the ones with $ attached to it. Gonna buy the bundle I see that is for the original pinball game see if that gives me all the boards.... I doubt it though.... I think the PSN store isn't selling them but for some reason it's still on there.
  13. Some of them I can add to cart, I'll see if I can buy them, but most of them I get this error message Almost all the demos can be added to my cart with the expectation of Balance of the Force Demo and everything that has a price attached to for the most part also is giving me the same error with the expectation of Rouge One and Balance in the Force I was able to purchase (if it has a $ attached to it's name) I was able to add and purchase all the demos that were marked Free. I see there's a Bundle for $29.99 that I don't have the money to purchase at the moment, but maybe that will be the answer.
  14. I guess I got to the party a little late, it's all unavailable to download or purchase on the PS3 even though it's still on the PSN store and you can't buy the boards from the in-game store either.
  15. Thanks. I'm stuck at 8% because I rage quit'd around the time the PS3 was at the end of its life cycle and I'm currently doing a PS3 backlog clearance and saw this is getting a PS4 port, so I thought I'd start with the PS3 version. How unfortunate, this will stay at 8% forever then.