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  1. You must be playing in Classic Mode for this!In the Third Round (the third regular round with spins, not including the Toss Up rounds) the Express wedge will appear on the wheel. After landing on it, you must select a consonant that appears on the board. After getting a consonant on the board, you're asked if you want to accept the Express. Once accepting, you must give a consonant or buy a vowel non-stop (no more spinning) until you solve the puzzle. If you miss a letter, the Express is over and you go bankrupt. You can solve at any time. After solving the puzzle, the achievement will unlock.I can confirm that even if only one letter is left after you begin Express, the achievement will still unlock. Unfortunately if the Express wedge is landed on and there are no more letters left to give after giving a successful letter, you cannot accept Express Mode.
  2. It took me a while to finish the game due to glitchy trophies, The Rancher one would not pop after several playthroughs even in other languages ( I had to play in English, German and French) before the last trophy would pop for the platinum. I tried other methods to get the rancher trophy to pop but none did the trick; changing the language to something other than English and buying the sheep, letting them get out of the barn and putting them back in, tearing down the barn and re-building it.... all didn't work. What did work was playing on the French language the whole game and backing up my save before buying the sheep and letting the initial one that comes with the barn to escape and buying the sheep ONE AT A TIME. Don't buy 4 or 5 in one go. This game has a thing for doing it by singular amounts. The same advice can be said when making potions or food items for these respective trophies. MAKE THEM ONE AT A TIME. To repeat. If you want to make 100% sure that you get the Alchemist, Rancher and Master Chef trophies, make the items or purchase the sheep one at a time. I'm not sure if the trophy will pop if you do them in bulk, but to be sure, singular is the way to go! The best thing to do is while you're completing the beginning quests is to drain your energy stockpiling rocks so you can sell them to the pirate for 2g each. Doing so will also add to your crystal, metal, silver and gold amounts as well making it really easy to make fast cash later in the game. Stockpiling wood by planting trees and berry bushes at the very beginning is advisable, I always had a hard time keeping my hunger bar from dipping into the red a lot of the time before I could start baking better items, so the blueberry bushes will be your best friend. What I would do is plant several trees in a tight section of the map away from anything I didn't want to get damaged or burned and when a meteorite came crashing down, I would guide it towards the area with the packed trees so I didn't have to cut them down myself and then go over collect the wood and repeat. Got about 10 or so pieces of wood this way. Sometimes you will have a visitor come to your planet and they have to land by pressing triangle... well I didn't know till it happened to me was that there are some occasions where at the end of one visitors' timer there might be enough time for a 2nd visitor to also land. Doing so will open some story dialog and even questlines between the two. And lastly, there will come a time when a visitor drops down on your planet and you might see a blue creature icon. I would suggest going close to the ship and making sure you run into it. It will steal some of your stuff you have if it makes it back to the ship. It's not a lot that's taken, but it's quite annoying because going into the middle of the game almost, that blue creature shows up on almost every ship that lands. Overall, it's an easy platinum; a little time consuming due to the chain of tasks, but it's sorta forgettable. 7/10 because of the glitchy trophies not wanting to pop when they should and a 2/10 difficulty
  3. I gave up after following the trophy guide six times and Eagle Eye does not pop. Will retry tomorrow and click on anything that moves I suppose and see if this works.
  4. Can I farm millions of Gil and use Gil Toss to win harder fights? ( Trickster or the trial mode) and what's the max damage on The Traveler? 999 steps? I can't kill Trickster due to it's immunity to physical damage and the Russian roulette of which black magick will work at the end of the fight is pissing me off. Will Gil Toss work? How much Gil do I need to comfortably get through this game? I'm currently at 4.5 million and doing the Jelly afk method and about to go to bed and was wondering what I should be using my gil for. The most expensive thing I've purchased was the $50,000 cat-ear Hoods.
  5. Thanks for the quick response. Didn't think someone would get back seeing as this thread is two years old.
  6. Can someone confirm this? This looks interesting, but I don't want to waste my time if there's no plat I can achieve. I'm seeing ALOT of trophies sitting below 4% in rarity.... this game that hard? or is just a grind?
  7. According to this article Jesse Eisenberg will be playing the SON of Lex Luthor. Doomsday looks like another failure much like Ivan Ooze Apocalypse. I don't see how the own studio can't get it right. Must be going a totally different direction with the villain I guess. I'm not sure if the trailer spoiled Zod being turned into Doomsday like the spoilers that ran rampant months ago. I pray we see some type of story with Diana on Themyscira and not having her injected into the movie like the trailer shows. It looks like Jesse Eisenberg will play a predominant role in getting Sups and Batman to fight each other (from the trailer) turn each other against ones another. But the underlying problem here for DC is that either a) They didn't want to compete with Marvel with their Phase 1 and 2 plans or DC was really flat footed and had to come up with this whole production thing a little too late and is just now trying to make these movies. I don't think DC knew where to go after Nolan; they must of had some sort of plan mapped out of course, but they're showing pretty late to the party. Sorta doing a reverse Marvel Universe in the sense that the League movie is coming out before the origin/singular movies with this movie pretty much looking like Justice League 0.5 instead of the Frank Miller adaption we all assumed it was going to be based off of. But I guess this works out best for them seeing as they don't have to make sure all the movies inter-connect with each other and they don't need to make sure every single loose end connects back in a later movie.
  8. Ice Age 3 The plat is an Uncommon but I swear the timed mini games can go to Hell. It's the only thing stopping my plat and I'll never get it. I spent days of replaying to get my time under what is needed and was so close. I ended up returning the game out of frustration.
  9. From the strat guide... Chapter 1, Other Pip-Boy Functions (pg. 32) Radio Waves "Tuning in to hear the latest on Enclave Propaganda or the howls of mad Three Dog can provide comfort during those long treks across a darkened Wasteland (and can also attract attention; switch off your Radio when Sneaking)." The Flashlight "If you're having difficulty seeing where you're going, ensure your safety by switching on your Pip-Boy's Flashlight. It allows you to see your surrounding area much more clearly, but at the expense of stealth. Keep this off if you're sneaking." And here's my two cents... This makes it sound like the radio can affect your sneak ability... however, from my experience, it is only a minor effect. It seems to me that your sneak is much more affected by your skill, then the flashlight, then the radio. Consider this, 100 Sneak will often let you walk in 3 feet in front of someone's face in the dark, but not with your radio on. Even if they don't spot you, the radio let's them know that you are there, so they will start looking for you.
  10. Thanks. Something to work on later. Maybe the locations of the other trophies as well? The Ancient Tomb, Cars and Di Ravello's tapes?
  11. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes - 1 flying race and maybe replay the last level DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin - currently going through NG++ to get some of the last Sorceries/Miracles/Pryos/Hexes VANQUISH - I have that last bonus mission to do and for the life of me can not get it done. Plants Vs. Zombies - I know it doesn't have a plat, but I can't seem to get Alive and Planting. I get to about wave 25 and lose my shit. inFAMOUS - Beat the game on hard really. I can get the rest on that run as well.
  12. Dragon's Dogma
  13. LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes after I go do this one last race and then off to finish either XCOM: Enemy Unknown or DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin