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  1. I suppose he means that the more progress you get - the often save may get corrupted. I played two online game today and it was fine, nothing crashed.
  2. Yes. Just do every trial 3 times (at least) and once you beated Oxide - upload a save to PS+. If game will crash - download from PS+
  3. Crashed 2 times during Time Trials. I recommend to backup you saves after EVERY beaten Oxide trial (hopefully i was able to restore without a lose second time). Online is less issue.
  4. It's actually bugged, cause i've done 2 full runs and didn't touch any zed as well as getting any damage. I didn't even have an animation or sound of all those things - still didn't popped. UPD: Got on 3rd full run.
  5. 30 secs.
  6. I think it's probably why we can't get gold relic. This user has that upgrade. And whatever i doing even on this level - i simply don't have enough secs to reach gold (2-3 seconds). That only means what Kyl542 mentioned.
  7. They probably did it instead of Zone Zeus trophy from HD. And i can say that beating that one trophy or these zones on elite pass are almost same difficulty.
  8. You don't need to complete all courses in survival in Ultimate. Team Ninja make an incorrect discription, which was fixed in one of pathes (now while you looking in psn in trophies in this game all will be written correctly (clear 1 course in tag Arcade/Time Attack/Survival)). By the way, if you wishing to platinum original DOA5 (or DOA5+), you can do this with Alpha 152 6PPPKKKK and 4K6K, but then situation will be very randomly. In DOA5, it requires for me to beat Champ and True Fighter with 2 tries, Master with 1 try and Legend with 14 hours tryings (might be less if Lisa won't defeat me in 100 position >_<), while in DOA5+ it requires for me to beat Champ and Master with 6 tries, True Fighter with 1 try and Legend with 2 tries. Full random if you use Alpha 152, but sooner or letter A.I allow you to get annoying Survival Master trophy.