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  1. Updates? Updates. I see that the spreadsheet has different games than my initial planned list, so I guess I'll roll everything into one, because I completed those anyway: 0: 1: 2: Sound Shapes [PS3] 3: Chaos; Child [Vita-EU] 4: Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth || Rayman Legends [PS4] 5: 6: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard || Sound Shapes [PS4-EU] 7: 8: 9:
  2. Welp, I know that I'm behind on the updates, but Code:Realize didn't have a fitting quote in it no matter how hard I looked, so the notion kinda died down. I'll get up to date later. Chaos;Child is down, so just one game left!
  3. [laughs in Drakengard 3 DLC]
  4. Before Sound Shapes servers go down, back up some community levels / Milkcrate albums! There are some gems in there that you won't ever be able to play after the lights go out. 

    1. mekktor


      Just curious, did you find many levels outside the Milkcrates that are worth playing? I couldn't see a way to search high rated levels, and the greatest hits section just had levels that had barely even been played.


      It's unfortunate that we couldn't back up the entire Milkcrate collection too. I'm tempted to download the game on PS3 just to add the rest.

    2. NetEntity


      I've backed up as many Milkcrates I could, but ran out of space (you are allowed to download only 100 levels) before backing it up completely.  Aside from that, I tried to look through Greatest Hits and do a few random searches, but the results were pretty messy and turned up only levels with barely any plays. So I'm pretty sure most non-Milkcrate high-plays are lost for good now.


      Found a pretty interesting level I haven't seen before, though. I think it was called And I To Fire, an artsy, slightly creepy thing with some good beats. I'm thinking about playing through everything I've managed to save and snap some screenshots.

      The servers seem to be up for now, so there's still some time. 

  5. Another completion update. Monophobia - Fear of Being Alone - Datura "In the middle of our life's walk, I have found myself in a dark wood, for the straight road was lost" Acrophobia - Fear of Heights - Grow Home "WARNING: Altitude loss critical"
  6. Jumping in at the last moment, hope you don't mind! 0: Lost Dimension [PS3-EU] [3880] 1: Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault [1751] 2: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow [422] 3: Chaos;Child [Vita-EU] [6873] 4: Rayman Legends [PS4] [2434] 5: ICO [1035] 6: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard [5776] 7: The Guided Fate Paradox [2207] 8: Trine [228] 9: Zero Escape: The Nonary Games [5789] [May my 1000th be the means to boost completion]
  7. First it were books, then TV, then DnD, and now games. History has a tendency to run in circles. Eventually something else will become the new Satan of entertainment.
  8. Alright, I think it's time to wrap the selections up. Monophobia - Datura (a walking simulator where you explore a [potentially imaginary] forest all by your lonesome) Dementophobia - Chaos;Child (the delusion mechanic) Chronophobia - Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault (because of the Insomniac Challenge Times trophy)
  9. Nearing the end of Code: Realize. Well, it turned out more bearable than I was expecting. Better then Amnesia, although being better than Amnesia isn't that big of a feat, now that I think about it... Good: - the protagonist isn't completely brainless; - lower concentration of psychos within romance options, this time we have actual people; - has a few memorable scenes/characters, and even an entire route that I actually liked, although probably not for the reasons the game wanted me to; Bad: - the writing seesaws between actually good and romance pulp sleep/cringe-inducing; - typos strike back, especially during the last route, haven't made it all the way through yet, but expect them to increase in number; - the protagonist transforms back into a helpless brainlet when plot demands so, which makes her frustratingly uneven in some spots, especially since the game goes to great lengths to make her competent (whether it believably succeeds or not varies from route to route); Almost there...
  10. More like "Complete But Not Really Edition"
  11. Time to fill in my list a little more. Acrophobia - Grow Home (You are a little robot tasked with growing a giant beanstalk, so majority of the game takes place at high altitudes) Metatesiophobia - Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth (This is an otome. Anmesia:Memories was hell for me, so I know -exactly what I'm getting into-, a game I would normally avoid, that belongs to a genre I wouldn't normally play, made by a company I would normally avoid. Now that's a scary thought.) Also, can someone tell me whether Chaos;Child qualifies for Dementophobia? It has the delusion mechanic, after all.
  12. Well, here's to hoping NPCs won't be automatically biased as hell aganist snakes. Because I'm definitely going to be one.
  13. -laughs in Nioh- This is even worse than I predicted. Well, at least Rocketbirds 2 doesn't have any pesky MP-only trophies (aka the reason I still haven't played the first game), and The Bridge / Master Reboot don't look too bad, so at least there's that. (Also, a chance to NOT pay for 2064: I Wish I Was Playing Snatcher Instead? Where do I sign?)
  14. >multiplayer DMC oh no >maybe there will be a cooperative Blood Palace mode OH NO (The whole microtransactions thing has been adressed by the team, and I'm inclined to not give them too much BS over it. Might have been not even their decision, since microtransactions were forced into DMC4SE post-release)
  15. PS3 Disgaea 3 is disc only, though.