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  1. Well, I know people who liked playing RnC3's MP quite a lot.
  2. mystery solved that's why we were unworthy, as usual
  3. Well, since all versions of this used to be a part of PS+... it's yet another emergency cleanup time.
  4. For Party Person, find yourself a boosting partner and ask them to do the multiple controllers sackboy spawn trick for you. For Booty Master, I would advice to do as many MP sections by yourself as you can (so far, I've done everything but the Magician Palace and The Darkness' x2 solo, using multiple controllers). Acing main levels isn't that hard... sans the bombs in the Boom Town. Construction Site and The Bunker didn't give me much trouble, strangely enough. The Challenges seem much more annoying. I dread starting those in the last two worlds. And yes, Gaming Sessions is the way to go. Boosting threads like this one aren't appreciated here. It will be closed soon.
  5. Holy shit, this month is great. Wanted to buy both Rime and Grand Kingdom, and Exile's End looks interesting. Not touching Mugen Souls Z will be very... very hard... I mean... it's Compile Heart, but it's also Disgaea-ish... guh...
  6. And this terrifies me to an extent, I suppose. These types of games rely on you being stuck, rely on the element of discovery, and by using guides each time you get into a tight spot, you tear the magic away. Some suffer from it more, some less. Sometimes you just can't grasp the moon logic and need help, and that's fine, for as long as you won't abuse it. As an example, I wouldn't fault people resorting to a walkthrough to get through the first Discworld, or (shudder) Armed and Delirious... but I would think it a crime if it happened with Myst. Speaking of Myst, evolution of the genre and the internet problem...
  7. Bwahahaha, that's Hiatus X Hiatus in a nutshell. ...though I still prefer YYH over it, to be honest. Never was a fan of Gon and Kilua, so HxH for me is like a layered pie of awesome laced with long stretches of suffering one must soldier through.
  8. If you'll live through that, though, you emerge a changed man. With one hell of a grind resistance, if not an immunity.
  9. -looks at the grind comparison battle- -remembers Star Ocean 4- -sits in a corner and cries due to PTSD resurfacing-
  10. 8 out of 10.
  11. Since this thread sorta relates to the "what are the possible platinum pitfalls" question, and Demon is the one of the games I've been looking at for quite a long time, I figured I'd hop in and ask a couple of my own. Any harmful glitches to watch out for? Like sequence breaks or trophy triggers messing up? Also, the Pure Bladestone grind: better than SO4's character drops or worse?
  12. Excellent. I shall eagerly await the glorious moment Cursed Memories / Dark Hero Days rears its head as well. Would be great if Makai Kindgom [Portable] and La Pucelle Ragnarok and Phantom Brave: The Bermuda Triangle got a spotlight eventually. ...and can't forget Soul Cradle. I own the PSN JP version, but it isn't the same, to be honest.
  13. 23 chapters? Hoo boy, this is going to be harder to get through than Amnesia. At least I'll have Psycho-Pass and S;G0 to catch me after I'll burn out and fall down to crash in flames.
  14. Well, I think this is more of a site improvement request rather than "how I can get around this problem" one. As adding the same guide to all regions would help greatly (EU lists often have no guide attached at all, while US ones do), so would adding the said guide to trophy list dublicates.
  15. Thoughts? This.