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  1. Welp, there goes my birthday present.
  2. Huh, I haven't noticed that the games must be platinum only, my bad. In this case, I guess I'll need to switch the word. All Us and As in my backlog are either huge timesinks or 100% games, so there goes the bonus badge... now that I think about it, there's no good plat titles with vowels in general, so I guess I'll need to pull out. Shucks, was looking forward to it, but oh well.
  3. Just in case if there are still spots, I'll leave the preliminary here. Samhainophobia – Costume Quest 2 (Takes place during Halloween, trick or treating, costumes and sweets included) Arachnophobia/Entomophobia/Ophidiophobia - Darksiders (Has spiders. Lots of spiders. A whole underground, web-draped cavern full of spiders with a giant spider queen inside.) Kinemortophobia – Murdered: Soul Suspect (Spooky and not so-spooky ghosts doing ghost things) Thanatophobia - Another World (There is a trophy for dying lots. One is expected to die a bunch in an old game like this one.) Decidophobia – The Awakening Fate Ultimatum (Making decisions is both a gameplay mechanic and a driving force behind the plot) Technophobia – Saints Row IV (Murderbots, check. Alien technology, check. Plot tropes straight out of The Matrix, check. A city-scale VR-simulation, check...)
  4. Aik, I've been idling on this one. Sigh up already closed?
  5. Friday is rolling to a close, so I guess I should bite the bullet already. As I've said before, I will be attempting the bonus badge, because I'm a fool. Preliminary [?] List: M - Murdered: Soul Suspect [PS4] A - Another World [PS3/Vita/PS4] Y - Ys: Memories of Celceta [Vita] U - Uncanny Valley [PS4/Vita] S - Saints Row IV [PS3]
  6. I'd sign up right now, but that chest has been kicking my arse for so many years, I'm still intimidated. I thought about starting a new NG+ playthrough and doing it from scratch, but I already done that with the Nightmare playthrough and still ended up at 99.5%, so.... -puts on Gale Boots- Well, the following two days will be interesting and intimidating at the same time.
  7. Well, I'm not going to promise anything, but I've reinstalled Celceta again. If I manage to find that last chest, you know what my word is going to be
  8. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't match. Would be the same as transferring a save from another account.
  9. Ah, I see. Well, that's why Citra stresses "please, please, use your own dumps". Shutting down ROM archives... that's cute.
  10. Yeah, it's a technical tool most and foremost. It's just that it can be used for running both legit copies / dumps of said copies that you can make yourself as a means of backup, or a copy you pirate for free - and that last bit is what gets companies in a twist and is illegal. Even the fact of dumping games is a problem for some. Archival and preservation don't matter to them. Even if the game is no longer sold or is an abandonware, it's still an issue.
  11. Nintendo is notorious for condemning emulation, actually. The fact that they haven't sued Dolphin doesn't mean much. They haven't sued Citra either. And even if you'll use a real machine and a real copy to sync your data, the data will still count as an outside source (one that might even need a format conversion to even be detected), and therefore, flaggable. Not to mention that if you have a real game and a real console in the first place, jumping through the emulator hoop is kinda unnecessary.
  12. I wonder, is it okay to do something pretty universally equated to piracy, and then use the data gathered from said activity to make it look like I've played on a legitimate console, even if I might not even own one? I guess I go ask on a site where fiddling with one's account in such a way is a flaggable offence, it should be fine. -makes thread- (I'm sorry, it's just that everything here crosses the line multiple times, and I find it too hilarious to just stay quiet)
  13. -[angry blubbering sounds]- Doesn't affect me too much, at least, as I intended to go digital either way.
  14. EU stores sometimes have blocks within blocks. Game may be avaliable in the region, but not DLCs. The games may refuse to see installs from the store or from their respective DLC list menus. And yes, this does work - I've bought my copy of Prince of Persia from Russian PSN, but my Epilogue DLC is from my GB account. Was the only way to get it.
  15. Three weeks don't equal three days, at least in this dimension