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  1. 5. Nova-111. A charming, humorous turn-based puzzle game with lots of scientists to rescue and rocks to break. May feel bland at first, but becomes more complicated as more new mechanics get introduced. Is it tea time yet? I've made sandwiches! 4. Outland. Metroidvania meets Ikaruga. Yes, this mix actually works without falling apart. Great style, soundtrack and difficulty, but a bit on a short side if you are used to this genre. 3. Dust: An Elysian Tale. Cheating a bit with this one, as I own it on Steam, and not on PS4... which should be remedied soon, as it's on sale right now. A good metroidvania with fast paced combat and great music. A good pick for the lovers of the genre, even if you don't like antropomorphic animals. I personally didn't mind. 2. Guacamelee! Ah, look, it's my second platinum. How the time flies. Do you like metroidvanias? Do you like beat'em ups? Do you like funny games packed with references? Do you like fairly difficult platforming challenges? Do you like MEXICO and LUCHADORES and CHICKENS? Then this is the game for you! Looking forward to completing the PS4 version at some point. 1. Axiom Verge. I love everything about this game. Yes, everything. Even the OP wasp boss, the speedrun mode and the Inexorable track that most people seem to dislike. I love it so much, that it will get stacked at some point, as another milestone. If you have written it off as a simple retro Metroid clone... or even if you didn't, and just never got the chance to check it out, you are missing out on a great experience. Go get it.
  2. Yes, just as Sony has shut down PSN for PSP, so you can't buy or download games for your PSP ever. Oh wait, no, you still can. That would be equivalent to taking all the purchases away and a huge reputation hit. Online server shutdowns or not, I feel like the library is here to stay. Besides, doesn't PSN have a shared server for all the platforms, which prevents the different platform sections from being taken down?
  3. Oh, if you are such a hardcore DMC player, it sure was quite a miracle that you didn't score a SSS rank in battle even once or cleared the level without getting hit until getting at least halfway through the story. Shouldn't it be as natural as breathing at this level of skill, especially since you need a good performance to cut down on the Nephilim SSS time, hm? Don't even need to scroll all the way down the timeline to call this a lie. At least I got a very good laugh out of the platform. And Resonance of Fate is a clear evident cheat just the same way, with easy tasks supposedly unlocking way later than they should have, and time-consuming ones popping up ridiculously early. First bonus hit after the fifth chapter? And Tera-Driver after the Prologue? What a laugh.
  4. It's still a gamble to get. My main acc is EU, and it's delisted on my main store. Region locks within regions, always exciting.
  5. Now this is one heck of a birthday present. I guess I should thank the universe.
  6. Ah, yes, the avalanche flagging when a sketchy account gets brought into a spotlight thanks to a dispute. Some things never change. Well, at least it wasn't CoD this time.
  7. From the top of my head, BIT.TRIP Runner series.
  8. Ouch, way to diss all the old titles before the trophies rolled around.
  9. Well, Record of Lodoss War used to be HUGE and very influential, so the name choice could be deliberate.
  10. Nah, there's no connection. Grancrest is a light novel/tabletop turned manga currently being adapted into anime and finally crossing into videogames. And it's not like there weren't titles using "Records of X War" way before Agarest. Lodoss says hello.
  11. Just go to your account settings from the store.
  12. You can view a list of purchases in your account (not the PS Store), in the Multimedia tab. PS Plus games will have an expiration date, while ones you've bought won't. If I remember correctly, even after Plus runs out, the date just stays as it was, and only updates if you renew the service again.
  13. I just want to quickly pop in to remind you all that King's Field and Shadow Tower are things that exist. True, I've played only a bit of Demon's Soul on my alt account, so I'm no expert by any means, but to me it felt like a natural, from first-person-to-third-person camera switched progression of the things FT has been doing for years. It just took the West way too long to notice. I'd like to see something in the vein of Shadow Tower Abyss, but I don't think it has much chance to return at this time. What I do think, is that it's a good time to take a break from endless Soulsing. If it's a new Tenchu, then hell yes, I'm on board.
  14. Oh hey. Things I already have, and a side of mediocre with a dash of trash for PS3. -"Starting from 8 march 2018, the IGC will focus on the PS4 et won't include any game for PS3 and PS Vita" -a lone table flies in the distance- I really hope this doesn't mean "you will get only two games now"... oh, hell, of course it is. Long time coming, I suppose, but still very, very sad.
  15. False alarm, people, it's yet another shit smartphone port.