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  1. I just got this trophy for the second time (got it on PS3 a few years ago). I did not find it easier the second time around. First, I forgot you could "invalidate" a lap to get your turbo item back, so every time I failed I ended up doing a full extra lap in order to have a turbo for the finish line. I kept failing because I usually missed a speed pad on the opening curve, or I messed up the second barrel roll inside the tunnel. Here's the tip that helped me the most: I noticed most of the videos have you take the first group of speed pads in a center-center-outside-outside pattern, but I found that going center-center-inside-outside made the racing line shorter, made me less likely to clip the outside wall, and put me at a better angle to nail the upcoming double barrel roll you need to pull off. Once I started doing that, I reliably got the first half of the course down, and then it was just a matter of getting lucky with the third barrel roll jumping up onto the elevated lane. I got the trophy 7 laps later.
  2. 8 January 2019 Attempt #8 (cont'd): I got cornered and overwhelmed in the office/lab room in chapter 13. Killed by an enhanced slasher. Attempt #9: Killed by a puker on the top floor of the red rooms in chapter 13. I made the mistake of trying to kill everything before heading to the door. I forgot how fast those enhanced pukers are. Attempt #10: Success! I decided to use stasis/force gun and run through the red rooms, but still took several hits. The enhanced brute went down in one shot from my line gun alt fire. I decided not to sell off the line gun and used it instead as an efficient way of blowing off all the ubermorph's limbs in chapter 14. I muted my tv and covered the lower-left portion of my screen as per usual during the eye poke machine, because I just can't with that. I had a LOT of close calls in chapter 14. I thought I was done for in one room where I was attacked by an infector and it triggered a QTE, then by the time I freed myself I was cornered by an enhanced slasher and the ubermorph. Still don't know how I made it out of that one alive. Good thing I had the force gun on me, I guess. I mostly used the contact beam alt fire and the force gun to get through chapter 14 and the beginning of 15. I just ran through trying to survive rather than kill everything and grab items. At the last store, I stocked up with 5 large med kits, 5 medium, 3 or 4 stacks of stasis packs, and the rest ammo for the contact beam and force gun. I ended up using all but one of those med kits, so if I did it again I would've gone for more health and a little less ammo. The contact beam made the marker fight a piece of cake, but I was nervous about catching Ellie's ship at the end (admittedly, I paused the game and watched a YouTube video to learn where the rocks and debris would be flying from in advance). Caught up to Ellie, and that was that. Having completed the whole thing now, getting to the first save was definitely the hardest. Before you can upgrade your RIG, one or two hits can take you out. Once you've upgraded the RIG and have built a small stockpile of med kits, encounters become a lot less stressful. You can take some hits and keep chugging along. I never sold a single med kit; the only things I sold were semiconductors and ammo for weapons I wasn't using. I only ever had to buy plasma energy, force energy, and power nodes, until the very last store when I bought a two or three large med packs for the final stretch. Even though I'll probably never try it again, I think hard core mode is how the hardest difficulty in games should be done. Zealot felt like a chore, because you could just tank through each checkpoint, but hard core was fun and truly felt like a challenge, and the trophy feels like a real achievement rather than a grind. It was really intense. I'll probably be taking a long break before I decide to finish up the hardest Dead Space 3 trophies.
  3. 7 January 2019 Attempt #7 (cont'd): Not long after sitting down to play today, I forgot about an exploder in the compression window room in chapter 9 and died when the window blew out. Good thing I made my second save where I did. Attempt #8: Made it to my planned save point in chapter 13 this time, right after sending Ellie off in her ship. I struggled through most of the expected places: the stalker area in chapter 9, the long hallway with two brutes on the Ishimura (I used up my stasis packs during the tripod nest and forgot to take more out of the safe before entering here), the Ishimura bridge, and the drill ride. My maxed out contact beam alt fire made the chapter 11 elevator ride a cinch, but for some reason I struggled with the drill ride, using 5 or 6 medium med packs. It was a good thing I bought the advanced suit as soon as it was available, so that I could carry more into chapter 12 with me. I kept getting hit by the lurker barbs. I've now maxed out the line gun alt fire as well as the stasis (I was missing recharge and duration), and I also bought the force gun and started to upgrade its damage. I used that on the pack while I was waiting for Ellie to turn the drill around. My plan is to use the force gun to get me through the big, crowded rooms in chapter 13 (the large atrium, the three red rooms, and the ... lab? office?) and use the line gun alt fire to take out the enhanced brute in one shot. After that, I'll respec my line gun and sell it off along with all the ammo I've stocked up in my safe, and put that into the force gun first and anything leftover into the contact beam. Run and gun through chapter 14 with the force gun, then take out the marker with the contact beam. The eye poke machine has never been a problem for me, although trying to catch Ellie's ship at the very very end has been. I don't have much left, so I'm hoping to finish this tomorrow.
  4. A continuation of my above post: 5 January 2019 Attempt #7 (cont'd): To my surprise, I made it to my second save without any deaths. There were only two kind of dodgy parts on this run: the pregnant/leaper room at the beginning of chapter 6, and the decompression room in chapter 7. I got pinned to the end of the hallway in the chapter 6 room and finished the encounter with a red RIG, so I almost gave up because I didn't want to spend a ton of med packs on a single encounter. But then I remembered there was a bench coming up and I was due for an HP upgrade, so I held on and got my free health refill that way. In the chapter 7 decompression room, a crawler hit the mine trigger and blew out the window before I was ready, and so I almost got sucked out. The parts that I expected to be trouble actually went really well. I made it through most encounters with no damage, including the encounters with the pack in chapter 5 (church), 6 (school gymnasium), and 7 (transport hub). I took a few hits during the tripod elevator sequence, but that was nothing compared to what I expected. I've now got maxed out HP, maxed out PC damage with special effect, maxed out contact beam alt fire with stasis effect, stasis upgraded to max energy (4 shots), and a line gun capacity upgrade (starting the alt fire branch). I regularly have to leave loot behind because my inventory is full, which is getting really frustrating (and also really weird because I have had terrible luck with node door loot on this playthrough; they've rarely been worth spending a node). I always want to carry a full row of med packs, two stacks of stasis, one stack of contact energy, two stacks of line racks, and two stacks of plasma energy. With 15 slots, it's getting crowded now that semiconductors, etc., are showing up more regularly. The advanced suit cannot come soon enough. I was running out of time before I had to quit playing, so I saved at the beginning of chapter 9 in the room with Ellie and Stross. This was one chapter earlier than I wanted. I'm okay with it, but I won't be changing my plan to make save number 3 at the beginning of chapter 13.
  5. This trophy always intimidated me, but I decided to finally give it a go. I hadn't played the game for about two years, and I still needed the trophy for zealot difficulty as well, so I did that first on a clean save (not NG+) as a refresher. I made it through zealot with much less difficulty than I expected ... I'd completed Dead Space: Ignition a long time ago, so having access to the conduit doors helps. But hard core difficulty is a whole different level of brutal. I made it up to my first save this evening. Here are my attempts so far: 2 January 2019 Attempt #1: Died in chapter 2. In the long hallway before the tram platform, I shot an exploder (the fourth and final spawn) too close to me. 3 January 2019 Attempt #2: Died in chapter 2 again. I ran out of ammo during the upside-down hanging sequence after the tram crash, I think dying by an exploder again. Attempt #3: I had a bad run on chapter 1, wasting too much ammo and taking too many hits, so I let the tripod boss kill me. Holy crap was that a gruesome death scene. Attempt #4: I learned that the pack is going to be my biggest headache on this mode. Wasted a lot of ammo and health during the two pack encounters in chapter 3, but actually survived both, dying instead from a single slasher that I had forgotten that jumps out from a vent right before the node door in the room where the battery power is out. 4 January 2019 Attempt #5: Died during the first encounter with the pack in chapter 3. Attempt #6: This was a really bad run. I was playing really twitchy and missing a lot of shots, and most of the loot was bad. I was low on resources, even though my inventory slots were full. The enemies kept dropping low amounts of credits and useless ammo for weapons I wasn't carrying, like seeker, rivet, detonator, ripper, etc. I died via an exploder while hanging upside-down from the tram in chapter 2 again. Attempt #7: Decided to change my strategy a bit this time, and it paid off. Rather than spend all my credits on nodes, I decided to buy some more PC ammo a couple of times. I also decided to get a couple of the HP upgrades and not spend all my nodes on PC damage and stasis. It made me a lot less anxious during encounters. The pack is still an issue, though. I ended up using the line gun alt fire a couple of times to take out several of them at once. Made it through the end of chapter 3 for the first time even though I was nervous about the last room, and chapter 4 was a breeze. I saved at the beginning of chapter 5, which was earlier than I wanted. I planned to make it to at least chapter 6 or ideally 7 before the tripod elevator, but the upcoming pack encounter in chapter 5 had me nervous and I was just so tired of sitting through the game intro and other chapter 1 stuff. At my first save, I have: 5200 credits 65 PC ammo 15 line racks (maybe another 6 in the safe, can't remember) 3 stasis packs 2 medium med packs a bunch of small med packs (some in the safe) RIG upgraded to 2 HP nodes stasis upgraded to max energy for 4 shots PC upgraded to special attack, with one DMG node to go to max out that stat My planned strategy going forward is: save #2 at the beginning of chapter 10, #3 at the beginning of 13 continue with the PC and line gun (alt fire, mostly), and add the contact beam to my arsenal when available finish upgrading PC damage, then max my HP, then contact beam alt fire, then line gun alt fire use contact beam for its alt fire during the mine elevator and drill ride sequences, as well as a panic button if surrounded (especially by the pack), and its primary fire for the final fight in chapter 13, possibly earlier, swap out and respec the line gun for the force gun A few observations: Knowing that a death can set you back hours really messes with your head. It made me super twitchy and trigger-happy on some of my runs, and I died on places I breezed through easily on zealot. I'm really surprised I never died from the slasher who can one-shot you in the room where you first get stasis in chapter 1. Stasis + line gun alt fire is my go-to method for dealing with clusters of enemies, like the final room in chapter 3 with the infectors, slashers, and pukers, as well as the one room in chapter 4 with about four infectors and a bunch of slashers. The insta-death parts haven't been much of a problem for me (not that there have been many so far). I've been shooting out the decompression windows and using them to my advantage. I never had much of a problem with them -- I just stand as far back as I can, shoot the window, and move my PC crosshairs along the horizontal axis until it's above the triangle. Then I just wait until the suction lines me up vertically. I keep wondering if I'm spending too many credits on nodes. Whew. I'll make another post when/if I ever make it to my second save.