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  1. Well, I have problems getting the 200 point jump trophy for Joes DLC, tried it with several jumps a bit over 200 points, but not even a 260 point jump unlocked it. =/ I'll try restarting my PS4 and hope it will work. All other trophies popped when they should, just missing two story trophies for Joe and the 1000 Miles Trophy with Jimmy for 100%. Edit: Nevermind.... it seems you don't get the points shown in every case for jumping. After I couldn't do it with the fastest car, I switched to the (non-upgradeable) Drifter from Mafia 3 and got it instant.
  2. Well, it is, what SMS announced it to be, but the career is too short in my opinion, even the 'worse' career of PC2 was way more fun. I expected a Shift 3, but I got less of a game. Mostly you are forced to spend your hard earned credits for specific cars, which you'll only need for one or two events. Also you have more hotlaps (with annoying times) and Breakout Events, than actual races. You also had Road Cars and GT Cars in Shift 2, but you had an Endurance series in the career and even a Drift series (ok, the later one with mostly annoying points). Also the balancing isn't that good, like you can see in the actual monthly event. Two cars with the exact same PIR aren't equally fast on a track, my GT3RS is 10 seconds slower than my F12TDF, on a normal GP track, same PIR. I had a lot of fun with PC3 (together with quite some hard time, but it makes fun either with controller or wheel), but I prefer other games (no matter if Sim, Arcade or Simcades, I like them all in their way) instead of PC3. The biggest point for PC3 are the cars. In which game are you allowed to drive the Chiron, the Jesko, the C2 or the Evija? And even upgrade them? (I liked Real Racing 3 for that, but stopped after that F2P mobile title was getting more and more grindy). The tracks are ok, nothing special, but Le Mans is definitely a big miss.
  3. I remember mastering tracks with only doing the corners. At least it was sometimes shown at the end of the race in 'Mastering abc x times", while only getting 99% of the line. Don't know if this is a bug of the early versions or wanted by SMS.
  4. Afaik the matchmaking depends on your Qualifying time. If there are no others in range of your time, nobody will enter your lobby. I also guess, there aren't many people playing it (online). When I did the trophies, there were races with only two people (quick race). In my sheduled event we were 4. Not quite that high numbers. And this was shortly after the game was released. Most people have the trophies and will never touch it again.
  5. To 1st: I guess the initial question was, if PS4 and PS5 share their list, so that unlocked trophies will carry over. While you could get Platinum on the PS3 and PS4 version separately, I think the answer to that is no, while the trophy list should stay the same. So you could get at least 3 platinum trophies over the 3 generations (don't know if there are regional versions, allowing you more in this game). To 3rd: Rockstar deactivated that, due to some modders, some time ago. I had to start all over. Don't know if they still have such problems with the PS4 version, so that this feature will maybe there again.
  6. I want to gather all informations, so that others can see, which ranks they have to reach for getting the 300 points. Feel free to help me Daily: 60 pts - Platinum 50 pts - Gold 3 45 pts - Gold 2 40 pts - Gold 1 35 pts - Silver 3 30 pts - Silver 2 25 pts - Silver 1 20 pts - Bronze 3 15 pts - Bronze 2 10 pts - Bronze 1 Weekly (multiplier 1.5): 90 pts - Platinum 75 pts - Gold 3 67 pts - Gold 2 60 pts - Gold 1 52 pts - Silver 3 45 pts - Silver 2 37 pts - Silver 1 30 pts - Bronze 3 22 pts - Bronze 2 ?? pts - Bronze 1 Monthly (multiplier 2?): 120 pts - Platinum 100 pts - Gold 3 ?? pts - Gold 2 ?? pts - Gold 1 ?? pts - Silver 3 ?? pts - Silver 2 ?? pts - Silver 1 ?? pts - Bronze 3 ?? pts - Bronze 2 ?? pts - Bronze 1 All events ends at midnight UTC-8. The dailies ends daily, the weekly at midnight from 7th to 8th, 14th to 15th, 21st to 22nd and last day of a month to 1st of the following, so that every month has 4 weeklies! The monthly ends at midnight between last day of a month and 1st of the following. (At UTC-8). If you live in UTC+/-0 (as example) all events will end at 8 am of the 2nd given date. (Monthly at 1st 8 am as example). You award points AFTER an event ended, while the trophy for the 300 points will pop up after ending the season (when the monthly ends). Also the trophy for the 10 times will pop up after the 10th event, you set up a time, ended, while it doesn't matter if it was a daily, weekly or monthly. Like I said, feel free to help me with points for different ranks (the ??, just to confirm the multiplier) and also with translation mistakes I made
  7. Had a glitch at the Indy-Car Championship in the Challenge Events Tab, last race (in Daytona - Oval). In my 1st try, the game freezed at round 18. 2nd try my EP counter went at the end of round 12 from 40k or so up to 973k. After the race I 'only' got 870k or so, but it still were some easy 300k credits
  8. Invitationals open correctly for me (I guess), challenging is the problem. I have only 2 challenging events open yet. One for winning (30?) races with a Nissan and the one for winning the Road B World championship (well.... actually I got the latter one by winning the Road B Special Championship, but that's the unlock description). All other ones for the championships are locked (and I'm only missing Road A, Hypercar, GT A and GT Open). I'm actually trying to unlock the other 5 with car specific win conditions.
  9. Restart the game. Played Version 1.00 for 3 days (poor internet here) and had a lot of these flickering bugs ^^
  10. As far as I'd seen, you can't do a setup in rival races (I couldn't even choose High Grip/High Speed), at least for the daily ones. Correct me, if this is a bug ^^
  11. Also remember, that you only earn points, when the challenge ends. You won't get points after finishing the event. For yesterday the points given were: 60 (Platinum) 50 (Gold 3) 45 (Gold 2) 40, 35, 30 and so on until 10 for the lowest rank. Don't know yet, if this scales with the 'difficulty'of the event.
  12. I have a Hotlap Event (Havana - Road A), where I get disqualified after passing the starting/finishing line. While I can't get the 3rd Star in the other Hotlap, I'm still missing one star for further progress, unless I pay for it (which isn't an option for me yet). Neither using my Skyline, nor my F12tdf helps me. Also restart doesn't solve that.
  13. 70 points and no trophy ^^ Should get it next month
  14. Well, I didn't need the rift watchtowers and upgrades for platinum, only the rift missions (which seems very strange)
  15. Yes, I tried two full days to get the triplets, then I decided to download a pregnant char, which will receive them, via galery. Most of the trophies are only time consuming (maximizing every skill and especially getting the highest rank in all careers.) I read that platinum is doable in a few hours while using the galery, while you can download sims, which are short before the mentioned events. The few other trophies, like every emotion in 24h etc. are easy with guides, but no normal player will get them, which results in a low platinum rate. But yeah... to get the platinum with normal playing is a lot of (boring) grinding. Also there are a lot of bugs, blocking your commands, long loadings screens and often a bad performance (at least on standard PS4), making this an absolutey bad port of a PC game. This is maybe another reason. Lots of people maybe started this and it was unplayable (due to the performance) for them, so they bought the PC version or never touched it again. Also the building menu is very is user unfriendly in my eyes (tried to build an underground (or what the english word is), but hadn't success. I could search for any FAQs in the internet, but that shouldn't be the goal of such a game)