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  1. Sure, this could have used a trophy for actually beating the game and maybe 2-3 extraneous trophies for doing X or Y special thing, but for what the game is, this is not a bad list imo. Now to wait and see if Jumping Flash gets similar treatment!!
  2. It's been five years since I played this game, but I remember out of the 700+ grid puzzles, I only had to look up a solution for no more than five. As far as "The Challenge" goes, by the time I'd gotten to it, I'd solved so many other puzzles in the game that I was ready for it. Not to take away from the difficulty folks are experiencing with this part, this is part of the genius of the game's design. Like, you just start seeing solutions for easier puzzles as soon as you first look at it, or you can "read" a puzzle with certain symbols much faster than you were able to a few hours of playtime ago. Just keep at it and you'll eventually end up with a series of puzzles that you'll be able to solve quick enough to make it to the end. I will note that I needed a little bit of help in order to best it myself. My brother had to make note of the triangle symbols on the tabletop board for me so I could navigate the maze room better.
  3. I'm up to the fifth lord now. Money's still a struggle, and I have been doing any and all sidequests I've come across. I've also def been selling any commodities and obsolete armor pieces along the way. I guess it just gets better after the story? I'll also dabble in the fishing some more.
  4. I just defeated the third lord. I have very little money and am running out of restorative items. Is there any way, given where I'm at in the story, to farm for Gald so I can afford to stock up on items prior to big boss fight and mutant enemy encounters?
  5. Speaking for myself, I have been able to tune out all the shouting during battles. My focus is on the battle music and whatever I'm trying to do in the combat at any given time. Tales newbie here as well, and this comment made me LOL. I did notice after making my way into the third realm that wow, I really am listening to the same grandiose track I've been hearing since the start of the game. Is that a Tales norm? Different areas should def have different music to help you identify and observe each new area's personality. Oh well.
  6. I'd say it's going to be at least a 6-7. As far as the list's composition goes, I think it's a solid, encompassing list for all the content that's included.
  7. Oh, nice. Much less time than I thought it might. Thanks
  8. Yeah, still wondering why the PS4 tiles can't just be full-size rectangles while the PS5 tiles co-exist as squares. At least we have vertical trophy navigation again.
  9. Kind of a dumb question, but I was wondering if anyone could provide a ballpark estimate for how long it might take a Legends newb like myself to potentially solo my way to earning the True Understanding trophy (completing all nine story missions in Legends Mode on the same difficulty). TIA
  10. Seeing some people taking hours to complete their second playthrough and others taking mere minutes. Is there an exploit one can use to avoid having to play a legit full second playthrough?
  11. Greatly dislike all the "collect all X" trophies at the bottom but otherwise, looks like a solid list. "Experience the game" is a solid vibe for an RPG's trophy list.
  12. I'll be waiting until a trophy guide is published before I give this game (would be my first Tales game) a try. It's definitely on my wish list, though. I like the list. Seems much simpler compared to previous Tales games. I wasn't planning on going for the Plat for Arise, but it might be doable!
  13. Appreciate the replies. I'll let him know!
  14. Looking to get some clarification from folks who've played the expansion, asking for my housemate.... He read somewhere that you can access the expansion content at the start of Act 2, but if you've already beaten the whole base game, you can no longer access the expansion content. He'd have to start a new savefile and make it to the start of Act 2. Is there any truth to this? For the record, I'm a first time player of the game, about ten hours in and firmly still in Act 1 so I'm not in a position to answer his question and am curious myself.
  15. Shadow of the Tomb Raider did it for each of the eight or so DLC packs, and they all looked great! Absolutely should be the standard.