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  1. Kinda curious to see what kind of responses I'll get by throwing this question out there... Do we think this is easier or more difficult than surviving the titular Impossible Lair from the 2019 Yooka Laylee sequel?
  2. I reached out to Bungie via their Forums. Only information I've gotten from them so far is that perhaps not all weekly challenges count towards the trophy (yay). When/if they respond further, I'll be sure to reply here again. Knowing this info will definitely help other current and future Destiny 2 players!
  3. Anyone know any trick to get this trophy to ping? I have done over 40 non-seasonal challenges at this point, mostly on one of my three characters, and it still hasn’t triggered.
  4. The trophy guide on this site is vastly outdated. Use this one instead, in addition to the guidance given under other forum topics here:
  5. Chest that’s supposed to be up and around the corner from the fast travel spot is outright missing from its location. Verified correct location with multiple online video guides. Do any of you remember having a similar issue (maybe not with this specific chest..) and if so how you resolved it?
  6. UPDATE: They do not.
  7. Came here because I'm in the same boat... My 50" Samsung 4K TV from 2015 doesn't have HDR even, so I've been considering upgrading by year end so I can fully enjoy what the PS5 has to offer. So it is a safe bet to assume there will be more choices for HDMI 2.1 support by like the fall or so?
  8. Do Season 13 seasonal challenges count towards the total for this trophy?
  9. I don't think it updates? I think the PS4 list has stayed the same while adopting the new PS5 requirements. And then of course the PS5 list shows the new requirements.
  10. It's so weird. I don't know that they fixed it, but I was finally able to earn the trophy nonetheless. I created a new Titan last night (thinking that would resolve it) and played up until accessing the Tower and the Light Reforged quest. It had me where I'd left off on my prior Titan, the last 700 pts. It was showing 0/700, which I thought was fair considering it was a new character. But when I completed my first match, it stayed at 0 instead of moving up to 10/700. At this point, I decided to check the companion app, which showed me at 699/700 (if anything, I should have only been at around 250-300 or so but wasn't complaining). One more completed match and despite still showing 0/700 the quest step was marked as completed and I was able to turn it into Shaxx for the trophy. That's my story.
  11. lol, wow I didn't even think of buying 15 of them.
  12. If I buy the same Red War exotic(s) from Xur on all three chars, does it count just once or three times?
  13. I really hope so. From the time stamps on people’s messages on other forums about this issue, it might very well be a Season 12 issue. Guess I’ll see on Tuesday (or else I will have to make a new character 😭 )
  14. I was at 200/700 valor rank points for the last step of this quest when I maxed my rank and reset it. Now the progress shows 0/700 and does not go up after completed matches. apparently this is a commonly known bug. Just wondering if anyone here found a way around it. Does starting a new character help? Abandoning and picking it up again does NOT do the trick.
  15. Welp, too late! But I only bought it this morning and I don’t recall him having more than one Red War exotic on hand when I checked last night so *shrugs*. just gonna take a longer time in general I guess.