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  1. I'm definitely going to wait on this one. $20-30 will be the sweet spot, I think. As bad as it might actually be at launch, you know they're going to work to patch out bugs and make gameplay improvements that may already be in the works. Didn't Destiny and Destiny 2 have the same issue (never played either, but feel like I'd read similar stories)? Things will hopefully work out, and then more people will dive in.
  2. I'm too far in to quit now, but I have to say that I'm definitely not enjoying Odyssey nearly as much as I enjoyed Origins. In Sequence 7 atm and the story has yet to grip me. I'm basically just playing the game still because the scenery is gorgeous and I like exploring (even though I'll agree with some of you that the game world is just a bit too big). But, all the heart and passion I felt playing through Origins just isn't there again.
  3. Currently lvl32 2/3rds of the way through Sequence 5. I started out playing this game the same way I played Origins. Since you had to do EVERYTHING on the map, I completed regions as I touched them. But Odyssey, I’m finding, is just way way too big for that. I had to tell myself to focus on story quests b/c I was drowning in level-appropriate sub-regions. I get that with the level scaling, you’re free to go pretty much wherever to experience those parts of the map, but anyone else out there (esp those who’ve earned the Platinum) feel even just a little sad that the world might be too big to fully explore? (And yes, I’m aware there’s a trophy to touch all sub-regions. By “explore,” I mean “investigating ?s”.)
  4. Okay, thanks
  5. Does the DLC stuff in the Helix shop ever go on sale? Own the game, but haven’t started and don’t plan to for at least a little while yet. Still, would be cool to pick up some of the extras and a sale wouldn’t hurt.
  6. He was much more active for me in Reignited. For whatever reason, I couldn't get the steering down, so he kept almost getting to me by the time I figured out how to steer out of the way each time. That said, I will agree. Clearly, the PS1 shark submarine is more aggressive.
  7. Cool. Thanks for the reply. It's been literally decades since I last played these games. I thought for sure once you cleared a stage there'd be nothing left in them to go back to do, but sounds like enemies respawn, etc, so we're all good!
  8. So the one for not getting hit by Toasty.... not missable because you would just restart your game if you got hit?
  9. No interest in the two main PS4 offerings, and I just bought Burly Men last month. For those on the fence, it is a fun, though brief little venture. Doesn't require any skill and it's good as a reprieve from any hardcore AAA action you've been playing your way through in recent months. Just a little sad that I could've saved $12 by waiting a few weeks. This happens to me all the time!
  10. This is the boat I'm in as well.
  11. Were we always expecting so many of the same exact trophies to show up from the last game for this "sequel"? It's really perplexing that a sequel would feature so much of the same content.
  12. Como Te Llama - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  13. Yeah, coming back to this as I've now earned the Platinum. Difficulty doesn't matter with respect to experience gain, and to be honest, there are quite a few areas where you can clear nearly all the enemies, then restart the checkpoint rinse/repeat for quick xp gain. No one need worry about getting to the end of their first Challenge Mode playthrough not having attained max level.
  14. Hmm, weird. I wonder if the Youtuber just spliced gameplay footage together to make a "new intro" then. Sure looked legit to me.
  15. I'm going to be sad to see my current 100% status go away, but to be honest, I don't really have a desire to replay the campaign and I'm not interested in the DLC. It was fun, but not something I have any need to go back to.