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  1. Yeah, coming back to this as I've now earned the Platinum. Difficulty doesn't matter with respect to experience gain, and to be honest, there are quite a few areas where you can clear nearly all the enemies, then restart the checkpoint rinse/repeat for quick xp gain. No one need worry about getting to the end of their first Challenge Mode playthrough not having attained max level.
  2. Hmm, weird. I wonder if the Youtuber just spliced gameplay footage together to make a "new intro" then. Sure looked legit to me.
  3. I'm going to ask a really superficial question that I'm hoping some of you vets can answer with your eyes closed. I just picked up the game and saw the intro. Really cool. I saw on YT, however, that with the inclusion of DLC characters, the intro changes. Does this happen automatically, as you acquire DLC characters, or only if/once you've purchased all of them?
  4. I'm going to be sad to see my current 100% status go away, but to be honest, I don't really have a desire to replay the campaign and I'm not interested in the DLC. It was fun, but not something I have any need to go back to.
  5. Looks like I'm waiting to start my savefile until next week then. Do not need this drama, haha
  6. Thanks for this! I know it's been a couple of months since you posted this, but do you happen to remember if seeds collected carry over in subsequent playthroughs (i.e. is there a NG+ option)? Or do they all need to be collected in a single playthrough?
  7. Dumb question: Before I buy, just wanted to know if there's level select available. Wouldn't want to mess up along the way and have to replay from the start. Although I could just quickly close out of the game and retry..... at any rate, does this option exist? Thanks.
  8. Ugh, it is so dumb that we even have to replay 5+ chapters after beating the game just to unlock the remaining abilities. Kind of waste of time...
  9. Been considering returning to this game to clean up and earn the Platinum.... @PanSatyro, what do you mean by "go hard for fast exp."? I may have just forgotten, but do you actually earn more exp playing on Hard, or did you just mean to use the phrase "go hard"? haha
  10. I actually find these Tomb Raider games to be more difficult than the Uncharted games, so even without MP or Score Attack trophies, I think for me this will be a "close but no cigar" situation with respect to the Platinum.
  11. UPDATE: The trophy's description is indeed misleading/incorrect. The requirement for this trophy is ten uses of the Armiger, which unlocks once you have acquired six of the thirteen Royal Arms.
  12. I've definitely used my Royal Arms more than ten times now, but the trophy has yet to pop. Does it need to be ten different weapons?
  13. TBH, I'm banking on this not being a Platinum for me. Score Attacks and Difficulty-related trophies (depending on the game) are a big turn-off for me. For my level of skill, they're just too much trouble for what its worth. That said, I'll still go for literally every other trophy and hope I come out with a completion % of at least 70%.
  14. Well, this is what I'm starting my day with today, so hopefully it won't be "hours" until the game decides to grace me with Technique prompts. UPDATE: Just got it. Overall, I'd have to say it took me at least 25 attempts to earn this trophy. Generally speaking for those newcomers who come to this topic seeking tips, I would say that if you get halfway through the battle and see no prompts for Aranea's Highwind come up at any time, you should close out of the game and restart the battle anew. Otherwise, you'll literally just be wasting your time. Also, you must wait for its health bar to disappear completely (no red showing) before triggering Highwind, or else you'll end up in the situation described by us earlier in the thread, where it'll still be able to take another hit or two after Highwind. Walk tall, my friends.
  15. I loathe luck-based trophies. I actually defeated this boss at least ten times last night, with only two of those attempts giving me the option to use Highwind at the very end. Even worse, I appeared to be off from the kill by less than 1000 HP AFTER Highwind, because it only took another couple of hits each time to down the boss. How aggravating!!!
  16. Okay, then. Will focus on using the Armiger more often.
  17. Should've been Balthier again, or Cuchulainn with his silly grin haha
  18. Regarding the Fleet trophy, that definitely happened for me as well, where it popped despite still missing the multipart Glass Wing relic in Dawnvessel. Last night, I nabbed that relic and am now at 5/5 for that area, but I'm still 3/4 for Duskprism with no clue what I'm missing. I have the automaton, the waxed figurine, and whatever the other one is. You get the Exotic Matter Canisters by progressing through the level, so I imagine I got all of those since I was able to leave the stage and activate the access to the final level. That leaves me with what should be 4/4, and yet, here I am. Given what you say about them adding new collectibles but the trophy logic remaining the same, super annoying. At this point, just want to be done with this game.
  19. Scratch that. It's #50, and that's pretty much all anyone would need. Six 400+ meter drifts in one three-lap attempt. Doesn't take very long at all, if you want to boost this one.
  20. I’ve heard 49 is a good campaign track to boost this, but I was wondering if anyone’s made or found a more focused track for this purpose?
  21. Can't help but be upset/frustrated by this announcement. It's great for fans of Rogue, sure, or those who didn't pick it up at the time of its original release, but I would've comfortably assumed that AC3 would get remastered before Rogue did. Say what you want about AC3, but personally, it's to date my favorite in the series. For reference, I've played the Ezio trilogy, AC3, Rogue, and am currently making my way through Origins. I did not like Rogue. I got about ten hours in and just stopped playing because I just couldn't stay engaged/interested. The hopeful wait continues for AC3 Remastered...
  22. This. ^^ My advice would be to make sure you've unlocked every node that's currently available on the map (as of today's date), then farm for another 350-375k kW by whatever means necessary. Then start checking the map and backing out to see if the trophy will pop. I got mine at 372k, post-full grid.
  23. Got this yesterday, just running around the districts during the first chapter. Super annoying that you have to get the kills with it, since TC hardly kills enemies in one shot and the manual charge still feels not fast enough. Made the combat feel really clunky, but I suppose in ordinary combat, you wouldn't be spamming TC and everything would feel much more fluid. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of enemies in the first chapter alone to earn the trophy.
  24. I would have to agree that High Time is the worst TT of the game. All others didn’t come close, although a handful of others did give me some temporary trouble. This one was a solid 50 attempts, at least. Probably closer to 100. I took my earned Gold with honor and distinction.
  25. For Crash 1, I did everything except earn gold relics in ALL stages and earn ALL gems. For Crash 2, I did everything except earn gold relics in ALL stages. For Warped, I really would love to earn the Platinum since it is my favorite of the series, but time trials, no matter what game they're in, terrify me. How do they stack up in this game compared to in the other games?