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  1. Can confirm: Bad Breath is not guaranteed to be learned. I had Barret standing in his mouth each time until he finally learned it the fourth time. Behemoth was challenging, but I was surprised by how hard Malboro was, too. Out of nowhere, my characters were losing health so quickly. In the end, it had such a small amount of health that I took a risk and had Cloud spam Punisher Mode and Triple Slash at his back while he stayed focused on the other two. Paid off, but whew, I would not have lasted much longer!
  2. Back in the PS3 days, I only earned Platinums on games I really enjoyed and not just because they were available or easy. Life became a lot more stressful for me personally over the last three years, so I picked up a lot more games on my PS4 and tried earning the Platinum on every single one. FF7R is a perfect example of my desire to go back to my Platinum/trophy philosophy from the PS3 days. Do I love FF7? YES. Do I love FF7R? Yes, I do. Do I want to subject myself to this Hard Mode for a Platinum trophy? Not really, no. Especially not after everything I've heard. I'll dabble in it to get my weapons to max level and attempt taking down Malboro and Pride and Joy, but I don't want to start hating the game. I never played Crisis Core on Hard for the same exact reason. Point is, some people will go for the Platinum because it's another Platinum, or because they really enjoyed the game and that's enough of a reason for them. It's not that I don't love the game enough; it's that I don't think the Platinum in this case is worth all the potential stress and frustration. When you start feeling like a Platinum is going to be too much work or too unfair or too time-consuming or too whatever - anything at all, that's when it is 100% okay to step away and count whatever % you're at as "the Platinum" for that game. I have MotorStorm Pacific Rift at 63%, but I worked my butt off for that percentage. At the end of the day, games are meant to be played for fun. Even if you don't earn the Platinum for a game, it doesn't mean you didn't enjoy it / that you don't love it / that you're less of a gamer for not earning it. You do you. I'm going to earn my 91% in FF7R with pride.
  3. I'm terrified of Hard mode. Normal has sometimes felt pretty hard to me. Thinking I'll earn all other trophies besides the two golds and make a judgement call at that point.
  4. Hey everyone, Since the game is now over three years old, I was hoping to ask others who are currently playing the game if the current playable state of it has improved much since the early days of frequent patching. Is it still as buggy, glitchy, and prone to game crash/freezing as it was in 2016?
  5. Does mastered Materia split and create a new one like they did in the original game? just curious
  6. Anyone have the game already and actively working on a trophy guide?
  7. Earned the platinum back in feb and don’t recall ever having any trophy issues or crashes. Just that load times were occasionally longer than I would have liked.
  8. Honest question. Amazon doesn't appear to carry it.
  9. Right?? I gave myself a custom Barret one b/c he looks so damn good in the remake, but it'd be great if they could make an official one that'd show up everywhere.
  10. Trophy lists are identical (unless I'm missing something), so what's the difference between the two?
  11. I don't think the trophy list posted today matches the actual Mosaic game coming out soon.
  12. I don't understand the logic here on the part of the developer. If the idea is to make players play the game for longer, then they could have still had a whole storefront with everything listed by category and due to each item's cost, players would still have to play to earn the coins (unless you pay for coins with real money) for the necessary number required for what you want to buy. Then have cycling discounts on stuff like what they have on the left half of the screen currently. I think this would have been way better. As it stands, I regret buying physical because I keep having to swap discs just to see what's up each night until I do have everything I want.
  13. How exactly does the Pit Stop work when it comes to skins? What I mean is, I buy Rustland Pura and then Rustland Dingodile shows up. Am I correct in saying it will just show me all the new skins for the current Grand Prix before showing any older character skins? Does the same thing happen when it comes to karts and wheels? I'm kind of hoping this isn't the case because I only just started the game and that's a lot of items I don't really want that I'd have to buy anyway just to get to the ones I do want. Just looking for some clarity from those who are far more experienced with the game.
  14. Guess I lucked out then. Only one freezing incident and nothing else in all the hours I played. PS4 Pro, digital copy.
  15. I don't understand what went wrong with the lightsaber combat here. I actually enjoyed the feel of the different blasters this time around though. Nice looking trophies, fun trophy names, loads of definitely scratched an itch. I don't regret playing this. Also, FTR, after playing all the way to 100% completion including the DLC, I only experienced the one freezing incident. Still, back up your file to the Cloud often just in case. But it would seem the game is in a much better state now than it was before.
  16. Coming back to this now that I've put in at least 25 hours of playtime.... I've only had the game freeze on me once. It did not affect my game data at all. Totally agree with your points regarding the load screens, the incredibly puzzling character selection screen (took me quite a while to realize it was sorted alphabetically), and the tremendous number of superfluous unlockable characters that no one knows. Also, evidently lightsabers don't automatically repel/ricochet blaster fire in this one?? Other than all that, I'm enjoying it. I like all the side missions and all the hubs. I like that it's different enough from Complete Saga and the Harry Potter games (the only other LEGO games I've played). Definitely going to Platinum this one and cannot wait for Skywalker Saga.
  17. The Nathan Drake Collection is free with PS+ this month! I would add to this conversation besides that that Assassin's Creed Origins, Horizon Zero Dawn, and FFXV are the games from this gen that will stick with me once we've moved on to PS5. I did not want to stop playing any of them and their stories had me sitting there in tears. Not related at all to story (because it doesn't really have one), for its stellar gameplay and quiet atmosphere alone, The Witness is also a game I will not soon forget. It's one of my top five games of all time, and if you're into puzzle games at all and/or have a significant other who may also be into puzzle games (or be willing to play one with you as a together activity), I can't recommend it enough.
  18. Precisely. It's a whole different mindset, and it really does wonders to keep you engaged with everything you're playing.
  19. I'm sure you'll get it with enough time and practice. Don't be discouraged. It all comes down to muscle memory and getting "in the zone." I know you'll get it if you keep trying!
  20. Can't find anything on the internet about this game. Does anyone know what it is and/or when it's coming out? Looks like an easy plat.
  21. It's one of those games you play in between the heavy action, heavy thinking-required games. It's so chill and relaxing, and it's incredibly stunning to watch in motion. I forgot how much I enjoyed it on Switch back in January until I started playing it again on PS4 tonight. Glad I rebought for the Platinum.
  22. Just so everyone knows, verified by personal experience, you can definitely QUIT to the main menu and then choose to CONTINUE to restart if you happen to mess up at any point during the windy parts. I was messing up in the beginning until I got the hang of it, and once I made it through successfully, the trophy did proc for me, despite the three or so resets.
  23. Pretty sure nothing is missable, trophy-wise. I just meant that I hope not to have to do too much chapter select outside the 1 or 2 things you have to beat the game first in order to encounter.
  24. Agree! I played this on Switch back in January and have no hesitations about earning a Platinum via a second playthrough. Thanks for sharing the walkthrough link. Definitely don't want to miss anything first time through, although there is chapter select (of sorts).
  25. NFS Hot Pursuit MotorStorm Pacific Rift Portal 2