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  1. Thanks for the tip, was just going to ask, what mission you found best for gaining kW. where on the grid was that mission?
  2. Are the same ppl mad because they started make digital deluxe games too? Instead of using the microtransaction mid game it’s done from the start? They usually never give more than some starter items. Just enjoy the game in your pace, and let others do as they want. Let them pay extra if they want, so the company get extra money to make more new games. Win-win for you if you don’t use the micro. or just don’t buy and miss out on a great game, it’s not like the company cares of a loss of some ppl, and thoose who cancel won’t use mircos anyway. So who will lose in the end?
  3. True you said so, my misstake, and I agree to some extent, trophies should be something tou could be proud of, hence the name. Hehe
  4. I'm pro choise too, and just because you have a choise doesn't mean you must choose to use them at all or just some of them or all of them. Maybe not everyone has the time to play like you do? If you don't want them, then don't use them. Maybe someone has done it all, and want to re-live it all, but only have an hour or two a week to play. Some ppl who played this at release might have children and full time jobs, so they might not have 200+ hours to put into a game they have already played. These "cheats" might make it posible for them to re-live their lost fantasy again. It's not a cheat if the developer added it, it's a feature to be used as the player see fit. Don't be so judgey of how others play or enjoy their games, instead play it like you want and let others do the same. Same way let others decide how they want to earn their trophies and you decide how you earn yours, there is a reason why it's bronze and not all gold! It will be fun to return to FFIX again, was not among my favorit ones, but it was good. As most says, not looking forward to the jumping, but I hope I will be able to manage it.
  5. Please need some help, only need 4 more plays. Haven't had anyone play for a couple of weeks now. Will play return any plays, with or without comments. Thanks Another two week and still 4 from 50...
  6. The "best" I have found is this one.
  7. HELLBLADE: SENUA'S SACRIFICE has 15 trophies, takes around 8 hours. Worth the time, platinum name is "Done". Edit: Oh yeah! Congrats on 10k, I guess you had already past 10k with another 20 trophies. So don't mind me!
  8. I agree with you, it was worth it. I don't understand why they made it cheaper, I mean games like Uncharted aren't much longer than 8 hours for each playthrough (unless you belive multiple difficulties is more gameplay) and they have won a lot of game of the year awards. Sure from the 2nd they had multiplayer, but to me I think this was equally to the first Uncharted and Order 1886 as you said.
  9. Strange challenge/trophy because it poped not to long ago for me at my 5th char to 70. Have lvled the 2 last classes after that though, but it seems glitched. Try lvl the last class, as you have 6, you should have one left, might help? Is one of them necro? Might not count as this trophy is from before it was released.
  10. My bad, sorry! Developer Bioware, though I was wrong as you and Starcrunch061 pointed out that KOTOR 2 was Obsidian that developed. No, was not meant as an offence, sorry if it was taken that way. More that it felt like a "younger gamer", because it was their newer developments, even though I love them too. Haven't started Adromeda yet though.
  11. Was just about to make a topic about this, fortunaly you had one with two confirmations that it works. Great thanks! +1's
  12. Oo! I guess you are a young gamer then, KOTOR and 2 was one of the best games ever and even their MMO version SWOTOR is great.
  13. I haven't been aware of this before, but I'm on the "dislike Hudson train" now! After 180 hours of choises, we got a 5 min "cutscene" that was all the same and uninspiring. God job! Saw a comment about everyone getting mad for shepard dieing, haha.
  14. Omg, I had to read that like 3 times before I got what was so offensive to get a ban, but when you know...
  15. Sorry for the late respons, I was totally wrong, looked around at the time and couldn't find anything, but PC and no pre-order on the store for PS4. Thanks!