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  1. Yeah, the game is getting where I wish it was at release. With new legendary skills, invasion and more sets it’s getting more worth the grind in the end. To bad it has abit of bad taste now after all problems, but might come back and play some more later with tomb kings.
  2. This very managable now after 1.05 patch, and you can get the platinum as stated in the other thread. I was gonna message you, @hr_kriese, but with the new patch and had to try c5 solo and made it. Took a long time but was able to do it now that you don’t die in one hit. I saw you have the plat too, so grats on making it.
  3. Anyone have a good build for this trophy now after the invasion patch. I have a tried different builds, all from 500K defence to almost 1M, but they all kill me with one hit, some attacks takes twice. While the damage made is almost not visable on their heathbars. I have Konrad Vollen with all three of his gear sets, also have the Elyssa, but no set is complete I think. Other two chars are almost 50 so could bring them up if needed. I don't have any green items atm, I have been farming chaos 2, with some Chaos 3 runs for many hours, if not already then it's almost 10+ and I have got none! Zero green drops!
  4. Not tested, but if relic hunter works, then 50 relic hunts trophy should work too. So should only be one left. Edit: WTF after installing the patch the game broke even more, now I can’t progress in my main quest, and I’m just got to chapter 4. This is getting ridicouls...
  5. That’s very strange. I have played the game now and then since that. Oh well then I know it’s nothing to get excited about. Hoped it was the patch with new content and fixes...
  6. Just started to download. Lets hope for trophy fixes. It has updated, but no new character at least. Not checked trophies yet... ...relic hunter did not unlock... not sure what it did to be honest.
  7. Why would Sony reject a patch? Doesn’t work smoothly? What is their criterias? Glad if we were get a patch then...
  8. It was the ending I expected though, even before I started playing it. She would have made a Lee!
  9. It’s not the ending I got. Even though it was happier, I cried like a baby and it left a whole in my heart. Sad that it’s the Last Season. As above poster said, is this a possible ending? Or is it altered?
  10. Read this: Horizon Zero Dawn How To Start New Game Plus
  11. My Time At Portia - Pre-order Trailer | PS4 Release date in the end of the trailer, 16th April
  12. All Fallout games with trophies that I have played. I loved fallout 1 and 2, still love the setting in the fallout games. That’s why I keep getting them, but 10-20 hours in, I loose all desire to play the game. After a year or so I try again, but same thing keeps happening. So Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas are all forced to get the plat. I have kept going and not jump to another game, even though my mind has been on it’s knees asking me to stop playing and find a new game.
  13. If you look at the post on the playstation blog, then it’s Hitman: GOTY edition which include: The HITMAN - Game of The Year Edition includes:- All missions & locations from the award-winning first season of HITMAN- 'Patient Zero' Bonus campaign featuring 4 brand new missions including new gameplay mechanics and features- 3 new Themed Escalation Contracts- 3 new Outfits- 3 new Weapons Information taken fron PSN store So I would assume it includes everything needed, but that is just speculation on my part.
  14. Only the online, so if you had completed the online you still could platinum with completing the offline. My last Plat for 2018 was God of War (2018) My first Plat for 2019 was God of War (Ps3 HD) 😋