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  1. Agreed on the levels and need for weapon. There is a safe and "easy" method when you use Rampage Sigil, so you keep Warp Striking over and over until you need to get your energy back, warp to a warpspot, then warp strike again over and over until the end. AI will die, let them. This vid, has the basic idea, I haven't checked the whole one, has spoilers thought.
  2. Agree somewhat, they should have been more restrictive with trophies overall from the start. No multi lists for zone, system or remaster (one game = one list) and no platinum unless atleast xx hours/or high difficulty. Atleast for the reward program, wouldn’t mind otherwise too, evev though I would lose a fair share of my plats, hehe. To bad for US for the loss, but more sad that 95,6% of the worlds population never got it (and still no PS now in Sweden).
  3. You can turn off notifications for messages too, that should help. Then always check your messages from your phone app, that should make you safe, right?
  4. If I recall when I did the partial playthroughs, then I had to do it in save mode. As otherwise the story won’t change in latter ”chapters” for thoose ”magazines” to spawn. No save mode only affects the current chapter not future chapters. What you could do though is either save to cloud save (if you have plus) and turn of auto-save in cloud for this game. Or you could save your current choises to a USB, then overwrite the save later when you have all trophies. It would be an incomplete save though as thoose magazines would be missing, but trophies would be unlocked.
  5. I thought as you added Adventures of Mana which is the first game in the Mana series. It was named ”Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden” (1991) when it was first released in Japan for game boy. Secret of Mana is the sequel to Adventures of Mana and was named ”Seiken Densetsu 2” (1993) in Japan. Ok, then I understand. Thanks for keeping up the work with this thread.
  6. Sign in with the same PSN account, then you can keep playing on the same trophy list. As you are a plus member your save files should be on the cloud. Just install your games and check the cloud for save files, if tou had auto save, then you should be able to play from where you left of.
  7. I can now join this for Delta Collector, with 15/27, and no Japanese... yet! Platinum A-Z # - A - Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood B - Beyond: Two souls C - D - Dissidia Final Fantasy NT E - F - Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn G - Gravity Rush H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - inFamous Second Son J - K - L - LittleBigPlanet M - Mass Effect 2 N - O - P - Q - R - S - Steins;Gate T - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt U - Uncharted: Golden Abyss V - Virtue’s Last Reward W - World of Final Fantasy X - Y - Z - Zero Time Dilemma Japanese Lover! -
  8. I’m done thank you.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, I went into my download list, and there it was. Should have thought about that earlier, sorry for confusing and worring people for nothing. As I said before, I’m really glad someone proved me wrong. I assumed, which I shouldn’t had that inside the game, it was showed all content that was on my download list, but I was wrong. Again sorry for the confusion... Edit: Have edited my former posts that I was all wrong, so if someone read this topic later they can find the answer early, without reading the whole thing.
  10. The muppets can be found in the downloadlist when you have bought the Digital Extra Edition. *Ignore this* I mean that I have LBP2 Digital Extra edition, you get access to all DLC’s for free when you buy it. To actually get the DLC installed, you have to go to the store and ”buy”/”download” it, but Muppets are no where to be found. I reinstalled it today, and when I was done I had to redownload all DLC’s and Muppets wasn’t there. I can’t find it anywhere, so I would assume that means it’s no longer a part of the extra edition. If someone could please prove me wrong, I would be very happy. Edit: proven wrong!
  11. Anyone know if pirates also is possible to do with someone? Didn’t know about this, so I missed it, was planing to complete it now that I got the plat... The muppets can be found in the downloadlist when you have bought the Digital Extra Edition. *Ignore this* Extra Digital Edition doesn’t work for Muppets unfortunally. I guess I have to go look for the physical. Annoying that you pay money for something and then they remove content... grrr! Specially when that content was the reson I bought the games extra’s edition, as I had the game from before...sigh
  12. Oh, Final Fantasy. My kind of game! Sign me up for Blitzball Champion. I have 10 (11): Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn Final Fantasy XV (not 100%, backlog) Final Fantasy Type-0 HD World of Final Fantasy (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT) Sign up for Bonus Item and King’s Tale too. ————————— Final Fantasy IX and XII are both in my backlog. Bonus Item, sholdn’t that include Secret of Mana? Last but not least, why isn’t Dissidia Final Fantasy NT or Monster of the deep: Final Fantasy XV (VR) included, in one way or the other?
  13. Type-0 if you want a more mature and dark setting like above poster says. If you don’t mind the grafik from a ported psp game. I thought some of the chars were intressting, story ok. WoFF is a chibi/pokemon game (collect them all), a lot of nostaligia like some above posters said as it includes something for all older FF. It was enjoyable and ”cute”. Liked the female main char, but male was to stupid for my taste. Don’t have to be serious, but that’s not the oposite to stupid. So it’s matter of which you prefer. World and main chars are so much more intressting in Type-0, but WoFF is so much better executed and the nostalgia. I would say WoFF, if you are a FF player it’s nice to see old friends, if you are new to FF you get to see a little from all FFs.
  14. I can´t personally answer about the free-trial, but I did a lot of the requirements already on PC, way before the PS3/4 version was released. When I got the Playstation version and I got all my trophies that I had completed the requirments for. Then I did most requirments on PC, and jumped back to Playstation to pop them. So with that info, I would assume that it´s the same with Free trial, but no promises as I never used that version.
  15. I’m done thank you.