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  1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Want it gone from my backlog....
  2. Glad to hear that, then I can enjoy the game fully and worry about trophies later, thanks
  3. So there are no missable trophies?
  4. This, I did the same. I think had between 70-75 hours too. I know I’m over 80 now doing Ultra Hard and DLC trophies.
  5. I agree with above poster, I know I’m not good, but I always seem to end on the looser side. We loose most matches without my team even taking one healthbar, unless I get one. Always end up against plat/myth players and are Gold E my self. So getting 300 ranked wins will take longer time than I would like to spend on this game, then I have to grind for the treasures too.... I do liked the story of the game, and offline challanges. So if more come without trophies, it would be welcome.
  6. Or playstationtrophies, they have for the royal pack and comrades at least, didn’t see Ignis though. They are harder to read though, really like the trophy guides on this site, and how they are built.
  7. To answer my own question, it was possible to buy the DLC atm at least. Cheapest way is to buy the PS3 version and you get the vita for free. And for getting thoose nodes, it went really fast, there is a lot of boosters and idlers to help getting the trophy. Happy hunting
  8. I would really like to have thoose two trophies. Even though I can never get 100% completion, as I have some games with closed servers on my list. I could get 100% completion with Vita though, if I got these and some others. So if anyone are making some group or so I would love to join. Cheers
  9. If you read the GUIDE here on PSNP, there is a glitch so you can get all but two online trophies without passing any event. The two you need to work on is killing 50 ships and completionist, which is the only really hard trophy. You need to at least pass in all 210 events. As someone said earlier at the later levels you have to be in first place to even pass some events. Unfortuneally that’s the only one I have left, with about 180 more events to pass. So I don’t think I have time or skill to get it in 4 weeks. Edit: Do you think they will cansel the access to buy the DLC’s as the server goes down?
  10. So did you use the three account thing, or some other way? I have trouble getting this too. One match out of ten maybe... Any hints to give? Doing something wrong, have gotten 48 points three fights in a row...
  11. Going to bump this, I would really like to know if it’s cross-save between PS4 and Vita or not? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replay, I have a long way to go. I don’t even have all A++ yet, and not close to the 300 online wins. It will be worth the grind in the end, now that the plat is in sight, even if it takes months for me. Cheers
  13. How long time would you say thoose 5-10 levels take in hours?
  14. I know this ia an old topic, but I would love to get a sort for Game Rank. I thought of doing a new post, but found this one, bumping this instead of doubleposting. Nice script @serverTimeout, but as you said for more than a year ago, it only works on computers. I also use my smart phone or tablet 99,9% of the time. As OP asked for three uears ago, I would like a native sort for game ranks, thanks!
  15. We should play the game as the developer wants us to play it or don’t. The trophies aren’t broken, just hard. So I can’t sign even though I might never get the them all. Agree with @Sergen. I’m curious has a petition ever worked? Have a developer ever changed a trophy, because of the gamers? Even if it was broken? The actual requirment for the trophy? Other than the name and unfortunally making the trophy easier by patching the game as @Sergen said.