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  1. I just got my last Breach trophy, With these it’s easy, the servers are abit unstable, but for the last week it has only been down once for a longer period, on my regular playtimes (evenings EU time). Good luck!
  2. Short tutorial on how you sync/unsync.
  3. This does not help me, I have cleared everything and Watson still don’t pop… all NCPD in all zones, all gigs and all cyberpsycos. Only thnig left is some side missions, that shouldn’t be needed. I checked completed and I have all 28 missions completed from the guide… Edit: I started doing side jobs, but didn’t help. I read somewhere that some NCPD only show at certain hour. So I started to wait for 1 hour at the time until the thing I was missing showed. Luckly that was it for me, and I got the trophy!
  4. For me the trophy poped, but it did not register on my PS5… Edit: nvm, it just took an hour before it showed. Strange…
  5. My trophy just poped, but it didn’t update on PSN. I have the screeny when I got the trophy, but still not in the list…. Edit: nvm, it just took an hour before it showed. Strange… And sorry for wrong forum, as should have been on Ps5
  6. I’m curious about this too. I currently playing on switch at the moment, but I will not complete any trophy req on it intentionally. Will do Hell until Baal, then switch to another class and do the same, then finnish it on PS5 later, but would be nice if I just could keep going. Playstation seem to have mich more active players though, easier to get a random grp if you want.
  7. In the clip in the guide, where he uses Blue Mage to do the two FATEs back and forth, it takes about 2 min and 30 sec. I tried to do it with a already lvl 70 job (machinist in my case), with my companion, even though it was never a health problem, but he does some extra damage. It took about 3 min and 30 sec, so it took another min every rotation (2 FATEs). So depending on how many FATEs you have left and what level and skills your Blue Mage have, it might not be worth lvling Blue Mage first and getting all requierd skills for the grind. For every 500 FATEs you have left, it will be a little more than 4 hours extra grinding, but if you have all 3000 FATEs to do, then just one minute more, will be about 25 more hours of FATE grinding. So using this FATE grind method with a another job, is possible if you are ok with the extra hours of grind, rather than leveling and getting skills for Blue Mage.
  8. Oh, Oh! I have totally missed this! This made my old presumed dead hype feelings to get excited. I really hope it's a Souls/Nioh version of FF, I would love that!!! Give me more 😍 Just as long it's not a Dissidia 2....
  9. True, but Days of Plays have been in June before, around the time when the E3 showcase was before
  10. I was hoping for sale on PS plus and PS Now during Days of Play as they have had last two years, but the event isn't over yet I guess.
  11. Same for me, in Sweden
  12. I would love to do this, but is it worth all the trouble? If you just use all in game cheats and play the speedrun, won’t it take as long as doing all these steps to get a glitch working? Or is it really that hard? Edit: I had to try the glitch on PS5 with updated version. Sharpshooter still unlocks, not the speedrun unfortunally. Edit 2: Found a post on that has a working sollution still in May 2021. Link Edit 3: I don’t recommend doing the version from edit 2 on a PS5, as the trophy don’t syncs with servers atm, needs a sony update, I guess. I then redid it on my PS4, the trophy unlocked again and then it worked like a charm, syncing and all.
  13. Don't feel sorry for them. They might be the reason the stores are saved, as they showed that there are still people out there willing to buy "old" games and add-ons.
  14. I use and have used ext. SSD (Samsung T5 1Tb SSD) with my PS5 since 2 weeks after launch. I had the active PS4 game on the consol storage at start, but tried with the ext drive and didn’t notice any difference. Might have taken an extra sec or so to load up from start, nothing noticable. Once I had a crash that it said was due to the ext drive, that was when I put the PS5 in rest mode with a PS4 game from the drive still active. When I started the consol again, it started blinking and I had to rebuild the database. Never had any other issues with the ext hdd or the consol. So now I always close PS4 games before using rest mode. Not sure if they fixed it, if it was just that once or if it’s still there.