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  1. Omg, congrats to all thoose who got. That’s great for you, hope you can get something fun from it. Enjoy!
  2. Now 14 + 7, with ”Monster of the Deep: FFXV (VR) done. Only 2 games left, but think ”Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered” will arrive before I have thoose two done.... Will FF:CC be a main or a side game?
  3. @Kurorac I have FFVIIR plat now, and FFXV Comrads (stand alone) completed. So 14 + 6, so 3 games left then.
  4. Sorry, the post was refering to Lego Ninjago, from the two posts above mine. I forgot to quote, so I can understand the missunderstanding. Yeah Island Saver is still free, but Lego Ninjago was only free until 21 of May.
  5. There is another thread that says it was free until 21 of May, I would assume the thread is right then.
  6. Something more that would have been nice to know, is that it doesn’t work with remote play for some reason....
  7. Ardyn and Ravus is a pain. I know the game is more or less dead, but been searching now and then for days and never got another player. With AI seems a lost cause.... Did you make it with others or AI?
  8. To start with, congrats to the newborn. You have a hard but highly rewarding time infront of you. Thanks for still keeping the thread alive, and don’t worry if updates happens abit apart. Even though I love FF games, this thread has help me motivate to play them all. I’m still in Kupo Lover, as I have 13 main games (should have remake, rather soon) and 5 Bonus games. (Adventures and Secret of Mana, King’s Tale, FFXV Pocket and Dissidia NT.) Hope to get Ultimate before next FF game is released, but not rushing.
  9. Finally Platinumed all the main titels. With FFVIII Remastered and FFIX I got all 13 main ones. Working on FFVII Remake, but gonna take my sweet time. Would you move me to Kupo Lover! Thanks.
  10. Yeah, the game is getting where I wish it was at release. With new legendary skills, invasion and more sets it’s getting more worth the grind in the end. To bad it has abit of bad taste now after all problems, but might come back and play some more later with tomb kings.
  11. This very managable now after 1.05 patch, and you can get the platinum as stated in the other thread. I was gonna message you, @hr_kriese, but with the new patch and had to try c5 solo and made it. Took a long time but was able to do it now that you don’t die in one hit. I saw you have the plat too, so grats on making it.
  12. Anyone have a good build for this trophy now after the invasion patch. I have a tried different builds, all from 500K defence to almost 1M, but they all kill me with one hit, some attacks takes twice. While the damage made is almost not visable on their heathbars. I have Konrad Vollen with all three of his gear sets, also have the Elyssa, but no set is complete I think. Other two chars are almost 50 so could bring them up if needed. I don't have any green items atm, I have been farming chaos 2, with some Chaos 3 runs for many hours, if not already then it's almost 10+ and I have got none! Zero green drops!
  13. Not tested, but if relic hunter works, then 50 relic hunts trophy should work too. So should only be one left. Edit: WTF after installing the patch the game broke even more, now I can’t progress in my main quest, and I’m just got to chapter 4. This is getting ridicouls...
  14. That’s very strange. I have played the game now and then since that. Oh well then I know it’s nothing to get excited about. Hoped it was the patch with new content and fixes...
  15. Just started to download. Lets hope for trophy fixes. It has updated, but no new character at least. Not checked trophies yet... ...relic hunter did not unlock... not sure what it did to be honest.