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  1. Thanks for the replay, I have a long way to go. I don’t even have all A++ yet, and not close to the 300 online wins. It will be worth the grind in the end, now that the plat is in sight, even if it takes months for me. Cheers
  2. How long time would you say thoose 5-10 levels take in hours?
  3. I know this ia an old topic, but I would love to get a sort for Game Rank. I thought of doing a new post, but found this one, bumping this instead of doubleposting. Nice script @serverTimeout, but as you said for more than a year ago, it only works on computers. I also use my smart phone or tablet 99,9% of the time. As OP asked for three uears ago, I would like a native sort for game ranks, thanks!
  4. We should play the game as the developer wants us to play it or don’t. The trophies aren’t broken, just hard. So I can’t sign even though I might never get the them all. Agree with @Sergen. I’m curious has a petition ever worked? Have a developer ever changed a trophy, because of the gamers? Even if it was broken? The actual requirment for the trophy? Other than the name and unfortunally making the trophy easier by patching the game as @Sergen said.
  5. Just got this trophy, and can confirm that it can be the same character all three times, or all different. Just as Rafael said you have to be the one that takes all three of the other teams ”life bar”.
  6. With this method even I might have a chance to get some trophies. Thanks, have a +1! Will try next time I have time to play.
  7. I always try with all FF games, but after playing for a couple of hours and realicing how bad I am at this. So I most likly won’t be able to, no matter how hard I try and wants it.
  8. You were right, it was in the exact spot I had been looking all the time, as soon as I had cleared the bridge. The trophy has poped and all is good. Strange though that it’s only one document is not accessible until after the bridge. You would guess it would be more or none. Thanks again, now I can enjoy the rest of the DLC with that out of the way.
  9. Yeah, I did it right of the bat, wanted it over before I got into the episode to much, I will try do the bridge part and then look, thanks for the tip
  10. I have found all documents except note to gladiolus, I have checked vids, pics of where it is and it does not appear there for me. I even restsrted the game and made my way there asap. Still not there.... do I need to do something or is öy game broken?
  11. Thanks this help, rather it poped when I exited the grid, had started to worry that it had glitched on me. *phew*
  12. Thanks for the tip, was just going to ask, what mission you found best for gaining kW. where on the grid was that mission?
  13. Are the same ppl mad because they started make digital deluxe games too? Instead of using the microtransaction mid game it’s done from the start? They usually never give more than some starter items. Just enjoy the game in your pace, and let others do as they want. Let them pay extra if they want, so the company get extra money to make more new games. Win-win for you if you don’t use the micro. or just don’t buy and miss out on a great game, it’s not like the company cares of a loss of some ppl, and thoose who cancel won’t use mircos anyway. So who will lose in the end?
  14. True you said so, my misstake, and I agree to some extent, trophies should be something tou could be proud of, hence the name. Hehe
  15. I'm pro choise too, and just because you have a choise doesn't mean you must choose to use them at all or just some of them or all of them. Maybe not everyone has the time to play like you do? If you don't want them, then don't use them. Maybe someone has done it all, and want to re-live it all, but only have an hour or two a week to play. Some ppl who played this at release might have children and full time jobs, so they might not have 200+ hours to put into a game they have already played. These "cheats" might make it posible for them to re-live their lost fantasy again. It's not a cheat if the developer added it, it's a feature to be used as the player see fit. Don't be so judgey of how others play or enjoy their games, instead play it like you want and let others do the same. Same way let others decide how they want to earn their trophies and you decide how you earn yours, there is a reason why it's bronze and not all gold! It will be fun to return to FFIX again, was not among my favorit ones, but it was good. As most says, not looking forward to the jumping, but I hope I will be able to manage it.