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  1. I guess I'm a MEGAfan. HDN VII isn't here yet.
  2. I'm learning Japanese and I am able to read somewhat easier sentences. Does anybody have some recommendations on PSP/PSV/PS3 games in Japanese which are somewhat "easy" to read for a foreigner? Even though it's quite hard to find I would like to have as many kanji as possible since kana only texts are pretty hard to understand.

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    2. Fatty_Fatness


      ... hard for beginners because you can't really pause the text. (I assume the PS3 version is the same, but not I don't know 100%.)

    3. Mazionga


      Thanks for the recommendations

      That seems very interesting. But If I'm not able to pause the game to read the text I won't bother with it in the near future because sometimes I need like forever to understand a sentence.(Like I said I'm a beginner in Japanese)

      I keep Boku no Natsuyasumi 3 in mind since it looks kind of fun.

    4. NerdRage04


      Time Travelers has furigana over all the Kanji, so looking up the words makes it a little easier.

  3. I guess you mean ailments. I don't know what you've done until the end of the game in regards to the trophy but if you want to get all ailments and some enemies don't make the move you need, you should try alternative ones. In the FAQ you mentioned should be a list with enemies who inflict a certain ailment. Don't forget that the final boss give you more lines(and the secret boss if you're on the second playthrough)
  4. So, now there are like 4 games for PS4 which are interesting for me. Maybe it's time to get one ...
  5. The trophy isn't that hard to do. I did it like 3 times without any problems at all. (two times on this account) Every time I opened an excel calc and made a tabular with very effective, all status ailments, immune and so on for every character and every element. And every time I got the trophy on Heaven or the dungeon right after that.
  6. Yes it still counts. Are you sure you got all the lines in one playthrough? How did you count the lines? Maybe you made a mistake there.
  7. Ok, here I go: Digital: Soul Sacrifice Delta Retail: Demon Gaze Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1 Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth3 Hyperdevotion Noire Hyperdimension Neptunia U Hyperdimension Neptunia PP Conception II Tales of Hearts R Moe Chronicle Operation Abyss Tearaway Soul Sacrifice Persona 4 Golden Danganronpa Danganronpa 2 Mind Zero Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Xblaze Code:Embryo I hope that were everything.
  8. In Germany games also release on Fridays.
  9. So I went to the psn store and looked for it and you're right, there are like 8 PSVita themes and all of them are kinda ... you know ... not that great. (^_-)
  10. Are these like the first good PSVita themes in Europe? Does Europe even have PSVita themes? I will definitely get at least one of those. It's like a must.
  11. Yeah, that's right. That was just an excuse to not right a guide how to get there. Because you can't get to it without doing something before.
  12. I did that without the DLC (I was in the same boat as you. NA Version with EU Vita/Acc) Don't want to spoil anything, but you want to beat a special Monster over and over again. "veeery grindy" I don't know. I think I beat that Monster like 150times. It respawns every minute or something like that.
  13. 67. Doing my best. Trying to reach 0, but I lose interest quite fast in some games.
  14. As far as I know you can start to do the trophy at the very end of the game with lvl 99 characters. I don't know why you ask. Since the answer will be irrelevant. If you go for the platinum you need 2 playthrough regardless. And if the trophy doesn't pop you can try it in newgame+ again with more thought to it (I rushed through every dungeon til Rise and started to to as many lines as possible. But that isn't necessary because I got the trophy in the dungeon after Naotos) I did the trophy 2 times and every time I used a excel sheet.
  15. For me it's not a simple sub or dub question. When I see an anime which is based on a game(for example Persona 4 Animation) I prefer to listen to what I'm used to. If I played the game in English, so I will watch the anime dubbed. If I played the game in Japanese(or at least Japanese voices) I want to watch the anime subbed. For every other anime I have different "rules". When I want to watch anime without anything else, I will watch it subbed. But when I'm doing something else like grinding in some game, I watch it dubbed. I have to say something else about that: Since I'm from Germany "dubbed" means two things for me: English voices or German voices. If I can I always take English voices since it sounds more natural to me, because I do anything in English besides speaking or writing. But sometimes I can't really choose, because I buy most of my stuff here in Germany and some anime don't have English voices here.