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  1. Thanks for doing this, @wolverine123! Good luck to those of us entering🙂
  2. Thanks a lot, @grimydawg! Keep up the great work. Best of luck to everyone entered.
  3. While many of us have experienced some sort of scam and are now wise to suspicious activity, there are those who have not yet seen or felt it. So for this reason, thanks for the heads up, @SpiritOfGoku666. About 3 years ago I started receiving a bunch of random messages from people with empty subject lines. Didn't care to find out what they wanted, I just deleted them. I haven't received any of these messages in the last year or so. I actually want to get one now! I think I'd have some fun first before reporting them. I've had my share of scam callers in the past. I enjoy taking them for a ride😆 Oh man! Please have some fun with him. Screenshots, if possible😜
  4. Just my two cents. I don't think it's wise to post a list like this. It will only give a heads up to the cheaters.It's similar to when people bring up other suspect games in a dispute. Don't bring attention to the game(s) not being disputed. I don't comb through the leaderboards looking for cheaters. But when a dispute comes up, I always go to the OP's profile to look for the games I am very familiar with. I have a personal "usual suspects" games list. I always look for these games and then scrutinize the order of trophies.
  5. I didn't actually notice the change until reading this thread. Thanks, Hereticked. In my case, it works out really well! My first trophy milestone is now appropriately Learner's Permit for Need for Speed Undercover. Luckily, it didn't affect any of my other milestones, so I'm happy. With that said, it would bug me too if some of my milestones messed up. Sorry, Hereticked.
  6. Because it was a save file, the flag won't be lifted. So you'll have to pick one or the other, unfortunately. Ask yourself which means more to you; the leaderboard or your milestones.
  7. That's a bit of a stretch for some games. And how! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a third stack of My Name is Mayo if it releases on PS3. Shameless, I know.
  8. It's subjective. It may be shameful to some, but not to others. Kind of like urban foraging or necrophilia.
  9. It's less about the game, and more about the name of the trophy. 7000th will be "I can't stop" from Mad Riders. Also planning to pop "Mmmm...collectables!" from Lego Dimensions for my 8000th.
  10. Looks like someone reported Street Fighter X Tekken, too. Otherwise I would have done it myself.
  11. Agreed. I went through a few of the games, and while the trophies aren't technically out of order, the sequence and gaps of the last few trophies before the platinum just seem really odd... And then I found a definite hack and reported it.
  12. Just need to add this: A few people here are suggesting that careful planning could explain the fastest achiever time, which is valid. But it's strange that OP didn't know how it was achieved at first, then all of a sudden remembered it was a speedrun. Even stranger is that OP didn't offer up the reason of speedrun until after people suggested that it's possible. I can't comment on the disputed game, just what I'm observing in the thread. OP not knowing the reason when first asked is highly suspect, especially considering how much faster they did it than #2. That is all.
  13. I really hope this is a pun😂
  14. To be fair, maybe the profile name is more of a toast. To Lazy Gaming! *clink*