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  1. OP on Feb 19th: Hmmm. This Vita trick went wrong. Oh well. OP on Mar 1st: Hmmm. This Vita trick went wrong again. Oh well. OP on Mar 2nd: Hmmm. This Vita trick went wrong yet again. Oh well. Op today:
  2. There's a Grammar Nazi joke here somewhere...
  3. You had a PS3 then, but you don’t now. You saw all those trophies popping and thought “wow.” There is no whitelisting yet, which has the community divided. So unfortunately for now, you’ll have to hide it. shpank-e Toilet Poet
  4. Thanks for the heads up!😀 "All codes for today have been claimed. Check back tomorrow for one last chance to claim yours" Dang!☹️
  5. Aaaand profile deleted.
  6. 😂😂 I know this doesn't add anything to the thread, but shouldn't a "hardcore dmc player" know that the series debuted on the PS2? Again, for a "hardcore dmc player" why did it take so long to SSS rank a level? ninja'd by NetEntity
  7. Nice! Didn't catch that!
  8. Kudos to all involved, especially @ProfBambam55. I hope your flag gets lifted soon, @Hatchet_Girl1990! As toxic as these disputes get at times, this was handled masterfully, and should serve as the benchmark when dealing with these types of situations. Respect, patience, sacrifice, me the warm and fuzzies😊 Now if you'll excuse me, I have some beastly Nordic blood to spill!😈
  9. Several games on their list are like this - definitely more than enough to be removed from the leaderboards. Really quite sloppy work. Now that's what you call a hack job! ...sorry🙄
  10. Soon we will be together, my love.
  11. You can invite friends to play. You only need to invite 1 to start a match. Simply win by at least 1 point for the win to count. Once 100 wins are out of the way, simply running out the clock without any input will count as a game played. Games restart automatically after about 30 seconds, so the remaining 400 can be done while you're working, sleeping, etc. and as long as you're willing to run the console continuously. You can also knock out 500 classic games at the same time as long as you don't change any game settings. Unless, of course, you actually want to play Boggle!😛 But be warned, the only way you're going to complete this game is if you have a dedicated boosting partner, or if you can self-boost. I don't think there was ever an active online community, so there's no way you'd be able to play 500 games naturally. Best of luck should you decide to tackle this!
  12. Yes, it is boostable. I'm not sure about region locking, though. One thing to note: make sure your boosting partner has it set to the same language in-game. So if you're using English, make sure both are set to either UK or US. Otherwise it will give you an incompatibility error. Hope this helps🙂
  13. I...I need to buy this now. Twice, apparently.
  14. Sweet Jesus! Flag away, people. This profile is a mess!
  15. The sliding happened every time for me for both versions. But the PS4 version sent me into a saw on the first completion of 36 fragments. I tired to replicate it on Vita by re-starting the level to have a hazard appear right at the beginning, but always died before getting to 36. Eventually just gave up and jumped onto a saw.