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  1. I know that skills don't line up exactly if you get a certain monster's armor set, like if I make a full Azure Rathalos set I'll get a bunch of level 1 skills. I thought this would only apply to low rank armor, but is the new meta to mix and match different monster's armor?
  2. I use Ludwig's Blade more prominently, it's +7. I'll go back and do some of those areas too, I just need blood chunks because I've only got 1 at the moment.
  3. +6 I believe? I'm pretty sure the only optional area I've done is Old Yharnum
  4. Appreciate the help here, I've got a kirkhammer with a fire blood gem on it, I'll start using that. It's at this point where I compare playing this game to rubbing my face on a cheese grater.
  5. I get that this is a soulslike game and it's going to be hard. I've got stuck plenty of times and died repeatedly. This, however, is the first time I've been stuck with absolutely no idea how to progress. I've looked at other forums and they all say to just run past everything. When I do this, I'm out in the open and the frenzy sniper kills me. If I stop to use sedative, one of the mobs starts attacking me. If I stop to attack a mob, the sniper gets me. I made it to the spiders once, I've killed all the tiny spiders, but the big one gets stuck in the door. It's pincers can reach me from way far back so running in to attack leads to me just getting hit. I do pitiful damage for a +7 greatsword as well. If I try to summon nobody comes, yet I've been invaded every attempt but one because of the sinister bell. If everything else fails I'll just end up farming but I really don't want to do that.
  6. So for the longest time I had a single blood gem equipped on my right handed weapon there was an icon next to my inventory so I knew it was active, then I noticed that I could add another one in a second tab, but when I did the icon went away. Do they cancel out or something
  7. Nothing to see here.
  8. I'm gonna write a letter to Bluepoint and ask.
  9. Better than my theory. I happened to be the third one in line when I picked up my copy and thought maybe it had something to do with that but it seems pretty far-fetched.
  10. I assume it has something to do with the fact there are 16 colossi, but I don't know
  11. So I got the special edition and on the back of the steel case are numbers and mine has number 3 circled. Any significance?
  12. Got it and loving it 😁
  13. I'm gonna go tonight so we'll see how it turns out.
  14. I didn't to be honest. But it feels like they changed things that didn't need to be changed and left other things the same. For example, stand up strikes still use the face buttons with directional input to change the moves. The right stick is still used for clinches and grapples, and you can still sidestep or dash with a flick of the left stick. It's off-putting and definitely has a higher skill curve, maybe I just suck at EA UFC