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  1. OK but that's not what you were saying so I didn't take that into account.
  2. That's one of the cases in it.
  3. Yeah it just didn't work at all for me. The writing was a bit cornier of that's possible and it just didn't jive. I went from pumped that they were making it to getting it but not getting around to it I have to finish this? Felt like a point and click to hear pointless exposition...which in fairness was a lot like the first one but there wasn't enough "game" in this one to keep me invested.
  4. It was boring AF. Without the time puzzle elements this was just a really slow game. The only thing that it had going for it was the sense of tragedy since you know what happened before the original game. I liked the ending because of that but the rest was poorly written, voice acted and drawn out and boring. Was regretting picking this one up to be honest.
  5. This game is wildly inconsistent and glitchy. Without save loading this would be a bit tough. I just played and died 8 times only 3 of which were my fault. Good game but definitely has some issues when trying for this one
  6. This is just in the game using the second screen app on mobile. Only 3 of them but they're pretty hard puzzles.
  7. I had no issues with sickness whatsoever. Perhaps you're just more sensitive and VR isn't the best choice for you? Late in the game you'll be dropping from heights. You definitely won't like that part if you're sick from just walking around. Hopefully you'll just get your VR legs and be fine Edit: I used the settings for view that were literally marked with the biggest warnings for motion sickness, smooth rotaion (which is a bit too fast imo, takes getting used to because it's so sensitive) and no slow down of movement if looking down or close to objects. I thank the developers for allowing those options. The pie chart scheme is absolutely crap. I realize people will get sick, but there should be an option for those of us with iron stomachs wanting a thrilling experience.
  8. There's a trophy for getting all the gears in the DLC challenges. It has nothing to do with the base game.
  9. Same for me Baggers. I now have ejected the disc and can move on finally knowing that I beat the game haha. About time.
  10. Well, to be honest I didn't really attempt to get into a debate haha. I just wanted them to fix the game before trying to milk some DLC out of the game. I'd really love a leaderboard so I can get my platinum ffs. Especially with the way it prompts you to log on repeatedly and as soon as it goes into the map even after you selected off line mode. I'm not one of those people who say that low frame rates make me nauseous, but I now understand why some people do. It got so bad slowing down to single digits that it was disorienting.
  11. Answers in the paragraph. Again, if you find this acceptable then no wonder why broken games are thrown out on the market. I for one will not buy DLC, and won't be purchasing anything from square Enix or avalanche again.
  12. If you, as a conscious consumer, are fine with this game then no wonder they get away with this garbage. This is the most broken game I've played in my life. If there's worse then I don't ever want to play that.
  13. Well to be fair you also have difficulty spelling "the" so I'm not surprised you don't like a story based experience without explosions or shooting... Haha
  14. It's definitely overpriced. PS4 version is 3 hours for $30 Canadian? That's pretty pricey. I got it because I liked it and I got it for pennies on PS3 in a flash sale. This "the market will bear" is bullshit though. Consumers are getting dumber as the days go on. Look at the shit on the market right now. Buy a game with online features but having to pay Sony to access someone else's servers? Who you already paid to have that online content for? Then rabidly defend the practise? Not to mention star wars battlefront where the actual complete game here in Canada costs $130 plus tax. These season passes where they strip content out to resell to you piece meal must be making them money if they keep doing it. Of people did what I did and spoke with their wallets it would change in a damn hurry.
  15. I have personally got all the challenges. I'm more referring to the fact that people have to find way to cheat the system by getting helicopters, AA guns, and for several wingsuit challenges not miss a single perfect ring entry. In 3 wingsuit challenges I'm literally in the top 1&2 percentile of scores. That's insane considering that I barely cracked 5 gears and wasn't trying to get a high score. Not to mention the fact that in a wingsuit you strike the ground when you are about 3 feet above it. Took a few videos of that happening to me on an otherwise perfect run. It is indeed real on playback. You're not crazy.