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  1. this game has a few buggy/glitched trophies like you rocded,dipping your toes,global domination,call me maybe,jack of all trades to name a few i found this on playstation trophies http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/grid-2-a/201494-miss-unmissable-1st-secret-trophy.html maybe you can find a fix here though how he guy looking for help managed to unlock it with a missing time stamp is a mystery to me it might also be worth mentioning that the trophy unlocks during the cut scene so if u skip it sometimes it doesnt unlock same as restarting the race or turning your console off after the race but before the cutscene it will save as you having done it but wont unlock the trophy as the game still thinks you havent done the requirements even though you have
  2. Ill try that as its so fukin boring ill try again and hope it goes through past tound 15 Ill try that as its so fukin boring ill try again and hope it goes through past tound 15
  3. Ive been playing the game for a while now and the only trophies I need flr myn100% are large arena in hellburbia and angelic ruins but everytimeni get to roung 15 the game either just freezes or wont load the next wave to contuinue so far ive wasted about 20hours tryinv to finish this but i fear it mqy he broken
  4. excellent that's what I wanted to hear
  5. Is the enemy within trophy glitched I've played the campaign twice mind controling everytime I can and I even did it in hanger 6 dlc (got 23 kills with MC enemy) and still no trophy its the last one I need for the platinum and the 100% Do I need to do a whole new campaign playthrough or can I load up a older save just before I learn mind control and play from there its a bit confusing as the trophy days a single campaign I have finished the main game
  6. When I click on the link it says site not available but I'll try on the playstation when U get home and see if it is what I need
  7. Is this game still possible to plat in the UK the trophy guide on playstationtrophies says U need dlc pack 2+3 but they aren't on the psn (unless U have to start the game first and buy it through that) any info would be grateful
  8. Awesome cheers for clearing that up
  9. Your supposed to get deadlocked/gladiator for free using the bonus options on the disc like getting tools of destruction with another ratchet game
  10. If I buy ratchet qforce new will I get gladiator/deaslocked free or is that only a new copy of full frontal assault?? I'm a bit confused by all the different names for the same games
  11. Very well done so far and nicely detailed on what you have to do I would highly reccomend you upload the guide to the site its helping me out greatly especially with fugitives sparkles and head actions
  12. As title says because when I check for tables mars sf2 ng2 Excalibur etc are all unavailable I haven't naught any packs yet as I wanted yo be sure I can still get all the tables
  13. Do what I did when I had a similar problem delete the PS store from the menu (triangle button then delete) then go into the store again it should download a 32-35mb update and fix the issue if still having trouble phone customer support
  14. Hi in wondering if anyone knows if the dlc from the ultimate edition disc is locked to that disc (the 1 it comes on) or can I install the dlc from the ultimate disc then use my normal dragon age disc to use the dlc i only ask cos i get the ultimate disc for £5.99 from the shop then trade it in to another shop for £15 such gives me good profit the guys only gonna hold the game for me till 1pm tomoro so hopefully I can get a reply before then
  15. Hey man it worked like a charm that is alot :-D now I have another fix if it nuggets up again