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  1. 198 hours, some of that may have been idle time though.
  2. Personally I think the time trials are harder, which I wasn't expecting, so I did the n sanely perfect relics first thinking I got the hard part out of the way, but I was mistaken. The time trials do actually seem to get easier as the game goes on and you get a better feel for the mechanics and what they want from you in order to get those crazy fast times.
  3. yes
  4. everything is attainable as of today.
  5. absolutely love the 3d audio from the pulse headset, cant wait for resident evil village to come out. Can't speak for any other brand as i only have this headset.
  6. Not sure if this is PS5 only, but me and my buddy have had multiple crashes on PS5 playing COD: Advanced Warfare, specifically while running exo zombies.
  7. This may have been answered somewhere before, if so i apologize, but im wondering if theres a way to play the PS4 version on PS5? There's no way in hell im doing these trophies again, i just need to finish the last 3 DLC's, but am wondering if i can finish these on PS5 without having the PS5 list added to my trophy collection? Otherwise i will need to plug my ps4 back in to complete it.
  8. there's a glitch to earn the 106% trophy by plugging in a keyboard to your ps4. Pretty pointless though as you still need to finish everything else to get the platinum.
  9. Exactly, i care more if you have the Super Meat Boy plat then 1000 1 hour plats, anyone could do that if they have no wife, kids, job. I personally play the games i want to play, never worry about the trophy level, i have 175 plats, but couldn't tell you if i'm level 10, 25, 50? whats the point of having a number showing you the number of shitty games you've completed? i've completed 175 games that i've enjoyed and am proud of (albeit maybe 2 or 3),but id rather that then 1000 games i didn't, and there's not a single person who will reach that cap by only playing games they like, its impossible (unless your sadistic and actually enjoy all those shitty games) so anyone who has that platinum icon that everyone's so worried about, only tells most people that you have no life, enjoy shitty games, and enjoy wasting money (which by all means is fine if that's what you want, but just putting it out there). For people who actually enjoy playing games and earning trophies on those games AND care about their level, they will actually benefit from this change more as before completing a hard game like binding of isaac would barely give you any kind of bump in your level, but now, it will actually feel like all the hard work and time you put into completing that game actually made a difference. So of course its not going to feel rewarding when you spend 1 hour platting a game with one hand while watching porn and jerking off with the other and earning a few levels as opposed to spending 100 hours on a plat and earning a level or 2, because that will feel rewarding, all of you who are complaining about progression being meaningless now should try it.
  10. yeah that's not okay, but at the same time it's unfortunately expected.
  11. I literally checked eBay right after buying mine, saw people selling pre orders for around CAD $1,500.00 already, probably be more once they're officially sold out.
  12. Yeah i ended up getting the disc version along with demons souls and spider-man from Best Buy for about CAD $890.00
  13. i didn't even hear a time from anywhere, my wife just came to me and said "hey, i just got an email 20 minutes ago saying the PS5 is ready to pre order, is that important?"
  14. looks like Best Buy Canada is now sold out of both the disc and digital versions. Trying to check EB Games but its basically crashing. It looks like Wal-Mart Canada still has some pre orders available.
  15. Yeah i've definitely had a few of those, the most recent that comes to mind is the snes classic, even though that ended up being for nothing as Nintendo learned from their mistake from the NES classic and made enough to go around.