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  1. just saw this in recent post, just wanted to say thanks again for helping, its great that you're still doing this to help people with this annoying trophy
  2. I Pre-order every single game i'm interested in, for two reasons. One, is that I pre-order from EB games, and they don't charge anything to pre-order, which means if i decide when it comes out that i don't want it anymore, i dont have to get it, and i have up to five days after release to decide that. Two, is that if i do decide to get it, it still comes with the pre-order bonus whatever it may be. In my situation there's no downside.
  3. Everyone was always able to enjoy it, they just had to buy the PSVR headset. Or another way to look at it, is its still not able to be enjoyed by everyone because not everyone has a PS4. And for anyone who thinks VR is failing, just take a look at all the games coming out in the next 6 months, PSVR is far from failing, or dying out anytime soon, Sony is putting much more into the VR headset then they ever did with the vita (RIP).
  4. well to do the glitch, you have to first get the power Secret of Arcana (you get it from one of the black books in the dragonborn DLC), and get telekenisis (however you spell it). Once you have those it's easy, simply go to Whiterun (or anywhere probably, i just found it easiest in whiterun) and have telekenisis on both hands, and pop your secret of arcana. Quickly use your telekenesis to pick up something small (i just picked up cheese) and hold it for about 4 seconds, then fast travel to any of the other 9 major cities. Once you arrive, your alteration should now be at 100. You can then make it legendary as many times as you like, and therefore keep levelling up. Hope this helps, if not, i know there's at least one video on youtube, and it shows you where to get secret of arcana and telekenisis, and do the alteration glitch.
  5. there's a glitch still active to get your alteration to level 100 in a matter of seconds, and you can do it an unlimited amount of times to level up. I used it this week and got from level 30 to level 85 in about 25 minutes, but it takes a few hours to actually set the glitch up.
  6. hasnt been any posts on this thread in a couple weeks, but was wondering if anyone could trade me a maduin? just add me if you can i'll be on tomorrow night and the rest of weekend, thanks. PSN ID: Berzerkgod313
  7. Sign me up! both Dark Cloud games completed.
  8. You can put me in for the kid - Olioli 2
  9. Sorry it's actually 4, black ops 3, ghosts, advanced warfare and black ops declassified, still leaves me as exo soldier though
  10. You can put me down as exo soldier, got black ops 3, advanced warfare and ghosts
  11. Good thing i got this done a few months back, still need the lair battles trophy and the ones from the newest DLC, was hoping to get back to it once they stopped releasing trophies for it, but i guess i better get it done as soon as possible with stuff like this happening
  12. the only thing i don't do that you do is try a game on another account, i put the game in and i go for 100%, not really a true 100% if your not playing games you know you can't beat, or only playing games you know that you can beat, anyone can do that.
  13. Assassins Creed 2, best of the series IMO, and not very hard or long plat, plus your almost done.
  14. K so i have a question, im about to start playing this game, so as for the seeds, and difference patch versions, how should i go about doing this, what's the quickest and most painless way towards the platinum? also im in NA and playing on PS4. Thanks in advance.