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  1. Just a heads up guys, remember to not put all diamonds on classes at once. When all 18 diamonds are at place (earliest at lvl 19) you can't reset them anymore and de-leveling becomes impossible. You should reset your loadout at least once so one diamond is taken away from you. There is a workaround thought if this happens to you. By changing your psn ID your stats reset to zero and it only takes around 20 mins to do the Warlord glitch for lvl 30 after that.
  2. I looked throught some japanese sites and unfortunately I couldn't find any info regarding PS3 release. Every site I visited listed Claptrap's New Robot Revolution as a first time release on Japan for PS4. As jpn version never had a digital version, it seems unlikely that a lone dlc will be released on jpn store. Maybe it will be included as a free patch? Time will tell.
  3. Awesome find! Was also free on Finnish store. I love the art style! Much appreciated.
  4. Awesome! This find will benefit many
  5. Great to know that you both got the trophy and the method kinda worked. I think I should test this on my server with a dummy account to see if one can kinda ''gift'' this trophy to others 😁.
  6. I suppose the game will register both players actions towards taming the beefalo. You should feed the beefalo on day 1 then after day 2 starts, your friend takes his/her turn on feeding etc. Do this until the whole process is done (20 days if you don't have the brush or skip riding it) and see if trophy pops to either of you. And if it pops only to other, you can always rollback a few days and let the player who didn't get the trophy to feed the beefalo the rest of the time. This is all speculation but it might work :D. And also, my server is saved right after my beefalo domesticated, so we can also try it there. Rollback a day and you feed it and we'll see what happens. Send me a message if you want to try it that way with your friend. My psn ID is the same as my forum ID.
  7. This could have also happened with Doom. Ultra Nightmare is basically Mein Leben but we luckily had to only complete the first mission.
  8. Hey! To pull off this correctly, you need to dodge the overhead attack which is the same that stormvermins use by dodging to either side. Backstepping doesn't count. And the Emissary must also target his attacks to you. Just play on easy with 3 friends and take turns toying with him. That should do it
  9. Original heroes consist of those that were on the vanilla ps4 version at the start, so up to Astraea. Buy every hero up to her and the boss should unlock.
  10. Just wanted to notify that I got all online trophies. Thanks to everyone that helped! And if someone still requires help, I'm able to download stuff later today. Hit me with a message!
  11. Hi! I still need 3 sets of downloads for my kart, track and 1 mod. Gonna do the rest with another vita! I will help back if you rate my stuff! Psn ID: Are1991
  12. There has been a lot of debate considering The Boss trophy and it's new reguirement on the latest transcension patch. I stumbled upon this on reddit : According to that, the devs have been trying to reduce the reguirements on the trophy to the original goal (up to Astraea), but on Xbox One, Microsoft denied the change on the achievement list and Bone players need to buy Madzi in order to get the achievement. Well, luckily for us playstation players, the devs are working it on Ps4 so that we will only need to go up to Wepwawet! (e235, little work needed there but still a way better than the need to buy Madzi with her whopping e8000 lol.) Let's hope that Sony approves this. There is still hope guys! But in my opinion, the trans patch made the game much deeper and better than I'm definitely trying to get to Madzi after 100% this game even if the trophy reguirement changes. Peace for ya all.
  13. That's amazing news! Will try myself as soon as I get back home. Love this game.
  14. Made the same mistake, but just a heads up, I contacted playsaurus about this bugged trophy and they said that they'll begin to investigate this issue. I really like small game studios, they always respond back and tend to get to action right away. I'm sure that we are on good hands. Considering how much fame this game has netted on steam and mobile, it would be a shame that some people will begin to avoid it on consoles because of 1 glitched trophy.
  15. Does anyone have that sponge from guardians? I have tried to create new worlds and always check every corner but just can't get that fortress to spawn. I would really appreciate the help