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  1. I actually got 2 trophies at the same time as my first. Wanted corp. shopaholic which also unlocked my first platinum of the year !! Wanted Corp. Plat # 182
  2. Really nice of you doing this ! Favorite game(s) are for sure bioshock and Borderlands, can't make an choice between those 🤔.
  3. Not complaining, didn't play any of them!
  4. Platinum #180 Stardew valley since it came out on pc and look various streamers playing it, i was jealous it was only on pc. Then the news came, stardew valley release on PS4 !!! really enjoyed playing this relaxing game, some farming, mining, fishing,.. Achieving the trophy's came naturally when i was playing the game. But then when i achieved all but one Fector's challenge ! This one got me raged so hard i punched, yelled and cursed so bad, my girlfriend thought i had an mental breakdown. But hey, proof is here, whenever you're struggling on a trophy, just keep trying, eventually you get it.. Up to the next hard one Wolfenstein 'Mein leben' run Wish me luck !!

    Trying to beat it 3 days non stop, with multiple stage 3-2 / 3-3 crashes 😣

    I got really lucky on stage 3-3, that a nuke dropped just in front of me when i was surrounded.

    Really glad i achieved this hard challenge..


  6. Stardew valley - Fector's challenge, wow wow wow.

    2 times i made it to endboss, 2 times i'm ending up there with no power up.

    Not giving up, i'm going to beat that challenge !!!

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Got about 10 games like that 😆

  7. How he does it, it looks doable, Little room for error but there is some room. i'm now more secure and convinced i can pull this off.
  8. True what you say @Dark I did first run trying to do stealth as much as i could but because some bug i had to start all over again, and i reach the end in half the time i did in my first run, just because i just dual-wielded shotguns and just gunblazed through some areas which was in some points easier then going stealth.
  9. For sure you can skip the bosses at the end, the thing i did there is i used my grenades ( upgraded ) to stun them when the doors opened, and passed them to take the ladder up. It will be risky, no doubt bout that. i think if you got that far on mein leben your heart is pounding like crazy
  10. Havn't tried it yet on mein leben, just finished on i am death incarnate yesterday. But it's a great idea to share tips and strats to make progress. I think most difficult part will be in the courtroom and end stage on the ship..
  11. Just finished wolfenstein 2 on ' i am death incarnate ' on a good 8 houres. Pretty proud that i did it on 1 day after the bad luck i had yesterday with the bug and losing all my progress that forced me to start all over..

    Now playing on lower difficulty for the other trophy's and just gunblazing like a total badass !!

  12. Well i don't know how it happens, why it doesn't trigger the event. If you're not playing on Mein leben, just make enough saves where you can fall back on.. And gonna say it again, NEVER delete a save, it will screw you up !!
  13. I tried several more time but all my saves where at the 2 commanders except 1 that was in the judge room. I thought to play that save file 8 houres back and start again from that point. Funny enough i was gunblazing through the missions. thinking damn my skills where pretty high until i noticed that my difficulty setting also reseted like my collectibles and was playing on ' bring it on ' 😑 Start completely over, deleted every save file. Imagine to have that bug on mein leben difficulty !!