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  1. yup same here, i could start the quest right away, it was stated as a ' limited time ' quest.
  2. That's strange that you barely have enough power. i got 45 dwellers and only have 3 fully powered rooms and have more than enough. I do have 5 - 6 people in each room to maintain my power rooms. Also i saw you already got your trophy for having 50 rooms, that's probably the problem when you only have 40 dwellers.. 50 rooms demand a lot of power.
  3. Recent order : Fallout 76 - Power Armor Edition 😍

    Gotta make some room next my Titanfall 2 Helmet 😆

    1. ToTheEmber


      Nice! I just pre-ordered mine as well! 😁

    2. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      Buddy I'm jealous lol

  4. I was literally saying bout 2 houres ago to my friend, damn man i really want a new good zombie game like dying light, and BOOM they show that shit 😱😱 So excited for this game..
  5. Almost at my 200th platinum trophy.

    And i decided to make Xcom 2 for my number 200.

    it will ask a lot of me to get trough, cauz i never played anything like it xD but i will not give up !!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Good luck! :)

    3. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      well good luck, but with the latest glitch being found on the game its easy peezy...

    4. TNekke


      i've read about the glitch here one psn, but i will attempt it not using it.

      also i don't think it will make the game a 2/10 difficulty. before the known glitch you had still the savescum strat xD

  6. Today i got my Fallout 3 collector's edition, still factory sealed !! So happy with it 😍 


    1. ZexionPonty92


      😍 the one with the pipboy bobblehead? That was my first collector's edition ever back in the days.

    2. TNekke


      Yup @ZexionPonty92 with the bobblehead 😄 

      bought it for only €75, so i think i got it for a good price.

    3. -Johncnstntn-


      yes very hard to find espacially factory sealed. Nice find.

  7. Mine would be Bloodborne !! Awesome of you doing this !!
  8. Claire extended cut Plat #193 - #194 Got double plat on same game at the same day. Was scrolling down my gamelibrary and saw this game claire, looked it up and noticed this was a fast plat with a guide. I hadn't too much time this week for playing some houres straight on mad max or another, so i decided to tackle this one down with a guide. now i got 2 new plats and i'm getting closer to my 200 platinums milestone 😎 Probably going to safe that spot for the new God Of War.
  9. Bloodborne Plat #192 Really enjoyed playing this masterpiece. In the beginning i was reaching a point of giving up this game, because damn this game has no compassion with you until you defeat Father Gascoigne. The moment i could defeat him, i enjoyed it more and kept playing because i had made progress and i knew i could defeat this game. Have to admit it, i have ask some help from other hunters with my little bell, but sometimes they weren't much of a help Next one on the list isn't as difficult as Bloodborne, going to sit back in my chair and finish marvel's telltale guardian's of the galaxy And 100% Lords of the fallen.
  10. Titan Souls Plat #190 And at last i've got this platinum I had abandon this game a year ago because i couldn't manage the more difficult trophy's ( except the no rolling mode ) which was stated in guides as the hardest one in game. But after a year i decided to pick this one up again for casual playing on the vita. The first thing i had noticed was, that i could defeat those bosses much easier than earlier and before i knew completed the game once again, which made me thinking. Maybe i could plat this game now, and what about it, I DID IT 😎 My gamingskills must have improved over time which is fantastic !! Of course i used the cloud storage exploit for iron mode but still i'm pretty happy with my new platinum. As i said before when i got Fector's challenge on Stardew Valley, keep trying and you'll get it. Next one in line is Bloodborne -- 2 Trophies away
  11. Only one trophy left on Titan Souls -- Iron God.

    Never thought i would pick this one up again after an year but it seems my gaming skills are improved and going to plat this game !!

    1. Dragon-Archon


      Good luck.

  12. I actually got 2 trophies at the same time as my first. Wanted corp. shopaholic which also unlocked my first platinum of the year !! Wanted Corp. Plat # 182
  13. Really nice of you doing this ! Favorite game(s) are for sure bioshock and Borderlands, can't make an choice between those 🤔.
  14. Not complaining, didn't play any of them!
  15. Platinum #180 Stardew valley since it came out on pc and look various streamers playing it, i was jealous it was only on pc. Then the news came, stardew valley release on PS4 !!! really enjoyed playing this relaxing game, some farming, mining, fishing,.. Achieving the trophy's came naturally when i was playing the game. But then when i achieved all but one Fector's challenge ! This one got me raged so hard i punched, yelled and cursed so bad, my girlfriend thought i had an mental breakdown. But hey, proof is here, whenever you're struggling on a trophy, just keep trying, eventually you get it.. Up to the next hard one Wolfenstein 'Mein leben' run Wish me luck !!