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  1. This guy 😂😂 He must be trolling right ?
  2. Would be a unfair to the players, myself had a 2 year break with gaming because i didn't had the time, but i came back. When returning and see they just deleted you of some sort would be just a punch in the face..
  3. Finished 2/3 DLC of Xcom 2, glad i picked this one up again.

    Now waiting when there's a sale on War of the chosen DLC ^^

  4. Started with the DLC of Xcom 2 but apparently i can't make the story missions to trigger ??

    I already killed 2 alien rulers and been able to make an SPARK unit but i don't get other mission other then UFO or Guerilla missions.

    On other side, i started this on previous save where i already was on last main mission ( advent tower ) maybe it has to to with this ?


  5. For me it's by far Fallout 76, as an fanboy i can't enjoy playing this *sigh*
  6. Apparently the enemy's in Fallout 76 scale up to the highest level player that is in that area. So when lvl 50+ player is in your area you need to deal with level 50+ also, even when you're around 20-25 :S Like WTF bethesda ?!?

    I'm currently in the situation i don't have any weapon or armor, it all broke down and i'm short on aluminium to repair and when i find new weapons or armor i can't equip it because it's for level 50 !!!!!! 

    I tried to find enjoyment in the game but man this is killing me..

  7. I just noticed, someone gifted me Premium membership 😍

    Thanks anonymous gifter, much appreciated !!

    1. BrettyBoy


      Same happened with me. Awesome feeling man.

    2. shary96


      Same here, after a month I still haven't figured out who did it lol

  8. Platinum #206 -- Foul Play

    Had fun with this one, some challenges were frustrating but fun to do.

    On to the next one xD

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Had a pretty good time with that one, too.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats! 👍

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  9. That's maybe the game released 3 days ago ?.
  10. Whuut ?!? 400$ , what the hell you get for that
  11. I know Final Fantasy VII remastered has an God Mode that you can enable and still get all trophy's.
  12. As a fanboy of Fallout, i'm having a hard time in Fallout 76.

    Don't know if i'm rushing too much on the quests or just bad luck in finding good weapons.

    i'm currently lvl 9 and i feel that i'm underleveled so hard. When exploring i encounter big hordes of mutants or level 30+ monsters.. Also the respawn of enemies when you enter or exit a building doesn't help me 😂

    Going to try loot more in the begin area to find more resources, and take more time on exploring.


    1. Cleggworth


      I'm having the same trouble. I think it's the constant barrage of quests. Everywhere you go there's about 3 quests popping up and you end up following one, then another and another then before you know it you bump into a lvl 35 yaoi gui as you are way beyond where you're supposed to be. I'm struggling to stay focused

  13. As i stated before, when you reach level 100, you'll probably done most of the trophy's listed above. It's not like you will be done with the story in 10 houres or you have to achieve platinum in 10 houres.
  14. Doesn't look hard at all, i think you get all the mp trophy's eventually when you go for level 100, I needed to grind out level 50 on Fallout 4, so if it will be the same rate of exp. you get now, you will be playing enough to achieve the MP trophy's without trouble.
  15. Platinum #204 The Witcher 3 GOTY.

    Just in time before Fallout 76 release, got some time to play Foul Play and maybe working on 100% Dead By Daylight.

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. DamagingRob