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  1. Finally i can play some Maffia 3 after that HUGE download 😨

    Played DBD almost an month and almost have platinum, but it's time for something else for the moment..

    1. redcar200


      Get ready to be disappointed. 

  2. It isn't as bad as it sounds in terms of difficulty. I thought in the beginning also that this wasn't achievable with good communication and practice. But i got this one on second try and no mics. It is a plus when your now what you're doing and be low rank, so you play against lesser experienced killers. Join the boostsession, there are plenty of people who are willing to help.
  3. Felt the urge to buy some easy, cheap crossplatform platinums when i saw that some were on sale in the store 🙈

    - 36 fragments of midnight 

    - inkSplosion

    - Squareboy vs bullies

    - My name is mayo

    - Slyde

    For only €10...

    Don't judge me, i like the popsound of an trophy 😂

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    2. Spaz


      @Ash Williams You hit the nail on the head.


      After stacking all the Sound Shapes and platting My Name is Mayo and Orc Slayer, I wasn't enjoying myself all that much. I was asking "Why am I torturing myself with these so called games?".

    3. TNekke


      Don't get me wrong, i enjoy harder games even more to achieve platinum, like Xcom 2, Titan souls, Bloodborne and now working on Dead by daylight. Also i think i'm going to like playing squareboy and inkSplosion.


    4. Spawn


      As long as you like playing a game, nothing wrong with easy trophy lists. And as long as you like having Mayo for the easy plat, nothing wrong with that either, we all find our own joy. Personally I'm done with that, and these days trophy lists have zero influence on me buying a game or not. Well, with the exception of checking the list to see how much effort the devs have put into single player versus multiplayer, since I don't like multiplayer.


      In the last year, I've actually bought a few games on the Switch (without trophies) while the games are available on PS4 too, just because playing on the go was more important to me, like Stardew Valley.

  4. Need to blow some steam off on Dead By Daylight.

    Trying to achieve the 4 kill in a match with The Hag and i must say i'm pretty solid with this killer ( 3/4 sacrifices everytime ) on rank 9 for now.

    But they ALWAYS find my Devour Hope totem almost instant, 1 time i had 4 tokens but they had it before the last one..

    When they find it immediately i feel the urge to just quit the game but i find it myself lame to do that.

    It's driving me crazy 😡

  5. WOW nice, looking forward for this. I remember that my brother played this back in the days and i was just watching because i was to scare to play myself but now i'm prepared
  6. Started with Tearaway Unfolded ans must say i'm pleasantly surprised of the game.

    Find the game mechanics pretty fun to use..

  7. Got almost all trophy's on Beyond 2 Souls but damn i'm so sick of replaying chapters to get all endings.

    Loved the game when i first played it blind but now i can't wait to delete this one...

    1. Spaz


      Worse than Heavy Rain?

    2. TNekke


      i played Heavy Rain on the PS3 so can't really recall, but i think Heavy Rain is worse with the ending grind. Beyond 2 Souls has only 8 to get the trophy and HR 20 i think.

      On side note, it bothers me on Beyond 2 Souls that you play all chapters almost exact the same way over and over, just to have a different end story.. You don't have different story lines which you do have on Heavy Rain i think..

  8. Played Black ops 3 zombies last night after a long time and  i earned a trophy xD yeeey.

    Only thing i still find enjoyable on Black Ops is zombies. Wished i was a little better at it to earn the trophies -_- 

    Or someone who wants to carry me 🤔 'cough cough'

    1. closertim


      I still need most of the trophies for black ops 1 dlc.  I just know my skill level just isn't where it needs to be for them 

  9. Same, i had the feeling i already got over 100 but just keep skipping the more time consuming ones for easier ones. Probably only need 10ish more like i had if you get this feeling
  10. It's like a decade ago i joined the 100Platinum club but i finally reached the 200Club Happy with Xcom 2 as my #200 platinum
  11. And both are finally achieved woopwoop

    #199 Fallout Shelter

    #200 Xcom 2


    What to play next? i really don't know🤔

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    2. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    3. Honor_Hand


      Double congrats! 👍👍


      Great work on the milestone as well :)

    4. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

  12. At the moment running Fallout Shelter without paying attention for i only need 14 more raider attacks to get my #199 platinum, which gets me to my #200 platinum ' Xcom 2 ' where i only need 1 more trophy that is set to unlock 😎😆

    1. Squirlruler


      Dangggg nice. Xcom2 as a milestone will be baller af

    2. theSpirae


      Xcom 2 as the plat #200 is a great pick. Go for it!

    3. ee28max


      Good luck on the milestone! :) 

  13. Now you mention it, you're right on you don't get that feeling of isolation. I remember on the tutorial when you fill your can with water, i thought damn i'm going to need think ahead what i'm going to do to make sure i'm not ending without water and gas, and i figured it out fast that that wasn't the case But still an enjoyable game.
  14. I had fun achieving platinum for Mad Max, i had a quick look what to keep in mind for some challenges so it was'nt that much of a grind for me. Don't know why people hated this game. For sure i was sceptical caus of the reviews and wouldn't had bought the game, but it was for free on PS+ and i enjoined playing it. Once again to remember, don't follow the majority when it comes on game reviews and opinions of people.
  15. That ain't French, it's Portuguese But yeah, don't know either what's going on 😀