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  1. @marvelboy10 Why are you following this person, they haven't visited site since August 4, 2015 lol.


    Last post was 2012...


    Also 23 rep but 3000+ followers LOL


    Please don't tell me it's because of the avatar, come on guys...


    Internet pr0n is that way -------->

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    2. dedennesteph


      They all need to head to the beach to see real women with real boobs. :D 

      Every1 is trapped in a fake world. Shame on you all. ;) 



    3. DamagingRob


      @skateak Team Rocket!? Where!? Let me at 'em! 



    4. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      I wouldn't look too much into it. The guy follows everyone in the hopes that they will follow him back. Gotta increase that e-peen, ya'll!

      But yeah, it is pretty funny to see how many followers you can get just by having an avatar like that. :lol:

  2. Yes I agree its good Idea
  3. I like naruto shippuden and dragon ball Z and GT and Highschool of the Dead and honestly alot more but I don't feel like posting them All.
  4. I don't care about points I only care about how golds and slivers.
  5. Read this sorry Im too tired to type.
  6. I want this Van
  7. Aww dam it U can't download to your Ps3 dam I have no computer as well.
  8. Wow what dumb kid offer 4 dollars for account lol I know true story . I wish UC3 Start adding more trophies serious I feel its Bunch of bs offering 1 gold medal when both UC1 and 2 give 3 gold medals and stupid to out 55 trophies but yet charge 9.99 for DCL Map which you gain no trophies.
  9. LOL Kirby
  10. Well F him if doesn't wanna share with you why should he have right to play your games but to be honest sounds like hes using you.
  11. Sorry for USA it will be out April 10th and kirby that just sucks if I was you don't let him use your games by the way did you get those 3 games back.
  12. There wasn't any mention of new trophies so basically for US you will pay 9.99.
  13. I download shift 2 currently Im playing shank 2 with friend but dam it some trophies are hard to get.
  14. I feel same as you steve I just wanna play games are fun.
  15. " You heard me right! Spike and Acquire’s Way of the Samurai 4 is confirmed for release in North America on the PS3, and we at XSEED Games are pleased to be bringing it to you fully uncut and uncensored. Torture chambers, naughty midnight missions in the dark and all the brutal slaughtering you can handle await in this riveting and 100% historically accurate (shhhh!) sandbox-style samurai period drama." As a lone samurai you would have 2 choice fighting alongside the foreigners in the name of progress or take your stance somewhere between the two by supporting the local government’s attempts to quell the violence (through any means possible). For more information please this article