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  1. heres my level and i need hearts also thank u
  2. i only need this gear anymore.. Can someone tell me where to get it or where u did find it? and easy and fast way to get blue gear lootboxes?
  3. what about survival equipment?
  4. hey nice work! can u give list or something that i can compare my weapons and gear
  5. did u get my photo
  6. im in last hc puzzle and i have tried 2 hours and i got allways killed and i have been moving numbers but its not helping can someone help me
  7. why i this program changes one of my number to zero
  8. conano1990 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 my brother was playing other ps3 and i was playing my own ps3. we both play same account and was same teamand we try to get all star and then we got to all stars i noticed that i havent got other trophies and then all trophies what i havent got popped n my ps3 but not my brother got nothing.. i dont know what cause it but its seems some kind of glitcg
  9. Can Someone boost this wish me if can add me conano1990 and write message when u wanna do it
  10. i ride about 70km i dont have check it yet but something like that and ihave new patch and i still get it. i also use several tires few times and one tires i rided about 56km