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  1. Lol maybe it will be one of the playstation plus games
  2. Thanks ferri just got the vita plat
  3. Did you ask them why the us trophies don’t sync on the vita?
  4. Thanks Ferri can’t wait for the rest
  5. The vita list still isn’t syncing
  6. USA but the trophy list doesn’t even show up in the vita trophy section but it shows I’ve earned trophies underneath the game
  7. I’m playing the vita version and have earned 5 or six trophies and they aren’t syncing
  8. For honor good job with that one
  9. South Park stick of truth
  10. Why is the PS4 getting so many games that look like they were made for the ps1
  11. Yava by babymetal
  12. Ni no kuni it would be cool if they remastered this one
  13. Demon souls 3
  14. Table top racing world tour