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  1. For honor good job with that one
  2. South Park stick of truth
  3. Why is the PS4 getting so many games that look like they were made for the ps1
  4. Yava by babymetal
  5. Ni no kuni it would be cool if they remastered this one
  6. Demon souls 3
  7. Republique
  8. Table top racing world tour
  9. Barbie and sisters puppy rescue
  10. Racket and clank
  11. Got a big list today I got digimon world the next order, dragon quest heroes, god eater 2 rage burst and warriors all stars all on the clearance rack at target all less then $10 got dynasty warriors 8 empires for a huge price of 2.99 at meijer got god wars future past, monster hunter world, samurai warriors spirit of sanada, sword art online fatal bullet and warriors orochi 3 ultimate at GameStop so I’m set for a couple of months
  12. Dynasty warriors 7 love that series
  13. Yes it was fun the first time not so fun the second time. And tekken 7 don’t have the patience to get that one
  14. Dynasty warriors 9 hope to have this one finished soon
  15. Sorry to add another post but does Han dang sound like eeyore to anyone else