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  1. Don't look for the lines, but rather the circle that they form once they move to you, hit dash when this moving circle hits the smaller one, that surrounds your character.
  2. There being no indicator is just plain wrong... The yellow cables indicate that there is a collectible nearby!
  3. I think this is a little weird: When I search for "Type" or "Type:" the search results put out: - R-Type Dimensions - FF Type-0 HD - 2064: Read Only Memories Those obviously are gone searching for "Type:R", but Type:Rider doesn't show up until searching for "Type:Ride". This is by truly a very small issue(/bug?), but wanted to share it anyways. Greetings, marv257
  4. Same goes for me, my certified items are gone, as well as the grey bowler. Still have a saffron bowler and a grey royal crown that I can trade/re-trade for your trophy pings.
  5. Willing to trade: Painted: Bowler grey Bowler saffron (trade and re-trade only for trophy ping) Certified: Party Hat Sniper (Long Goals) Propellerhead Playmaker (Assists) Hit me up on PSN, I would love any green painted wheels, if not that just offer something...