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  1. Platinum #278 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Difficulty: 9/10 Time: 36 Hours (Ingame Timer) Puhh, so uhm not to much to say about this game. A brutal good Character action game with sick gameplay, which rewards you to become good, kick ass soundtrack and nice bossfights included. Well there's some negative aspect about this game. First it doesn't explain to good how to block and second, the lack of a sequel :/ Anyways i liked every aspect of the game, despite of the difficulty and some cheap death. One sword keeps another in the sheath
  2. War Party Win a match with 16 players (Ranked Match)
  3. Platinum 277 Max Payne 3 Difficulty: 8/10 Time: 100+ Hours Well, i don't want to make a big review, so let's make it short as possible. After hearing about the Server shutdown announcement, i wanted to give this game a go and it payed off at the end for me. Well written story and a good challenge with the infamous New York Minute Hardcore. Multiplayer was well, just a grindfest and straightforwarded boring. Playing the same Chapter over and over again just for the level 50 trophy was kind off a big letdown and hearing always the same dialouge with the cup of warm milk and a blowjob, ughh. Well at least i get this done out of my way. Just another day at the Office
  4. I know exactly, where this thread is going....
  5. If anyone needs some tipps, to tackle this mode here are my personal advice: First. Play offline Second. Turn off golden gun Third. Learn how to use the bullet time correctly. That is crucial and a game changer for this entire run. Fourth. Knowing all the locations of the painkillers, you don't want to die of course. Fifth. If you have trouble with some sections, play those individual levels on normal new york minute. Sixth. To prevent the chapter 13 bug, which causing the lmg guy not to spawn properly, pause the game before you enter the door, wait 2 mins, get in with 2 pistols to kill those ufe guys fast, then the lmg guy should spawn without problems. Kill him then with a mp5 on the floor. 15 shots on the helmet ends him quickly. seventh. At the end of chapter 14 with the becker fight. stay calm and keep always an eye on him, if you see he shoots an grenade, bullet time and shoot it down quickly. Eight. Play agressive at the beginning. I entered chapter 13 with 31 Minutes left and ended the game with 23 or 21 minutes left then. Oh and last but not least, don't aim to much on close range, it can make a huge difference for you. Good luck for anyone. I did my run about 2 weeks ago and succeeded thankfully. Oh and a little tip, if you need it. Don't stress yourself out with this. If you feel to stressed make a little break. I was drinking some tea and that helped me at the end of the game very easily.
  6. The Shadows Rushed Me Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore I did it. I managed to get this trophy, after fails and glitches, i did it. I played the whole Game offline to prevent myself for the common chapter 13 glitch. Probably my hardest trophy that i ever obtained. Trying to be concetraded for about 3 - 4 hours and don't doing any major mistake, can make a difference. At last i got it. Everyone who want to try this to, wish you good luck
  7. If you spam with Raiden the boss, it should be done between 1,5 to 3 hours. I hope you get the trophy. Good luck
  8. If you start today to get all the Invasion stuff, then you should get this done. The rest could be longer than a day, maybe.
  9. @TheAbyssWalker61 Invasion boss online mate, go get him
  10. Just wondering about Mortal Kombat X, it is possible to get the Kollector Trophy, before the 50 living towers trophy? I got the Kollector trophy a few mins ago and was wondering if anyone else had this, too.

    1. Ragtag_Dude


      It's possible, I was in the same boat a you. 👍


    2. Red-Izanagi


      Thx for that answer mate.


  11. Attempt 5: Game audio dissapeared and then frozed on chapter 9. Sadly, this was a brutaly good run and then this :<
  12. Actually you have to meet some requirements for that. First you have to get to opponent nr. 8 and win the second round with either a Brutality or a fatality, then you will unlock the secret fight and the trophy. You don't have to fight the boss for the trophy, just meet the requirement and it should unlock.
  13. Little tip. The Mortal Kombat 2 premium tower is online this week for the ''Keep it Secret'' Trophy, if you don't have this trophy, go get them this week now. For the invasion boss, they aren't online for now but i will check tomorrow for that and let you know guys.
  14. Guys ehm, can we be more accurate and stop this type of threads? I mean at the end of the day it doesn't matter anyway if people want to play easy 1 dollar games for a platinum trophy, just to rack up numbers, it's not our problem sorry :/ If you want to play these 1 dollar easy games, do what you want. I don't need these games, everyone has their preference. Some people hate sports games. others love them. Some say Cod or other shooter games are the best on the market, others despite them and don't like it, you can't change them. Do as you wish, some people want a challenge, some people want a high platinum count. Just be careful not to stop enjoying games and get an addiction for virtual numbers. That's all enjoy your day.
  15. Ehm i think you don't understand this but, some games when the server are closed will be unobtainable and trophies aren't meant to be earned for everyone. You can have a quick look at my trophies and see for yourself, that i have 1 game which i will never get the platinum for that but guess what? It doesn't matter anyway since this is 5 years ago now. What you try to attempt is pointless, since some people stated, the devs don't have the rights of the game anymore and wouldn't go back, just to fix some trophies, so you can earn them. Us Trophy hunters are minor percent of people, so you think they would do it just for you? You have to accept this, that sometimes is better to move on and stop clinging about some trophies. If you really care that much for an 100% account, just start a new one and pick those games, which don't have unobtainable trophies. I hope you understand what i mean with that. Have a good day anyways. Cheers.