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  1. xTrap-ViisiioNz - I Am Not A Number First Trophy gotten from Crysis 2
  2. I still play on my ps3 ( Vita sometimes too ), but when im playing ps4 and switching back to ps3, the controlller for the ps3 feels so weird. So i put a ps4 controller on my ps3 and it feels so much better then. Honestly the ps3 is a good console but coming back after playing with the ps4 feels weird at the begining
  3. Pretty strange drop rates. I didn't find the Warmachine in the air supply drops, only menendez and prophet's item 🙄
  4. At the moment i working on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD on PS3, since i have that game now long time in my backlog and want to clearing them out.
  5. Sounds weird at all but hope for the best.
  6. This people they have obtaining the trophys before the shutdown haven't hacked them. all people who achieved them later have hacking them. simple.
  7. They don't care about his problem and the ps4 version is atm really buggy and crashes a whole console. And i have not many ppl for my petition who have sign in.If more ppl will sign in maybe they will see that we care about their game and want a patch for that. They will go bankrubt if they looking only for profit -.-
    1. DaivRules


      Only 1 month?! That's awfully selfish for everyone who might want it later. 

    2. xTrap-ViisiioNz


      1 Month or better to patching the trophy. I tried to contact the original devs from that game, if they can do something. Yeah i know its selfish with the server opening but i will trying my best

  8. So dear people i have asking Reinhard Pollice ( one of the chief executor of thqnordic ) what about the server. He said to me they don't have the server environment for Darksiders 2 on the ps3 version and simply patching the trophy is not possible because they have not the verified codebase for that game. So it's your descision if you want spaming him or not but you see it will not helping. I have trying my best for an answer and that's it. And its your own descision if you want to buy the remasters for the ps4 or Darksiders 3. Sorry all. And if you want the link for the conversation here https://twitter.com/xVenTuuS/status/869503324017610752 But if someone interessed in that i have making a petition on change.org https://www.change.org/p/reinhard-pollice-darksiders-2-server-re-open-for-ps3-xbox360-or-making-a-patch?recruiter=726905921&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition
  9. Has someone made a petition etc, can they link it here so we can all sign it?
  10. Would it help if many users spaming on twitter for an server open or a fix? maybe they will hopefully answer?
  11. oh that's not good. The server comes never back and they won't restore them ever again. my hopes are gone for this game. too bad it was an cool game.
  12. What really? nice now i have a Unobtainable plat in my list they can never be finished. before say they will fix it and now not.
  13. any news about the servers? or will be never fix it? thx for an answer
  14. http://www.nordicgames.at/index.php/contactHere is a link to the support. hope it will helps