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  1. Platinum #274 and 100% Mirror's Edge Difficulty: 9/10 ( Only because of the dozens of Time Trials and Speedrun Trophies ) Time: Don't know exactly ;< First of all, this Game was quite a Journey and i found it really good. The first hardest thing of that game were mainly those Speedruns on the different Chapter, since you have to know the best way for all of them. The Time Trials were also a challenge, if you going for the Platinum only, it will be doable to do it. If you want to get the dlcs done, puuh, here starts the Real Deal. The Time Trials consist of small portion of the main game that you had to complete in a specific amount of time and hitting the different Checkpoints for that. There are 33 Time Trials and for the Superstar Trophy you have to get 90 Stars, meaning getting 3 Stars on almost all of them. The Keyword for this is literally perfection. Glad i'm done with it and really proud of it, too. Time to start something different.
  2. Hello, is this Garland? No, this is C H A O S
  3. Finally, 100% Trophies obtained in Nioh 2 Remastered - The Complete Edition (PS5) :>

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      Thank you :D


  4. Platinum #272 Nioh 2 Remastered - The Complete Edition (PS5) Difficulty: 4/10 (Personal Opinion) with all DLC: 7/10 Time: About 65 Hours for the Basegame 1 DLC left for 100% Enjoyment: 9/10 The First Nioh Game was a blast. I liked the Soulsborne mechanic about it but Nioh is more than that. It's all about Builds and learning the Game. Nioh 2 added a bunch of new Stuff in the Game, with a self customize Character, Yokai-Abilities, new Enemies, more Yokai to slay and a bunch of new Weapons. Storywise, well, don't except to much since your main Char doesn't speak in any Cutscenes. Aside from that the Real deal with Nioh 2 it's the Gameplay. Since you have endless possiblity to make your Builds and what Weapon you want to play. If you really want just the Platinum, an easy Build with your Favorite Weapon should do it, if you want the 100%, good luck and i mean that for real. The 100% it's when the Game truly shines IMO, learning the different Builds, playing on higher Difficultys and grinding with hoping for the matched Gear you want. Overall, i liked the Game really that much. Bit dissapointed, since it was a bit to easy for me :/
  5. 100% Clear This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked
  6. Platinum  #271 Sonic Unleashed. Hard Boiled was really frustating but the constant FPS Drops were way worser than i though. Happy to have that Game done :D

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      Yeah sadly. The Game itself could be so much fun, aside from some shitty camera perspective and the constant fps drops in some areas ;<


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  7. See the estimated Time and Difficulty for every Guide as an litte example, what you can except on your Journey, when you going for a Platinum Trophy run. Some may take more time to explore the Game, others are straightforward and going directly for the Plat. Some have a better time understanding the Game mechanics and know what they are doing, others may struggle between this proccess. So my personal advice: Take your time, learn the game, enjoy it to the fullest and go for that nice Platinum Trophy. It's an amazing Game with a nice Action. Strategy Combat System, Nice Grafics. good Story and a bombastic Soundtrack. I Only needed between 60 to 70 Hours for the Platinum and i didn't skip my 1st Playthrough, Hard mode was a nice Challenge, once you know the Weaknesses of the Enemy and you do a nice Setup of Teambuilding and Materia, too, it will be a Journey to remember.
  8. Well.. i only have some ps3 games, that i wanted to play, since i moved on to the ps4 a year ago and now playing on the ps5, but im honest, it's really sad to hear this, i mean i never though this would be true :<
  9. I played it with 3 People but my problem with the Raid was, that someone from my team was really stressful to me and just wanted to get things fast and be done quickly. I give you a little Tipp: Play with People who want to learn the mechanics of the game and not just want to be carried. About the Raid. Chapter 1 was easy, Chapter 2 it's the hardest part and chapter 3 was just a bossfight, but a good one. I played a Ronin mainclass and did all the Coordination for the other 3 guys and revieved them. It's important to know that KI Lvl 110 is a must have, since it makes a difference. Overall a good experience but with a stressful person ._./
  10. xTrap-ViisiioNz - I Am Not A Number First Trophy gotten from Crysis 2
  11. I still play on my ps3 ( Vita sometimes too ), but when im playing ps4 and switching back to ps3, the controlller for the ps3 feels so weird. So i put a ps4 controller on my ps3 and it feels so much better then. Honestly the ps3 is a good console but coming back after playing with the ps4 feels weird at the begining
  12. Pretty strange drop rates. I didn't find the Warmachine in the air supply drops, only menendez and prophet's item 🙄
  13. At the moment i working on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD on PS3, since i have that game now long time in my backlog and want to clearing them out.
  14. Sounds weird at all but hope for the best.
  15. This people they have obtaining the trophys before the shutdown haven't hacked them. all people who achieved them later have hacking them. simple.