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  1. Oh no, guess it'll be here for posterity in the above. Not going to engage in back and forth, was simply stating in a different manner than one member that this petition is absurd and selfisf. Yes, stupid I am, and potent delusions you have. Damn now I remember why I love these forums.
  2. snip
  3. Had an issue few weeks back where it would start to load up, then freeze the sytem. Deleting and reinstall did the trick. If anyone else is stil having issues, perhaps it's worth a shot. You can't actually completely "delete" the PS Store off your system to my knowledge, and it's around 45 mgbs. so a simple fix. At least for me. Still, as many others mention not just here, the web store trumps the console's ones greatly.
  4. "Trophy whoring was the reason the developers created a ridiculous trophy list for games like Trine 2 or Aabs Animals. Well, i can understand someone wants to play those games just to level up easily, but isn't Injustice a really hard platinum?" Is it so hard to believe that some people actually liked Trine 2? I sure did, trophies were not the reason for for my purchasing that game. Actually I think it was a ps plus offering. Same goes for Terminator, which I got for free from my ma who bought it at a yardsale knowing I liked T1 AND 2, TellTales Juassic park on the flash sale, etc. I enjoyed them. Only game I feel cheap about is MLB 13 The show or whatever it's called, four golds in 1-2 minutes for mashing the square button. However I didn't pay a cent for it, due to some PSN glitch. So.. doubly cheap. I dl'ed it in hopes of an arcade-y experience. Seems a lot of people think trophy "hunters" are the the majority, they're not. Most don't give a shit about them, and I'm kinda leaning that way. Turned off trophy notifications as I'm sick of "ding, ding", you entered the options menu sort of crap. While my opinions are likely frowned upon, so be it. I go for (not hunt, that has an entirely different definition in my book), as a personal challenge, sometimes. If I feel I'm getting obsessive over it, game over, literally. In short, no I've never bought a game for the sole purpose of trophies. It's ridiculous. If someone wants to, hey, if that's how you wanna spend your time and money so be it. Judge not lest etc etc. I just got 101% on DKC 1 for SNES. How will anyone know of that without precious trophy/achievement tracking? Same goes for my 1 LC's of countless 8 and 16 bit games. It's not like I'm going to sit back in my rocker in my old age, reflecting on 'Oh let me tell ya about x plat, I'll tell ya, THAT was one of the pinnacles of my life". Trophies scmophies. Totally intangible and I don't like how achievements and such seem to of become the measure of a gamer's skill.
  5. Well seeing as I'm month plus late to respond to your message you probably figured it out. Also, this is why Sony has a paltry selection of shmups, no one seems to support the releases. Raiden overkill is a damned fun game regardless of how ridiculously difficult some of the trophies are. OT. If you're referring to the tanks that quickly come out of the bunkers in stage 2 and then scoot back in, you gotta quickly destroy every one, before they go back in. I think... haven't played for awhile. If you're still playing this game, or any shmup for that matter I'd recommend I believe the site is. Lots of detailed info, 1 up locations, and much more on loads of shooters back to the golden age of arcades.
  6. Well I warmed up a bit to the game, still stand by most of my prev. post, other then "epitomy", which is not a word. This game could of benefitted from more diverse BGM instead of the same 30 sec. loops for the 4 areas, havig to find a jukebox to play "poot-yan" or the the whale and the fish is annoying. Is there any special ending to NG+ or just the same old? Either way I'll go after the neo bosses likely, those there follow the trope of "nintendo hard". Decent game. but shoddy "story". Has enough redeming factors though.
  7. Trophies- A pretty decent set that fits the game fairly well. The game itself. I hate to be that guy bitching about his purchase, so I'll keep it short. The purchase was my decision after all. Rogue Legacy is the epitomy of monotony and mediocrity for me. The fact I got "Somniphobia" after maybe 6-8 very staggered hrs. of gameplay is testament to that. My brother told me about it some time ago, as well as a buddy. They both said the same thing- it evokes the (super) ghoul's n' ghost vibe as well as older Castlevanias.Not in my opinion. Hell, super GNG had better magic animations then this. And some of the game mechanics are just daft to me ( having to die to progress, spending $ to make sure you don't lose it, etc), defenenders of the game point these out as positives it seems, but it's just bizarre to me. Progresion via death. I'll give it another shot tomorrow, I feel obligated to myself to at least finish the game once, seeing as it wasn't a very thrifty game at $16.99 in NA. I like the difficulty, that's not it. It feels like a chore is all, and I'm not one that cares about completion so this one may stay at 14/30 trophies. With all that aside, I can see why it's very popular. Just a tad overhyped and vastly over-rated by critics. The staggering amount of awards it won in 2013 is beyond me, I just don't see it.
  8. To the TC. if you want to assign blame, then it'd have to be on yourself in my opinion. A year old is a baby, not even a toddler. It's a far cry from his fault, kids need to be watched like hawx. Also not ibisoft's fault (sorry). As mentioned, be more concerned about the safety of the child than a bloody save. I had a $1500 acoustic guitar broken beyond repair by my 3 year old niece. It was ,Y fault for not watching her every second, and also for not putting the guitar in the hard shell case. A definite "oh shit" moment, but I didn't feel the urge to blame Taylor guitars for their craftsmanship, nor did I go to the internet to spew some rant. In short, sorry your save is gone, but I really dont see what you want answered or done, this is game discussion after all. I'm not a "forumite", but the only thing in your post related to game discussion is the mention of a lack of manual saves. Deal with it, I guess? Sidenote. Theists can be depressing now and then. Especially when your in the middle of a gaming session and they knock on your door, handing out the same brochure as a few months back when yu told them you weren't interested. Then you look at the pamphlet, and start to wonder about the "bigger picture", messing up your gaming mojo. Theists. Quite depressing
  9. I thought OlliOlli was coming to consoles Tuesday? It says so on joystiq, don't see any mention of it on "the drop". Hmm. If that's not coming, then nothing for me this week, or next rather. Will renew PS Plus likely to finish off some games on my massive download list though. Even as a Ps plus member since the 1st week of my PS3 purchase years ago, this is the 1st time I've let it slide for for so long, the renewal that is.
  10. TV/movies have undergone a serious devolution in my opinion over the past decade plus. However, as mentioned is is totally subjective. TLC used to be "the learning channel", I actually learnt stuff. Same with Discovery and History. Now it's just a plethora of gold mining shit and auto restoration, not to mention pawnbroking. But if the masses didn't like these shows, they wouldnt be on. Only cerebral show I can think of is Neil DeGrasse Tyson's "Cosmos". Yeah there;s a few more but few and far between. Enough of this tangent. As for comedies. the only show in the 2000's that literally made me "lol", would be Arrested Development. Watch it, it's brilliant. Barring the Netflix exclusive season 4 which is sub-par compared to the first 3 seasons. But subjectivity once again. I'm a tough nut to crack when it somes to comedy. Even the show from which my avatar comes from had 2 good seasons in my books, and a handful of really good ones.
  11. Ah, something like 47. Last one being Rayman Origins for the PS3 3 months ago. Don't foresee myself going for any anytime soon, as I, (opererative word being "I"), see no point in them. There is no reward other than a boost to your PSN level, which I should mention isn't a great pick up line (hey babe, I'm PSN level 22). Didn't work out well Saturday night. Really though, PS3 was the 1st system since GameCube for me, popped in InFamous and this weird noise emanated from my TV. Twas bizarre, then saw these plats", thought I should get one. Then another 46. The appeals definitely been lost. Did enjoy most, Splinter Cell collection, Hitman, GoW. I recall beating games to 100% unlocked neat bonuses, not so much anymore. Unless they add a dilithium tier above the platinum, I likely wont bother. Don't let my negativistic P.O.V get ya down, keep on platting everyone. Well the games, don't plat people, it's not appreciated.
  12. Ah. I thought those were some of the best gamers I;d never had the pleasure of meeting. /Sarcasm off. I wanted to emntion this awhile ago. ALL ports of theis game have different 319's, and I'd venture to say as one of the first 5 to get there on PSN, that PSN's is harder than that 1st video. Not to say all versions aren't hard, with Steam's being the hardest with the exclusion of all but 1 power-up. Not impossible, as I got pixels within the door multiple times on 319, I just dropped the game after that. Not to mention there was supposed to a cash prize, which the devs now say is impossible due to IRS issues. So no incentive other than a silver trophy, not enough for me. There is finally a video of PSN's 319 on youtube. Perhaps the actual owner of that vid can embed it, insomnia is muddling my thoughts here, and I feel as though it'd be slightly disrespectful to link his/her video withouth asking, as I wouldn't appreciate it. To anyone interested in the shenanigans that is shenanigans, I'd suggest taking a look at this lengthy thread. Quite entertaining with so much vitriol surrounding a trophy,achievement, and there is 1 legit achiever now on x-box (99.8% sure), after about a year. Yeah, a bloody year.
  13. Late to reply, haven't gamed much lately. Thanks for the responses. Especially HappyKastanie. Suppose I shoulda found that vid myself, but never seen that guyls vids. Really intelligent analysis, and from a gamer who looks almost a decade younger then an me haha. Will keep this on my radar for when I do get a PS4 late this year, or early next. Price is a bit steep, but if it was available for PS3 I'd pay it in a second. Who knows, might be inmy growing download queue from PS4's IGC. At least it's not one those platformers that's hard just for the sake of being hard. Find it funny myself that games like this will likely push to me get a PS4 over the AAA's. To each their own I always say, or type. Thanks all
  14. Why'd you of bought the game if you hated it in the beginning, there is a demo for both PS3 and Vita versions. Demo gave access to leaderboards with replays so you can tell what to expect if you do buy this game. Anyways. You can expect what at 1st seems like crappy controls, etc, but ths is an incredibly tight and difficult platformer. But also really enjoyable. Very zen like with great music. What you shouldn't expect is a platinum, asd vivian000 said care about the rarity for this game, it 's only gonna go down. This is a damn hard game with a steep learning curve. SS'ing each level would be slightly easier if it saved one result from one character, say for finesse and then one for completion. However you need to do both in one run, Just brutal on some stages. Replay's help if those with SS's upload them, but you need to beat the level yourself 1st to see them. Which is rough on some of the locked ones. As for the how's and why's of where the precious platinum is, I don't know nor care. It may get a few more to buy the game if it had one, but it wouldn't make them any better. I'm still utter shite at this game, takes a lot of platforming skills and rote memorization. Getting 100% in this will be harder than a lot of platinums, and imo I've gotten many bronze and silver's that took more skill to get than a gold or even plat. Read some reviews on Steam, saw one where the reviewer clocked in over 400 hours. Crazy. This game may seem "small scope" but it's quite deep. To twitterize, (tl;dr), if you're looking for an easy game with a platinum or just an easy 100%, look elsewhere. If you want a unique game that pushes your skills and patience on parts but is never unfair, this is worth taking a look at. Great game, much more than sweeping dust ha. Although cleaning's never been so stylish, or demanding. Mastering the blue character seems key to SS's, which is about all I can offer tip-wise after my brief time with this. Glad this went on sale, never glanced at it. Really doubt at the moment I'll get 100%, but if there were a plat it wouldn't drive me to play any more.
  15. Generally hate to see queries such as (what's this game game like), but I'll do it anyways haha. Not many owners. To the point. The reviews for this game are pretty great. A masochistic platformer they say. Sounds challenging, I want badly. My kind of game. True retro, which I know many bemoan lately but even though I 've yet to get a PS4 or Vita, I'm hoping to see to see it on PS3. Don't want to play it on PC particularly. Don;t expect much activity with a few hundred owners, but is truly challenging and "Nes-esque". This game's really piqued my interest, I have a weird fondness for brutal platformers so this will stay on my radar. Here's hoping the PS3 get's it. Not quite the swing needed to sway me to get a PS4, yet. Slowly built up a library of decent games offered via plus though, so no complaints. I digress. To bulletpoint it- Is the game as hard as they say (I hope) and generally how do you y'all like it? Thanks, if there's ever any activity beyond myself.