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  1. Is that still how the system is here? Terrible. Yeah, hope for it to be changed.
  2. The 'Tales of' games and Resonance of Fate were going to be my suggestions. Looks like they were both mentioned at some point. Reinforcement!
  3. If I recall, the boss trophies were somewhat glitchy upon release and for quite a while afterwards. Actually, a lot were. It is entirely possible that I even coop-ed this with matty, as there were about 6-8 people i sped through the plat a long time ago. Most from a community I used to be active in that he is/used to also be a part of. I highly doubt any hacking etc. on his part.
  4. My stats were max for most things except luck. You have to fill the sphere grid anyway so your stats should be high enough at that point.
  5. This was my post on another thread from a long time ago; Posted May 7, 2014 ยท Zanmato the first one because the following strategy won't work as well in that fight since he gets a pre-emptive strike. For the next four, you'll want 3 damage dealers to be maxed out and yuna to have at least her speed filled. Start the match with your 3 damage dealers and cast aim 5 times (otherwise you won't be able to hit him as your luck is probably way too low), as well as a hastega. From this point forward you just need to keep a careful watch of the turn order. Keep attacking Yojimbo until your last turn before Yojimbo has a turn. Swap that character for Yuna and summon an Aeon. The Aeon will get 1 attack and will be instantly killed by Yojimbo's move, but your party survives. Cast hastega again so Yuna will have a chance to swap out for your third attacker. Keep attacking until the turn right before Yojimbo's attack. Swap for Yuna and summon another Aeon. Repeat this process until Yojimbo is dead, and be careful of his full overdrive (Zanmato). You handle his Zanmato the same way; summon an Aeon with Yuna. You CAN save between battles to heal up your party, but reloading said save will result in you having to start over. That pretty much covers it.
  6. I just don't think this is the time or placw to talk about GTA. It muddies the waters and definitely comes across as defending EA by changing the direction of the blame. Like I said before as well, i agree that the microtransactions in GTA are bad, just not as insidious. You seriously think the BF2 system is equally as bad as GTA's? I'm on your side, i just don't want any attention shifted away from this situation. Something has to change and I personally am welcoming any and all pushback. It just has to start somewhere.
  7. Free roam attack choppers were never an issue when I played. Just go back into your apartment and find a new lobby if you find the 1 in 1000 lobby that that very specific scenario is bothering you. But if you're going to dance around the real issues and ignore my talking points then I'm done here. Hopefully the majority see things for how they are.
  8. If you're talking about GTA then yes, I can deny the first two easily and then question what the third point has to do with anything. I am also talking from the perspective of when I played the game like 3 or 4 years ago so things could have changed. The majority of things in GTA that you could buy with real money you could also (very easily) unlock with earned in game money. Also it was entirely cosmetic since it was pretty much only new flashy vehicles that you could buy. Nothing impeded the players that didn't spend real money. Why are you so adamant to defend these practices? I can agree that GTA would be better if there were no microtransactions if that is the point you're trying to make. I am somewhat conceding that microtransactions are here to stay, but that this special brand of EA psychological manipulation has crossed the line of what is reasonable.
  9. It isn't like GTA for two major reasons. At least from how I remember the GTA system; 1. In GTA you can use your purchased money to buy whatever you want in the game, which is the complete opposite of a randomized loot box system. 2. GTA microtransactions are not built in a way that impedes player progression if you choose to not use them. Someone can't spend hundreds right out of the bat and completely dominate regular users in competitive modes. These are two enormous differences and are the entire source of anger. Totally different scenarios. Please, eveeyone, stop trying to defend these manipulative practices that EA had put in BF2. Even if it is just a small defense. Please. Think about how this can and has began to transform the entire industry (I know it didn't begin here...). I am still personally going to wait for at least a year before I pick this up. EA has destroyed what little trust I ever had in them at this point, despite their recent rollback.
  10. I'll probably wait a good few years. I don't trust those guys.
  11. I have seen it, and pretty recently actually. Thought it was a really excellent movie. My girlfriend was bawling by the end of it.
  12. But the thing is that they made microtransactions such a significant portion of the game. They are the game.
  13. I hope this hat is as suave as you say it is.
  14. Q-games (Pixeljunk series, Nom Nom Galaxy) has hinted on Twitter that Sony may potentially be announcing something of theirs as one of the 7 games. I don't think their stuff has really ever generated much hype but I hope people can get into whatever it is they are coming out with.
  15. The whitelist idea is essentially already in effwct. Except it can be any 2 flagged games. It just isn't specific. Again, your scenario is possible but still very hypothetical and unlikely. It seems like you are grasping at straws to push an agenda.