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  1. Yes, can confirm.
  2. Post your characters page. It will really help if you have good team compositions with proper roles.
  3. Rice is great if you're hungry and feel like eating 10,000 of something.
  4. I don't know exactly what you mean. To level the Sakura tree, you need to collect electro sigils. These are found in some Inazuma domains (one time only) and most Inazuma treasure chests. You need a total of 1,250 electro sigils to level it up the whole way, however, you can only do the first 1,000 as of this patch. You can work on it whenever you like, these methods of obtaining sigils aren't going to be time limited or expire in any way.
  5. There would be no way to tell from the trophy side of things, so, you can't be flagged for it. Edit: really happy to hear a fan translation is nearing completion. I'd love to play this some day.
  6. Its the slowest and driest version of a telltale game, padded ad nauseum with some of the worst dialogue and voixe acting you'll ever encounter. It is about a fictional meetup of prominent historicsl figures in an illuminati-esque whodunnit. Its awful and incredibly boring. Its like Telltale, but with politics. And an RPG-like levelling system purely for your dialogue options so you can become better at lying, etc. I highly suggest avoiding it at any price point.
  7. Nobody on psnp has it....
  8. It actually doesn't on vita. The list shows up on the 'local vita list' as it always has. When you switch to the 'online vita list' it shows as a different list. I can't really explain it much better but its an odd case.
  9. Disgaea
  10. That's fair, its always been about the games for me and the cloud saving was a nice bonus until they made it mandatory for online play. I typically only sub for short stints at a time because of that, personally.
  11. Yup!
  12. I'm just talking about the fact that if you're subscribed for 9 months, you can't cancel it halfway through. You can turn off auto-renew, of course, whenever.
  13. You are moaning about people who are unhappy with a service they pay for. Whether you want to use the term entitled or not doesn't change what this is. If you pay for a service, you expect it to be of quality. Alternatives are unsubscribe (Sony blocks you from unsubscribing, you must wait for the aubscription to end)/get a refund (also blocked by Sony), or switch to a new service to play online (buying a new pc to play on steam is also not really that practical for many). So yeah, you aren't pointing out anyone as being entitled. And yeah, you are being negative. And yeah, its obnoxious, and yeah, you come across as very whiny and boomerish yourself. Many people are unhappy about the poor selection of games this month and they have every right to say so without people trying to act all high and mighty about it (i.e., you). You like the games or whatever, that's fine.
  14. Every one of your posts has been negative. Complaining about conplainers: even more obnoxious than the initial complaining. I think its fair that people express their discontent about a service they pay for. That's all. Why does that bother you? They pay for it. They can't get a refund. There's no simple alternative here. If people don't like something they spend money on, it's pretty darn typical for them to voice a complaint.
  15. I got a response. Can anyone help me answer this? "Hi @Btorment thanks for this report. There used to be a bug (on PC) in which the Empress wouldn’t drop the Terraprisma (during a day time fight) if she was attacked during her initial animation when spawning. I’m wondering if the same thing is happening with the achievement? Can you fight her one more time, do not attack her at all until she has well finished her animation when she spawns, and see if that makes a difference? Good luck!"