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  1. Has anyone experienced trophy glitches on this one yet? For some reason the 5 shields, hold 10 and 20 bombs in arcade, and survive 45 seconds in survival mode have all bugged on me. Tried uninstalling, rebooting ps5, etc. Edit: that is a pretty insidious glitch. I was able to fix it by deleting my save file and starting fresh. Hope this helps someone down the road.
  2. There are 6 playthroughs you need to do. I suggest following Knoef's guide. https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/i-saw-black-clouds-trophy-guide/ Those asterisks are knoef DOT info
  3. Try logging off and back in again.
  4. It's an Owane kinda day.
  5. Yes, there is a soft cap on how much xp you can earn per day. Has always been there, no need to worry.
  6. The way I do it is to open a custom lobby on my phone, add 2 easy bots, set the timer to 15 with no teams. My phone idles, while my ps4 AI beats up on the easy bot. Make sure your phone/pc account is just idling... you don't want them to also have an AI, which would only serve as competition for your PS account's AI.
  7. Make sure you add a few extra bots, no teams, and set the bots to easy. If your AI bot wins (it will always win if the other bots are set to easy), you get the full 600.
  8. What mode are people having luck with getting that trophy in? What is "third-ranked"?
  9. Please let us know the answers to your questions if you've experimented a little and found the answers out for yourself. I have a lot of the same questions as you do!
  10. It's a trash list because people don't want to grind more. why are you always complaining about other people complaining? That's even more annoying tbh.
  11. You can buy the cheapest skyforged and gold items, the emote, and still get the trophies. They cost a combined 3500 glory (ranked currency). As far as getting to level from 25, a quick crunch of the numbers has me thinking it will be about 75k xp or 35 hours. Unsure if semi afk method still works or not.
  12. You're thinking about this way too hard, bud.
  13. Co-op is local only?? Ugh that really kills my interest.. I was pretty hyped when I saw the list pop up.
  14. Guys n gals, this is really damn simple. Have 2 leaderboards. 1. Main leaderboard as it currently is, flaws and all. 2. A second leaderboard with an arbitrary Rarity cutoff for games that count at 90%. Yes, 90% is arbitrary, but it serves its purpose adequately. It does not matter if some games slip through the cracks, the cutoff will have served its purpose regardless. People could then look at either leaderboard that makes them feel warm and tingly inside. There's no real need for any discourse beyond that if something simple like this were implemented.
  15. Even if this isn't a perfect solution, this is a massive step in the right direction. A couple false positives or false negatives in the flagging of shovelware might be expected, but that is so absolutely irrelevant to the larger issue that this solves. Thanks for putting this together Sly. Never doubted you.