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  1. Yes. The DLC is harder in co-op, the regular campaign is not.
  2. Curious why you keep reviving threads from a decade ago?
  3. Went from having plenty of interest, since the first was fantastic, to having absolutely none at all.
  4. Prog/Djent kings - Polyphia
  5. You can just chapter select after you've finished the game.
  6. The base game was quite enjoyable with a few friends and honestly not that grind when you get the drill to mine the last bunch of blocks. I also used some calendar trickery to farm events.. surely you can find some useful tips on that as I can't recall exactly what I did. You can dupe items with friends using cloud backups as well as far as I remember if you wish to. The DLC is where this game becomes really not fun. I'd skip this game if you care about completing DLC.
  7. These games are excellent. They took everything from OC1 and improved upon it for OC2. The only issues is that they made OC2 waaaay too easy. So they had to add in the bonus 4 star scores after the fact! Either way, excellent co-op experience.
  8. If you have a friend with a crime spree at 30,000 ish or higher, you can join them and complete a quick heist to get about 10k crime spree, which is enough xp to do an entire infamy level in a single heist.
  9. This game is just awful. Avoid.
  10. Count me as another vote for no. This game was excellent and lived up to the hype, as per Supergiant standards.
  11. Disgaea 1 is a very simplistic version of modern disgaeas. It is still good but you can tell it was a little barebones. Disgaea D2 is a great starting point on the ps3; however, there is a lot of expensive dlc that you may not want to buy for the 100% trophy list. Disgaea 3 is where I started. Loved it, a little bit of rng at the end but nothing too crazy. I skipped disgaea 4 but I do know it's the toughest/ longest. Disgaea 5 is an easy plat once you learn and get used to the mechanics. There is a lot going on so you may feel a little overwhelmed at first, but it's a very good game and you just need to learn. Overall an exceptional series of tactical RPGs. Great writing, fun plot, excellent gameplay.
  12. Damn it looks pretty cool but I can't get over that awful price point... 55+ tax in Canada.. nope..
  13. You can always back up your save to ps plus before doing anything to be extra cautious if you like
  14. I'll approach this with a boatload of caution. Diablo 3 was a huge step back in the series and Blizzard has been plagued by non-stop problems and incessant greed ever since. D4 will be a bargain bin pickup for me years after release if it turns out to not be shit.
  15. Could you follow up with them? Still not working