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  1. Out of curiosity, how does it work for the Xbox version? I don't see why this version would be any different from it in this regard.
  2. That is a spicy hot and absolutely brutal take.
  3. 100% will buy. I hope it is better received than the HD version from a few years ago. I also hope the soundtrack is at least mostly upheld from the originals.
  4. No, if someone is trying to dispute a flag and the reason given for the flag is some sort of placeholder text like "I was too lazy to find an illegitimate game", then some additional information is necessary. With no context it just looks like an incompetent move by the CRT. I understand that the context provided in the thread changes things, but I wanted to investigate this guy's Worms trophies. I clearly understand how it works. So take your flaming elsewhere. The system is in a very poor state at the moment. Its unfinished, really.
  5. The servers are still up for PS4.
  6. Nope. Probably wasn't going to anyway, but the leak just stinks of cheap shock value and clear disinterest in continuing the story that people were enamoured with. I would have boufgt it a year or so post-release, but this Walking Dead-esque cheap writing tactics killed it. I will continue forward pretending TLOU was a one off.
  7. Whoever approved these flags without providing additional reasoning should be immediately removed from the CRT. Its stuff like this that makes the process look like a total joke.
  8. What is the reason for the flags? Curious about Worms.
  9. How is Risk of Rain still so expensive!? Can't wait until it drops a bit more...
  10. Use Jaster, Kisala, and Zegram. Use the revelation board to get Supernova. Spam this for every fight. If you encounter enemies that are too tall or have barriers, just run. You can get that starshine move for Kisala and Lightning for Zegram to accomplish the same thing, so you run out of AP slower. For single target enemies like mimics or some bosses, use Zegram's Drunken Burst for increased damage and then use Jaster's Illusion sword. That will kill everything pretty quick.
  11. Well said, there are a lot of strange assumptions people make about the way others game who have near- or 100% complete accounts.
  12. Great price for a solid game.
  13. In no way, shape, or form is it cheating, the thought is laughable.
  14. No, as @Helyx said above, "If you purchased the content prior to November 18th 2011, you can have the content active on five simultaneous PS3s. Content purchased afterwards is restricted to two activations." So much wild speculation and misinformation in this thread. Hopefully this gets fixed. I do not have high hopes though.