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  1. Is there any reason to patch them in the first place?
  2. Is your discord server open to the public?

    1. Phil


      I mean, we let anybody who wants to join. We usually aren't kid friendly, although we try to keep all the dirty immature stuff to the nsfw channel....but it bleeds over sometimes.

    2. ddracarys


      I think it'd be cool to join...

    3. Phil


      Sure, if you want to. I'll post the link. Don't expect anything interesting though.

  3. TotalBiscuit did a good piece on this. In essence, loot boxes are an incredibly predatory practice. I see some people have mentioned that when you are opening a loot box you always at least get something. This isn't entirely true when we all know very well that junk items and duplicates are as good as nothing. You can't even sell or trade them to other people within the game in the majority of cases. It also isn't good enough that we are able to understand the risks that buying loot boxes entails. Many children do not have that understanding. Also, people can easily ignore the understanding due to the addictive nature behind gambling. For a company that operates under the guise of trying to keep the public safe from video games (And all the nonsense they've raised in the past over other things), their response is dispicable.
  4. I wonder if the trophy list will change. That'd be nice id they make it more reasonable.
  5. I've nevee seen anything Dragon Age 2 go on sale.. especially the DLC. Wish this was NA.
  6. Knowing what haopens ahead of time kills my motovation to watch something. It makes the show boring if I already know what is going to happen. No suspense, kills the atmosphere. Even if that wasn't the case, i don't see anything about what you are talking about that resembles hypocrisy.
  7. PSN was having a lot of issues in the last few months and was randomly shuffling games in my list and many other peoples' lists. PSN order is no longer any good, so for people like me there is a difference.
  8. That time is the time til his plus expires
  9. I know they are just doing a limited run physical release for the game, perhaps it is just a list for the physical edition?
  10. Guys, stop hating. He wants to recognize my account as elite. Let him praise me!
  11. I would suggest the new Wolfenstein game that you have listed there. It is excellent and short and looks reallu nice too.
  12. Almost everything from this list is way overpriced to begin with, so a 50% discount sounds nice but it is all still too expensive. Bad sale. No problem I can hold onto my money!
  13. I absolutely loved the art and the gameplay. I can't describe why all that well but if you like RPGs and you like strategy rpg type combat then pick it up. 20 dollars is a great price, 3 is a steal. The plat isn't too tough and you can idle on a menu for the hours played trophy. Yes yes yes!!!
  14. I am fairly certain this happened prior to being available on +. I think in a lot of cases you're probably right, but not this one.
  15. They probably already had the trophy that is tied to the servers.