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  1. You could always load up an alt account on the new ps3 and use it every day for a few weeks to see if it gets banned before using your alt. Thst is, if nobody else can give you a concrete answer to your actual question.
  2. In a shocking turn of events, Sony has made the right decision (for now). Rejoice! This is great news.
  3. It can't be anything other than 266
  4. Guy, if you tested these and they work for you, that's great. You need to give people more than 5 minutes to try it themselves so that more people can confirm it. One random dude from Spain claiming it works now does not mean the problem has magically disappeared for everyone. Thank you for testing it, i will try my copy of Castlevania tonight to see for myself.
  5. Which version of the game? Vanilla or the collection?
  6. I just want to confirm that i can not patch Castlevania Lord of Shadows -North America
  7. Since almost no games seem to be offered with DLC on PS Now, i doubt i will ever bite on this half baked subscription.
  8. The DLCs are built into the vita lists I believe.
  9. How long did the game take total /how long does the self boosting part take?
  10. I genuinely don't understand why you keep posting the same thing. It's either a bad joke or an inaccurate description. In both cases, repeating yourself every hour in this thread will not suddenly make it more funny or true. It is just a leaderboard that sorts users by different criteria. Get over yourself, please. Edit: I guess the real point of my post here is to suggest people stop shitting on others who are actively trying to improve what some could call a useful feature.
  11. The episodes all cost $5 here except for some reason after claiming Episode 1, episode 2 seems to have auto purchased? This seems super buggy, maybe in a few hours they will be working right.
  12. Spoiler alert: it is.
  13. I had a hand injury last summer. I played some puzzle games and VNs. Worms Crazy Golf Death Mark Spirit Hunter NG Detention Five Nights at Freddy's (this one sucked) Unfortunately i found it very tough to do much of anything for about a month. If you like VNs you will get through it pretty easy.
  14. Yeah Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity are awful. Lonr Survivor was also horrid. That list does have some gems on it but it is just a list of most horror games that exist on psn. Definitely not a list of great horror.
  15. He did cheat that one, just not flagged for some reason. One of the odd situations regarding Hakoom and PSNP.