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  1. I think its absolutely worth it. I have had this one: for at least 7 or 8 years now and i will never go without one again. Little power surges are no match for me. My electronics are safer and I don't lose progress in games or important documents I'm working on. Lovee it. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with that fiest one. They won't replace it?
  2. It has happened to me as well before and is undoubdtedly due to having the two users logged in at once.
  3. @Evil_Joker88 i just edited my list to include a specific bonus game. Hopefully that gets me that sweet symbol! ブラザーズ 2人の息子の物語
  4. #3 on 3 NHL ArcadeAaru's Awakening (UR)Breakquest (UR)Crash Commando (UR)Dungeons and Dragons Mystara (UR) Extreme Exorcism (UR) Fat Princess (UR)Genshin Impact (UR)High Velocity Bowling (UR)Ironcast (UR)Jetpack Joyrise (UR)Knytt Underground (UR)Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (UR)Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (UR)Never Alone (UR)Outland (UR) Pixeljunk Eden (UR) Quell Memento Risk of Rain (UR)Shatter (UR)Tower of Guns (UR)UltratronVessel (UR)Wake-up club (UR)Xeodrifter YZenoclash 2 (UR) Bonus: ブラザーズ 2人の息子の物語
  5. You only need all the stars for the first 8 floors, which is VERY easy end game. Currently, the hardest trophy is to simply beat floor 12. This involves you getting 6 stars minimum on floors 9, 10, and 11, followed by beating the 3 chambers in floor 12 before time runs out.
  6. Zhingli is absolutely not essential. I did it just fine without him the first time I beat it with probably ~3 stars on floor 12. I can get about 5 or 6 reliably now if i wanted to really push for it.
  7. We thoroughly dislike weaves. I think our group is at 39 or so. We hardly ever play. A few hours per week. Hard to line up schedules. But we do about 2 to 4 each time we play. I'm aware of the season change business, but I have no idea when the season might reset. A question actuallym since 41-80 are just harder versions of 1-40, are the first 20 or so (i.e. 41 to 60) a bit easier than 21 to 40 or is that just wishful thinking?
  8. Worked fine for our group in June. Handmaiden sprinted away with a conc potion while the rest of us died from the ogre. Trophy popped as expected.
  9. Its perfectly doable if you farm artifacts, talents, and ascension materials, and do your dailies. I didn't spend a cent.
  10. As a heads up, there usually seemed to be some sort of cpoldown period before you csn match up again. Expect to wait at least an hour in most cases between matches if you are boosting.
  11. I clicked the 100% club and yours was the first name i recognized.
  12. Does anyone know if the puyo champions dlc is free? I didn't see it in the store. @ProfBambam55
  13. I preferred this version tbh but I can't really come up with a great reason why. They are both similar in length, aside from the "idle for 44 hours" trophy in this vita one.
  14. New Abyss is definitely easier. Floor 10 is slightly more challenging, but 11 and 12 are definitely easier now as you can take out the weak abyss mages before taking on the big boys, which you only have to fight one of per chamber.