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  1. I will also take the Dark Cloud atlamillia so i can rearrange towns n shit.
  2. I will take the foam finger from Dead Space
  3. Have any good strategies to share? Took our team probably about 3h to get normal. Was a real pain. Did you do it with or without toxic brains? We endes up doing normal with 2 toxic sci and 2 electro brains.
  4. My crew is in Blight. Hmu if you want to buy some maps.
  5. This thread is just to gauge how many trophy hunters are currently playing in Blight league. The idea is similar to the resource pooling thread, but specific to the Blight league. Perhaps PSNP should make a new thread to coincide with each league. I am currently playing with 2 others. We are looking for the usual culprits: Abaxoth Doryani's Machinarium Perandus Manor We have a good amount of currency at the moment but obviously pooling is in everyone'd best interest. We have spares of just about every other unique map that we would be happy to sell or trade to other hunters if it benefits everyone involved. BT
  6. If you guys can wait til the end of Blight when characters get moved to standard we may be able to help each other out with either donating/pooling/or swapping out items for whatever everyone has remaining.
  7. Are either of you in blight? My group is around this part of the game now too. Lookiny to wrap some stuff up.
  8. Changing the time on your system locally has never affected timestamps. But i do remember this game being another one of those that were particularly buggy when it first came out. There are some threads on other sites about themes causing issues.
  9. What would 390k gamer score roughly mean in terms of games completed? Is that person still your friend?
  10. Does that IGN article not suggest that the trophies could unlock before the patch, just unreliably? That looks real flimsy to me.
  11. I have been pushy with EA on their forums for answers about boss hunt. I asked "will we ever see boss hunt again?" and have just been given the answer "Boss Hunt will be making a return to the garden in the future, standby for communication from Dr. Zomboss…soon'ish. " By one of the moderators. This looks promising. I hope it becomes true! Source:
  12. How many people is ideal for these breachstones? We have a crew of 3 at the moment and I think we will be going pretty hard at the game (and the trophies) during this league.
  13. It must be easy to trick the Guiness Book then because Hakoom is a cheater and it has been established already many times.
  14. The H is just an indicator that shows that you have manually manipulated your trophy stats. Any shame you feel is self-imposed.