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  1. I seriously doubt you are IP banned. Could just be a regional outage that your mobile is circumventing. I wouldn't be shocked if everything is normal in a day or two. Try resetting the router maybe if nothing changes.
  2. Type 0 is fast, easy, and has no story, character development, or depth. It is not a typical FF game. It was decent but I don't suggest it. I have yet to play WoFF, but by all accounts it is the more fulfilling game.
  3. I mentioned this to Sly and he did a little mockup where the text on the right was centred in its own little textbox on the right side. It looked significantly better than the current state (still not better than the old layout though). Not sure why he didn't implement it.
  4. I guess I should have been a bit more specific. I mean mainstream TV in the realm of Netflix shows. Some of their lowest-common-denominator teeny-bopper shows are focused so heavily on the sexual orientation of the main character that the whole plot-line is obfuscated. The amount of video game characters and TV main characters who are homosexual (and believe me, I have no issue with those who are as it applies to the story) is so disproportional to real life. Why does every show need to have a token lesbian?
  5. Would centring the completion date over the "Completed in XYZ hours" text make it look a little less awkward? Just throwing out the idea. Edit: I think part of why it looks so awkward is because they are all displayed at different levels of indentation because of the variation in the words "days" "hours" "months" etc. Is there a way to justify them so they line up nicer? It would go a long way to make it look less disorganized and cluttered. Edit2: Maybe centre both lines of that text within its own little "cell"?
  6. What a refreshing video. I've been saying this stuff for a long time now, the same sort of agenda shows up so often in mainstream TV too and it is just so exhausting. This guy expressed a viewpoint that is probably pretty common among gamers in a very eloquent and respectful way. He earned a new fan today.
  7. Yes, but now it is very cluttered. The old way was much more refined, sleek, all without sacrificing any relevant information.
  8. This game loads slow as hell, Deeg "Generations is the best game ever" Austin. I have to agree.
  9. I also feel somewhat saddened when I see legitimate hunters who are concerned about these type of things. These threads in themselves are concerning. On topic: this game has crashing problems. I am not familiar with the exact problem you've highlighted, but it doesn't surprised me at all knowing what I do about this game.
  10. So did I. This is really sad.
  11. Welcome back, guy!
  12. I see this as a good way for me to get into the series. I will keep an eye on this for when the price drops, or if we ever see a sale. Awesome. Edit: Is this going to come to the west?
  13. Dying light has some elements like that from my understanding, but its pretty limited.
  14. God Eater: Resurrection The Legend Begins