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  1. Care to party up?
  2. Does anyone know a good strategy?
  3. Pretty sure what was meant by this is not related to the trophy list. When XV launched, the game itself was very hollow and unpolished, lacking much substance in terms of story or even stuff to do. It is still unfinished from this standpoint, even in its current state, albeit a lot better than it was at launch. On topic, I wonder if this will be one of the easier episodes or not.
  4. You can still get the 100% provided you go to the provided link above and do not mind using the downgrade workaround. @B1rvine @Lance_87. Read the posts... lol. I would not suggest it personally, because I feel like comrades would be a total slog to do solo and completely not worth it. The RNG for getting Kenny to show up with 3 AIs would not be fun either.
  5. None of the quests tracked for me in the pause menu. They seemed to all get oushed off the page at the bottom. The only ones that tracked for me were on the right side bar on the main gameplay HUD. Like I said, it looks like you have way too many for some reason. I would just suggest deleting your save from the main menu and doing the tutorial over again. It only should take 30 minutes tops to do the quests.
  6. Did you advance the days 7 times before attempting quests? It looks like you have way too many quests and perhaps that's why it's so broken?
  7. Sell all the furniture you have in your home and replace it with other shit. Huge miney, fast. Every NPC gives you a quest. If they aren't, forward your clock by a day on the xmb and relaunch the app. You 'give' NPCs quest items by 'selling' the item to them. Buying an item and turning it in for a quest gives you your coins back essentially.
  8. Omg EA please put a sale on the DLC ffs. Mirror's Edge and DA2 have never gone on sale in NA, yet the base games are included in every sale! So irritating.
  9. Wow, it really is. Long gone are the days of good sales on PSN.
  10. Where do you get all these items? Edit: Black floors popped my trophy. Bought from Shark Fang Puck. Randomly sells it I guess.
  11. Can you change the date on the PS4 to trick the game?
  12. This is a huge quality of life suggestion that would make the feature so much more usable.
  13. My comment was my opinion, and if you want to silence one side of the argument because it differs from your own then shame on you. Of course I have played the odd one, and that is clearly where I am basing my opinion from. Should I have played none and make the comments I did? Give it a rest.
  14. Not sure why you are quoting me if your only input is hurling insults. Stick to the topic.
  15. No, Ratalaika is hammering the vita further into the grave with the dumpster fire quality games they churn out.