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  1. Does that IGN article not suggest that the trophies could unlock before the patch, just unreliably? That looks real flimsy to me.
  2. I have been pushy with EA on their forums for answers about boss hunt. I asked "will we ever see boss hunt again?" and have just been given the answer "Boss Hunt will be making a return to the garden in the future, standby for communication from Dr. Zomboss…soon'ish. " By one of the moderators. This looks promising. I hope it becomes true! Source:
  3. How many people is ideal for these breachstones? We have a crew of 3 at the moment and I think we will be going pretty hard at the game (and the trophies) during this league.
  4. It must be easy to trick the Guiness Book then because Hakoom is a cheater and it has been established already many times.
  5. The H is just an indicator that shows that you have manually manipulated your trophy stats. Any shame you feel is self-imposed.
  6. DLC does not work cross region. You need to buy Royal + Ardyn to get all the necessary DLC for 100%.
  7. FFXV Ardyn DLC yes please!! Mary Skelter is a steal at that price.
  8. @BlindMango can someone please close this thread? Someone resurrects it every few months and gets everyone's panties in a knot. Can people not read?
  9. What else should I keep an eye out for, as someone who hasn't played the game yet? Is there some other mode that you have already finished and may not care about anymore that new players should be concerned with?
  10. Definitely getting this!! If it is easy, that's nice... i guess. I would like at least some challenge though.
  11. This sale is an absolute joke.
  12. Afaik trophies only unlock in online multiplayer if you do it in one sitting. Unless they changed that since launch.
  13. No thanks, not interested in buying the DLC.