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  1. Two things I remember. 1. Doesn't the Grotti have mostly single enemy battles? I was fighting on the ice continent for battles of 3 to 4 enemies. 2. I als noticed that my playtime timer was not saving after long sessions. I think many of my sessions' progress was lost. I had to go into a city and back out to the overworld beforr saving or it didn't seem to save properly. Also, a script is a must for this trophy to keep your sanity.
  2. I love me some Dark Cloud
  3. Would you mind sharing your script if its in a reasnably well-working state?
  4. They announced that the previous Boss Hunt was the last Boss Hunt for this game.. a few weeks after it was over (so like a year ago...). Don't waste your time here, folks. EA is trash.
  5. Unfortunately I think you already have 3 impossible games on your list. Nice thread, best of luck to ya!
  6. I don't think Blur had been mentioned. On the right, beside Alice in Chains.
  7. They marked the thread as "solved" for more "visibility" on their forums.
  8. The whole reason it exists is to share content across different consoles.
  9. Hmm?
  10. If you gameshare, whenever the original account holder buys something and clicks "download to your ps4s", the download starts downloading on the active console as well. This is the only way what you're describing would happen.
  11. Lol. Okay, thanks for the humorous news my guy.
  12. Can anyone provide an estimate for time to completion?
  13. Wow, I was not expecting such a tiny list. I am curious to hear from anyone who has played thegame before.
  14. Ok guy. You don't need to incite another flame war. This thread seems to be reasonably helpful. Your post adds nothing but gasoline.
  15. How would you enforce this? There's no way to tell if share play was used.