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  1. Can anyone confirm or deny if players using UK copies can play with players using an NA copy?
  2. Because its just a Sci-Fi. It isn't scary. Great series though.
  3. Hmm.... Rec Martyrs 28 Days Later Train to Busan Cry Wolf The Wailing The Witch I know, i picked 7. I don't really consider Alien to be horror, but if it were, it would definitely be on my list. Anyone know of anything else in the same vein as these?
  4. Pretty sure I did it with 3 including myself.
  5. People have definitely been flagged for stuff like this. I guess you cpuld take screenshots and send the report to @MMDE
  6. It sounds like Sony is full of shit, and whoever "repaired" it didn't attempt to play a disc to hear what it sounded like.
  7. Nice selection of gamea but awful discounts. Really unfortunate. I was looking to pick up FF XIV and other ones but this is just insulting.
  8. Profile’s still as sweet as ever, BTizzle fo shizzle mah nizzle. Congrats on 19k and 1k UR. :jaymon: 

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    2. effdeegee


      @BeautifulTorment Beat cancer, went to College, now working as a Carpenter. I stalk the chat randomly and try to get in some gaming whenever I can spare an hour or so. Hope all is well with you and yours. 🇨🇦

    3. BeautifulTorment


      You should cook me up a sexy ass cat tree for my two terrors that destroy our furniture and doors

      Congrats on college and the new job though! Beating cancer... haven't you already been there, done that?

    4. effdeegee


      Old news, amirite?

  9. I've posted in there. Hopefully it can gain a lot of traction. We have a lot of people on PSNP that are interested in getting this fixed.
  10. Looking forward to the Golden sale. Hopefully that is less of a letdown.
  11. I had the same experience. I had way more keys than I could have ever needed without even trying to get them.
  12. Yes please. Looks awesome for pre-alpha.
  13. Does the PS3 JP GOTY edition not currently have cross-save like the NA release just had patched in?
  14. It really isn't that tough. It uaed to be harder because missions would randomly not count as being completed and there was no way of telling which levels counted, but they have since added a method of stat tracking so the issue is only a minor annoyance if it even still occurs. Play this game, it is a superb platformer. Skip 3 unless you are a rabid fan.
  15. If I am understanding this right then your alternate accounts would certainly get flagged. What game are you talking about?