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  1. What did you think of Moon Hunters? Looks kinda neat, considering grabbing it.

    1. starcrunch061


      I liked it a lot. It was a simple game, and repetitive, but I enjoyed all of the miscellaneous events and whatnot.


      But be warned - if you don't have multiple controllers, the plat is nearly impossible. If you try to play the game solely as a 1 player game, you'd probably have a better chance of winning your state's (or country's) lottery than winning the RNG lottery to fill out all of the constellations.

    2. BeautifulTorment


      I do have 2 controllers, is this enough? Also, I've never done this before but, do you know if it is possible to use a vita as a third controller?

  2. I am going to sneak my entry in even though i have a total of 0 plats in March. Thanks!
  3. I'll just chip in and reinforce the reality of this. I've been getting similar messages, they need to sort out the way ads are displayed I think. Be warned!
  4. Why?
  5. Do you have to go through a set-up process each time you intend to play one of these revived games? For UT3 I have a few questions; 1. If someone has a Gonespy server up and running, do I have to go through a process aside from changing my PS3 DNS? 2. Do stats save? 3. How long is the UT3 boost? 4. Can PS3s from different IPs connect, or do I need to have multiple PS3s on one network? I think that's all the questions I have for now.
  6. Just going to chime in with this; this list looks pretty shady. Some of those rail shooter 100s are done in correct order but almost unbelievably fast. Just my 2 cents. I don't think the flagging team has this one wrong.
  7. That would be ideal in my Crysis 2 situation.
  8. I woulf love to see this done for Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and I would also be interested in seeing how it affects games whosr servers contain save data (Crysis 2). If it starts you over from scratch that'd offer me a potential fix for my long-glitched Modern Art trophy that is tied to data saved server side. Does anyone know how we vould start looking into this stuff?
  9. You guys could always just play with me and my 2 coop partners til we catch up so that we have 4 non-AI. 😆
  10. Can't stand rumble as it is almost always used far too excessively. I generally turn it off a few hours into games if I have the option to.
  11. I have all SIX (6) Killzone platinums and 100%. I also have the one PSN list at 100%.
  12. Blows my mind that games can be flagged for reasons that exist in a realm of doubt. If you're certain it is cheated then it can be flagged. If there is a possibility it isn't, which is the case here, the flag should be lifted. I don't understand why it seems like our dispute mods feel it is better to have a false positive than a false negative. It isn't. Grey area should equal no flag. This has been disputed well and with tact despite the numetous personal attacks. This thread looks horrible on you yet again @MMDE and anyone that supports this weird obsessive vendetta.
  13. Thr Borderlands trophies are entirely possible. The trophies in TPS and BL2 for discovering all locations pops out of order. Also in those games you can move your savea from ps4 to ps3 and vice versa. So this situation arises easily and often. This thread is turning into another one of those witch hunts. IMO since there is obvious doubt all the flags should be lifted. This system used to work on the presumption of innocence and you had to be sure of yourself before you flag someone. I don't care if an occurance is unlikely. Why are you flagging people for stuff that is unlikely but still relatively possible. Anyway, the BL2 list is legitimate based on the screenshot of timestamps i saw.
  14. The old way seems to have all the support of the community. ESPECIALLY when you look at those who it affects (higher trophy level accounts). Every 50 plats was much nicer. As it is now, thr milestones are so watered down with the intermediary games that I also don't care to "show off" or display. At least giving us an option would be welcome.