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  1. In all likelihood. I want to know what games this guy is even alluding to, he seems to only play those 1 hour plat stackers. By all means he can go ahead and do that, but he clearly hasn't played a JRPG for more than 10 minutes on this account.
  2. The only thing that "messes up" in co-op is that your own personal island progress won't be saved when you join someone. The game saves that you have been to islands, saves everything you craft and obtain and mine, anything you build, etc. But if you want to go back to your own world you have to start where you were (unless you are hosting when in co-op). The biggest thing that messes up is that the items for opening boss worlda seem to glitch out for your solo world if you activate the portals in someone else's co-op world. So I would suggest that you either host the co-op game or play the game to completeness in your co-op partner's world.
  3. From 2008 to late 2013 the Canadian dollar was on par ot close to it with the usa barring a 3 month blip in 2009. That is 5 years. Why are you so insistent on suggesting that Canadian PSN prices are justified? For 5 years we paid significantly more despite the dollar parity. Canadians never paid less.
  4. There was also a time when the dollar was on par. The price of everything was still more expensive here.
  5. It isn't very difficult. Standard third person difficulty.
  6. You have the list hidden. You shoul unhide the Abzu list and then earn a trophy in any other game. Once you sync it, Abzu will appear.
  7. Tales of, Disgaea, Ni No Kuni, Rainbow Moon/Skies
  8. You need to go into account sertings on the old ps4 and deactivate the account. Then log in on the new ps4 and activate the account. Now you can play everything on the new ps4.
  9. I would love this. Just played a game with a horribly inaccurate time/difficulty. I find many are way off in both directions.
  10. Dark Cloud 3 and perhaps maybe a Final Fantasy Tactics game with trophies Thanks for putting this on!
  11. Wow that's bad. Thanks for posting the details.
  12. Can anyone post a good seed for the jungle related stuff with pandad and bamboo?
  13. Ahoy won't unlock for me. Any ideas?
  14. Ps3 isn't getting any more updates I believe. But no, it doesn't.
  15. They gave everyone notice several months in advance, which was relatively generous compared to many other server shutdown notices, and then gave the standalone version out for free for those who already owned it. What more do you want from them? Give your head a shake.