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  1. The paid access beta had trophy support from the start. Its either cross save (cross save functionality does exist for this game) or hacks. Someone would have to test it out I guess to confirm!
  2. Sly manually resets it afaik. Can take ages and has in the past.
  3. The one 'problem' with FFXIV is that you will require a subscription to earn any trophies. But you can play the unlimited trial for a long time to make peogress before subscribing! It has been out a long time and will continue to be supported for a long time too though. The graphics aren't special by today's standards, but its just really good gameplay-wise. Tonnes of content.
  4. Yup, FFXIV is your answer. Destiny is just a generic looter shooter, definitely not an MMO. Borderlands is in that same category imo.
  5. Its one win for 8 different characters. At least that is what it was at launch. Definitely seems bugged now.
  6. And you certainly aren't wrong about how Paris Hilton got her claim to fame, as that is exactly what happened. Just because she is a female doesn't mean we aren't allowed to point out that fact, lmao.
  7. She had and still has no integrity. So no need to take a jab after he already conceded the point.
  8. I've also been made aware by 2 different devs that had no say in the availability in sales. Clearly it must be a case by case basis.
  9. Yeah my friend got about 40 wins with her and it popped 100 wins no issue. That was back on launch though
  10. Very much so
  11. You unlock the Garden by collecting the 3 flowers in one of the earlier maps. We had the 10 snowglobes before wave 4, i don't think your logic holds up here at all, but it doesn't really matter all that much either! I kinda liked the challenge this one posed a but more than the usual.
  12. I can confirm it works 100x better than before.
  13. No. As in, Sony has the say as to whether or not things go on sale. Surely a lot of devs or publishers may have different agreements in place, but the final decision of PSN sales and sale prices lies with Sony. You can disbelieve, conflate, and ponder all you like but that's what I've been told from several sources... You don't have to strawman though, clearly Sony aren't going to just operate at a massive loss for no reason, lol.
  14. Devs and publishers have a say on other platforms, like Steam, but not on PSN.
  15. They haven't been tax free for me in the last 6 months, in Canada, what gives?