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  1. Since you can not delete trophies, the only options you have are to stay flagged or hide that game's list unfortunately.
  2. Yes this looks to me as definitive as possible for evidence that vita lists can be hacked.
  3. You got to 25 pretty damn fast. How quick will this trophy list be?
  4. Sounds like they're semi-retroactive. Is there a 5th hero you could get to 25? Either that or try levelling any of them up one more level and it could cause the game to 'check' if you completed the requirement.
  5. Those golds look very difficult based on what I played in the beta. The 50 human combo will be incredibly challenging as well.
  6. Deleted by myself.
  7. I don't know why this would even matter. We know the trophies did not pop by normal means. It has to stay flagged if the system has any integrity.
  8. If the problem is the small gap between trophy pops then this should be reversed. That can easily happen on a ps3..
  9. Even with the best glitches I saw when I played on launch up til a little after heists it would still take several hours to go from 50 to 100.
  10. I can see the point for a game like this not counting towards the 2 strikes. But it should still require the user to hide it to be allowed back on the boards.
  11. Good question. Why was this lifted? The trophies are clearly and admittedly not legitimate. Should remain flagged.
  12. It should and likely will remain flagged. A save was used. There is no 'if we believe you, you get unflagged' as there is no grey area. The stamps are not legitimate by our definition. That's just how it looks to me.
  13. I find that there are a decent amount of cross-buy titles, where if you have one version already in your cart, it will give you this exact message if you attempt to put the other version in your cart. It is essentially trying to stop you from buying a cross-buy title twice in the same transaction.
  14. Looking to buy or trade for: Nier Nier Automata World of Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV Dark Souls 3
  15. Maybe it's just me but i find flags like this to be a little harsh.