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  1. Guys, stop hating. He wants to recognize my account as elite. Let him praise me!
  2. I would suggest the new Wolfenstein game that you have listed there. It is excellent and short and looks reallu nice too.
  3. Almost everything from this list is way overpriced to begin with, so a 50% discount sounds nice but it is all still too expensive. Bad sale. No problem I can hold onto my money!
  4. I absolutely loved the art and the gameplay. I can't describe why all that well but if you like RPGs and you like strategy rpg type combat then pick it up. 20 dollars is a great price, 3 is a steal. The plat isn't too tough and you can idle on a menu for the hours played trophy. Yes yes yes!!!
  5. I am fairly certain this happened prior to being available on +. I think in a lot of cases you're probably right, but not this one.
  6. They probably already had the trophy that is tied to the servers.
  7. I was warned not to start JC3 when it comes onto the plus lineup for this exact reason. I hear it is unplattable in its current state.
  8. I am in the same boat, I have requested a refund through their website, although I would still be somewhat happy if all the stuff I purchased was unlocked.
  9. Let me know if you find out for sure one way or the other. I will be out of town for a week so I won't be able to test it myself. Maybe we can do the MP if you want to start it soon.
  10. So for the suckers who bought the dlc and never started the game like me. Do you think I will already have the cyber armour that I need when I finally start it?
  11. For games like Resogun you could try a few from the same developer; Nex Machina or any of the Super Stardust games. Otherwise you could try Jamestown+, Ghost Blade HD, Assault Android Cactus, or Geometry Wars 3.
  12. You could always design your cabinet to look like mine. I use it as a showcase for my harder 100%s really.
  13. Several people reporting wrong numbers for 24-25. Just to confirm, it is 44k.
  14. I got it in the pixeljunk bundle and i am wondering how difficult it is going to be to receive/give the amount of kudos i need to for the trophies. Can you give some insight?
  15. Was it another free update?