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  1. I mean, this forum and the other trophy forums are filled with posts about glitches encountered back when the game came out. This bothers me a lot more than Jazz it seems. I played the game with him. So did a bunch of us. Trophy requirements and descriptions have even changed since we did it. It's pretty frustrating. I think he used a save for LBP2 but I don't see how that suggests that our whole group used saves to kill a boss for Jazz that we had already beaten 5 times prior.
  2. This was not impossible on launch. The trophies were a buggy mess.
  3. Trophies would randomly not pop for players who joined me regarding boss trophies. This game was well-documented as glitchy when it came out on PSN. With all the glitches, I don't see how any Terraria list could be flagged and approved unless it was egregious.
  4. I think that it would benefit everyone involved in one of these things to explicitly say when someone disputes a flag, that doing so will open up a public forum dispute. As for the trophy "save", it was a world we created in order to get people trophies quickly. A la Minecraft speedruns.
  5. Yeah this flag is definitely a mistake.
  6. I love Borderlands but Gearbox scares me. No way would I preorder this.
  7. The only stuff that doesn't carry across are microtransactions that are purchased within games or cross-region DLC.
  8. Hopefully the refs don't have their yellow and black unis on tonight. I won't be watching this though, I can't support a league that is so overtly pro-bruins. Go Blues.
  9. Please link it. I will retweet and whatnot.
  10. 75% is certainly much too high. But this is a cool and novel concept.
  11. Gross.
  12. I did what @HuntingFever said. Spawned a panda from an egg, which will get you the trophy in less than a few minutes for setup.
  13. Or the claptrap DLC removed from JP GOTY Borderlands.
  14. Downloaded no problem for ne. Same as all the other patches: stability. So cryptic.
  15. I never purchased it. Maybe it was a part of the Royal edition. I thought it was free for everyone. In any case, the DLC was in the download, it must have been an unlock key of some kind that you download from the store as a part of the Royal edition. You would still have that if you bought the Royal edition, regardless of if it was delisted. My mistake.